The 15 Best Weight Gain Supplement for Horses 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

Owning an underweight horse is nothing to be ashamed of. Most horses become underweight at one point in their life or the other. They either lose their appetite, or they are not just as young as they used to be. Weight gain supplements were made for that reason. They help horse owners simplify and speed up the process of gaining weight. In this article, we will go over some of the best weight gain supplement for horses. We will also discuss some of the things you need to know before buying a supplement. These tips will help you get the best value for your money.


Guide for Choosing the Best Supplement for Gaining Weight in Horses

Horses need just as many nutrients as we humans do, if not more. This means that they need meals that contain all the classes of foods in moderate proportions. When this is not attainable with ordinary pasture or hay, we as equestrians must turn to the next best thing. When picking out a weight gain supplement, you should pay attention to;

The Contents of the Supplement

Horse supplements are always packed full of nutrients that are both common and foreign. Before you settle on the brand of supplement you want for your horse, you should know what the supplement contains. Knowing what is inside a supplement could help you decide whether it will be suitable for your horse or not.

Choose Between Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins

Most supplements have an abundance of one of these three classes of food. In most cases, we advise you to always go with protein; it is more soluble and should provide speedy results. However, in some rare cases, we also recommend fat or carbohydrates because of their flavor. All these food sources are great for weight gain and you should always choose the class most accessible to you.

Some Have More than One Food Source

Some supplements come with multiple food sources instead of one. These supplements are the best you will probably find commercially. If you have the opportunity to buy one, always consider the benefits it comes with.

What Format Does It Come In?

The most important feature of any supplement is the form in which it comes in. Horse supplements come in a variety of forms, and each one has its merits. Without getting into much detail, you should try to choose a product that comes in pellets, liquids, or pellets. They are easy to digest and won’t go to waste.

The 15 of the Best Weight Gain Supplement for Horses

Dac Oil Gallon Jug Horse Weight Gain Supplement

The Dac oil supplement is a fatty acid supplement that promotes weight gain by increasing the horse’s calorie intake. It contains vegetable oil, fish oil, and several vitamins.  It is safe for most classes of horses and is also suitable for lactating mares. The unique blend of oils in this supplement improves skin, coat, and help horses maintain muscle during exercise.

This oil can be added to fortified or unfortified grain or any other hay, feed, or horse meal. It comes with a sixty-day guarantee and is sure to cause almost instantaneous weight gain.

Rj Matthews Manna pro Pelleted Vitality Supplement

The Manna Pro supplement is a livestock weight gain supplement that takes care of your entire horse’s health. Not only does it increase its overall size and performance, but it also improves digestion and coat health. This delicious weight gain supplement contains multiple protein sources.

It has amino acids, omega 3 acids, and other essential nutrients.  In addition to the amino acids, it also contains 26 vitamins and minerals.  This supplement also improves a horse’s mood, performance, and behavior. It comes in several sizeable packages and is suitable for all breeds of horses.

Cososoya Uckele Granule Weight Gain Supplement

The Cocosoya supplement uses a fatty acid formula to cause weight gain. It contains natural sources of fatty acids, which include soybeans, coconut oils, and vegetable oil. It’s full of antioxidants, which helps horses fight off disease and illness. It is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 acids.

Cocosoya is excellent for horse coats, skin and hoofs, and it contains no artificial preservatives. It tastes great and contains good sources of carbohydrates like flaxseed and rice bran. It comes in a powdered form and is suitable for all kinds of feed, meals, and hay.

Gut Health Horse Peak Performance Supplement

The gut health horse supplement is popular among horse owners because of the fantastic value it provides. This unique supplement increases performance and weight gain without causing the horse any discomfort. It improves gut health and promotes hoof growth. In addition to that, it also helps with ulcer pains and provides instant relief.

It’s perfect for performance horses, ponies, and other types of horses. It comes in a delicious pellet form. It is commercially available worldwide.

Dac Bloom Horse Weight Gain Calorie Fat Supplement

Dac Bloom is the perfect weight gain supplement for your horse because of its high-fat quantity. One scoop of this unique product has about 9,930 mg of crude fat. It helps horses add weight by increasing their calorie and fat intake. It contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, protein, and minerals like zinc.

It’s rich in fiber, and it increases performance. Dac Bloom promotes a shinier coat, and improve hoof health. All breeds of horses can use the Dac bloom weight gain supplement. It is even safe for breeding mares and young foals.

T.H.E Equine Edge Weight Gain Supplement

T.H.E equine edge is a weight gain supplement that promotes quick recovery and increases stamina. It contains natural vitamins, minerals, and protein. It’s excellent for horses who have a hard time putting on weight. It helps small horses gain lean muscle by increasing their protein and fat intake.

Equine edge supplement comes in delicious fast-acting pellets. It is easy to digest and is full of antioxidants. It is recommended for all breeds of horses, and it helps horses recover faster. Equine edge goes well with hay and feed. It’s commercially available worldwide.

Healthy Coat Weight Gain Energy Muscle Supplement

The healthy coat supplement is a little bit different from most of the supplements on this list. It is liquid-based and does not come as a powder of pellet.  It increases coat sheen, and improve hoof health in addition to helping your horse gain weight. Each gallon of this supplement contains fatty acids, amino acids, and several vitamins. It boosts weight gain by increasing the regular number of calories in your horse’s meal.

The healthy coat also promotes good digestive tract health and immune system balance. It also functions as a great performance booster for racehorses and is suitable for all breeds of horses.

Gut Health Horse Feed Supplement

Gut health horse supplement also comes as a liquid and can be mixed with either the horse’s meal or feed. It uses a unique formula comprising of aloe and vitamins to foster weight gain. Aside from being a potent weight gain solution, it also provides relief for horses with ulcer. It improves their mood and increases performance by providing instant relief. In addition to helping horses with ulcer, it also promotes fuller coats and hoof growth.

It contains amino acids, fatty acids, essential minerals, and vitamins. Also, it is perfect for horses with ulcer and mood swings.

Gut Health Horse Paste Supplement

Gut health horse paste supplement is an effective ulcer aid and weight gain supplement for horses. It’s made with a unique gel formula that provides long-lasting relief, as well as improve weight gain. It contains minerals like zinc, calcium, and iron. It’s also rich in vitamins, amino acids and healthy fats.

It comes in an easy and accessible gel format. This makes it easier to add to horse meals, feed, and even drinking water. The application of this supplement is potentially limitless.

Purina Mills Equine Senior Active Supplement

The Purina senior supplement is an unusual weight gain supplement. It is a lot different from your regular ones because of what it is made of. The Purina senior active supplement is rich in fat and energy sources.

Senior horses have a hard time putting on weight. So, they require an effective supplement that has a little bit of everything. Although this supplement was made for senior horses, it is suitable for most breeds of horses. This amazing product comes in a tasty nugget form. It contains lots of fiber, fat, starch, vitamins, and minerals.

Purina Animal Nutritional Amplifying Fat Supplement

This performance weight gain supplement was specially designed for race and performance horses. It uses a formula that combines fat, protein, vitamins, and starch to stimulate muscle growth. The starch and fats in this formula boost performance in race and performance horses alike. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Some of the ingredients include flaxseed oil, vegetable oils, and amino acids. Purina animal fat supplement comes in small pellets, and it has a great taste. It is also suitable for most horse breeds.

Acti-flex 5lb Senior Powder

Acti-flex senior powder is a unique weight gain and joint health supplement. It saves horse owners money by combining two of the widespread equine problems and fixing them. With this supplement, you don’t have to choose. It features a powerful formula that reduces joint pain and aids digestion. Acti-flex senior powder has minerals, vitamins, amino acids and even fatty acids.

It improves gut health, and it comes in a large lb. container.  It also helps boost stamina, endurance and performance. In addition to that, it is also suitable for all breeds of horses.

Fat-cat Powder

This unique supplement contains a refined cocktail of nutrients and vitamins. It contains active bodybuilding nutrients like vitamins, minerals and protein. It increases performance in racehorses by improving their stamina, size and strength.

It’s also rich with digestive enzymes that boost metabolism and improve weight gain. Despite its weird sounding name, Fat-cat is an excellent supplement for horses of all kinds. It is great for breeder, racers, foals, and even seniors. It comes in a powder, and it can be mixed with all sorts of horse meal.

Muslcemx Equine Supplement

This product differs from most products on the market because of how it promotes weight gain. It is made from a mix of lysine, amino acids, and other vital protein sources. Unlike most products on the market, Muscle Mx contains creatine. Creatine is vital for muscle growth, and it is one of the main ingredients in this product.

This product is recommended for foals, breeding horses, and even seniors who can’t get enough nutrients. It comes in various size options and is commercially available all over the world.

Focus Weight Equine Supplement for Weight Gain

The focus weight equine supplement contains several classes of nutrients that promote weight gain. When taken, it can help horses either maintain or add to their weight.  This all-natural supplement comprises of several micronutrients and essential vitamins. It contains digestive enzymes, microbes and complex vitamins.

This weight gain supplement also improves focus, performance, and digestion. It goes great with feed, hay, and water. This supplement promotes weight gain indirectly. It relies on amino acids, minerals and other nutrients to balance up a lousy diet and induce weight growth. It is great for all breeds and types of horses.

Conclusion and Our Thoughts on the Best Weight Gain Supplements for Horses

Every horse owner understands how important it is to keep their horses healthy. When a horse is underweight, it is not healthy. It needs lots of nutrients, protein and carbs, and that is what weight gain supplements are for. In this post, we went over some of the best weight gain supplement for horses and noted their features. If we had to pick a single supplement, it would be the Purina mills Equine Senior active supplement. Although it is a senior weight gain supplement, it still contains all the nutrients we have come to expect from a great product. It’s no doubt the best supplement available on the market.