Top 15 Best Fly Mask For Horses 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

here are a variety of ways to keep flies and other insects away from horses, and using a fly mask is the simplest and the most effective way to do this.

Flies leave horses restless as they are a constant source of irritation, they may even transmit diseases.

Horse owners know that the very worst period for their horses is usually the during summer, when horses’ greatest villains; flies, come out in full force.

This article presents to you the top 15 best fly masks for horses on the market. Fly masks are used on horses to protect the eyes, the ears and the jaws.

The top fly masks are made from quality materials that provide protection from UV-rays and also allow horses to see and hear when they are worn.



There are a lot of fly masks available on the market today for your horses, they vary in color, style and the degree of protection they provide.

It might be quite a task to find that perfect fly mask for your horse, and the perfect fly mask would have to be comfortable, effective, and worth the money you spend on it.

First things first, do not go for any cheap fly mask you haven’t researched about to find out of its quality.

As much as you want to save money, you might actually end up losing money when you buy a low-quality fly mask.

The quality of a fly mask is not solely determined by the price, buying just any cheap fly mask means you could purchase a fly mask with low durability, and poor quality, and this ultimately leads to purchasing a new fly mask almost every summer.

To purchase a quality mask, one of the right questions to ask would be; what level of protection do I want for my horse (s)?

Some horses are more sensitive in certain parts of their face than others. You just have to know what bothers your horse (s) the most and based on this, you can buy full faced fly masks or fly masks with ear covers or without ear covers.

As mentioned earlier, fly masks vary in sizes, so you don’t just select a random size. In choosing the size of fly mask for your horse, base your decision on the size of your horses’ bridle.

This is essential because your choice of fly mask should not impede your horses’ daily activities, most important, it mustn’t stop it from grazing, the idea of a fly mask is to make your horse comfortable while wearing it.

Don’t get worked up over all of this, let me make the task of selecting a fly mask easier.

Here are the top 15 best fly mask for horses.

The Cashel Crusader Fly Mask

The Cashel Crusader Fly Mask is a no ear, and a no nose mask. The Crusader Fly Mask is known for its durability as well as quality. It is equally comfortable for the horse because of its patented three-hole cap which means you don’t have to worry about any damage to your horses’ forelock. It also protects the soft tissues of the horse’s eyes and forehead.

Another amazing feature of the crusader fly mask, is that it is made with nylon micro mesh.  The nylon mesh protects the eyes and forehead of your horses from Ultra Violet rays. The Crusader Fly Mask is an ideal recommendation because it lasts very long. In most cases, it lasts up to a least of three summers.

Farnam SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask

The Farnam SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask is another great choice when it comes to fly masks. This is because it is highly affordable and highly durable. What’s more? The Farnam Super Mask II is super easy to clean, and due to the fact that this fly mask was designed for the eyes, it protects your horse from Ultra Violet rays.

This mask provides a greater deal of protection from dust, and debris when your horses are in the pasture, yet it doesn’t affect your horses’ vision. It comes in sizes to fit every horse from extra-large sizes to foal sizes. The Supermask II is a versatile fly mask, if you got a horse with a recent eye injury, this fly mask can aid the process of recovery.

Finally, the Farnam SuperMask II stays in place for a very long time because of its Double-Latch Closure and it also comes in various sizes to suit horses of any size.

Manna Pro Insect Shield Opti-Force Fly Mask Standard

The Manna Pro Insect Shield Opti-Force Fly Mask Standard is another bestselling fly mask; this is due to the fact that this fly mask focuses on protection and comfort. It is comfortable on horses and it protects them from insects by repelling a wide range of insects, flies to midges to ticks. This fly mask doesn’t need any treatment whatsoever before it can be used, it comes pre-treated with chemicals to repel insects.

It protects the muzzle and ears and it has a clear view vision mesh that protects horses from harmful UV rays. It is also designed to fit right and ensure maximum comfort for the horse while allowing for proper ventilation.

Horseware Ireland Amigo Fly Mask

Horseware Ireland Amigo Fly Mask is the solution for easily irritated horses. This fly mask was so intelligently crafted that it easily fits your horse’s’ head irrespective of its size. Part of its intelligent design is fleece edges and soft ears, it protects and it makes your horse feel warm and cuddly.

Along with all of these, this fly mask is made of distinct textile materials which makes it highly durable. It comes in four distinct sizes; Small pony, pony, cob and Horse. The amigo fly mask is available in a whole range of colors. The bright colored masks can reflect a large percentage of solar radiation.

 Kensington Fly Mask with Web Trim

Talk about classy; The Kensington Fly Mask with Web Trim is the perfect definition. Majority of horse owners use this fly mask on their horses during parades, and while riding horses too. Every horse deserves this sort of elegance and style, and style is not the only thing with the Kensington Fly Mask, it is also functional, this fly marker does not compromise on quality and effectiveness.

This fly mask lasts longer than most fly masks on the market because it has the capacity to withstand tough conditions, rigorous activities and intense weather conditions. It also stays super firm because of its secured throat latchet and adjustable throat straps. The interior is also lined with soft lining to keep the horse’s skin from irritation.

With this fly mask, you give your horse an advantage of full protection from irritation to the eyes with its double dart yet with clear visibility.

Professional’s Choice Breakaway Fly Mask

Made by a reputable horse products manufacturer, this mask with “breakaway” in its name needs no further introduction as it was designed to provide maximum flexibility for your horses.

The Professional’s Choice Breakaway fly mask is the super ideal for you and your horse if you have a really active horse that easily gets its masks stuck in things or can even break free from its mask when combating with a fly.You shouldn’t be bothered about your horse getting hurt with this fly mask. It makes use of elastic materials, that allows it stretch perfectly in a snap moment. Along guaranteed protection, it provides comfort as it is made of a soft fleece. Finally, the professional’s choice Breakaway fly mask is a great choice for your horse and will be worth every penny if you decide to buy.

Jeffers Lycra Fly Mask with Ears

Jeffers Lycra Fly Mask with Ears is one of the best fly masks on the market, it might be your perfect choice if you have a horse that is very sensitive in its head, especially, if it has sensitive ears and eyes. This fly mask is made of a very light material that easily expands, which means it can easily fit your horse’s head for a snug.

The ears are made completely of nylon, which give your horse a soft, comfy feeling and the delicacy of its materials helps to keep insects away. The rest of the mask is made of a clear material which allows for a clear vision for your horse. Your horse can have this on and not even feel it at all.

Rambo Plus Fly Mask

The Rambo Plus Fly Mask is another top Horseware product that is specially designed for horses with extra sensitivity needs. It is designed to protect your horse’s eyes from sunlight and Ultra Violet rays whilst keeping it away from its eyes.

If your horse’s skin is sensitive and susceptible to sunburn, then this fly mask is an ideal one.This fly mask is wholesome as it also contains an adjustable nose-guard for extra protection for your horse’s muzzle from Ultra Violet  Rays, and it also has soft long ears made of quality polyester material.

Much more, it is pretreated to keep flies away from your horses, and it comes in a variety of colors and it is absolutely light weight, so it provides protection and comfort.

Noble Outfitters Guardsman Fly Mask with Ears

Noble Outfitters Guardsman Fly Mask with Ears spells durability and flexibility. This fly mask operates with a smart technology that is configured to keep its canopy from touching your horse’s face hence avoiding all forms of irritation and yet adequately protect your horse from Ultra Violet rays and penetrating insects.

Part of its amazing design is a removable nose strap which is anti-rub, and provides protection from Ultra Violet. The most exciting part of this fly mask’s design is its Flex Spline which is lined fleece on the crown and the nose. This fly mask comes in three cool sizes; small, medium and large.

Cashel Quiet Ride Standard Horse Fly Mask with Ears

The Quiet Ride Standard Horse Fly is another Cashel product on this list. It is rated among the top fly masks on the market because of its comfortability and good fit. Its mesh is so clear to see through; hence your horse will still see very well with this fly mask. This fly mask is also lightweight.

Though it lacks a double Velcro that most masks usually have, it is a great fly mask for riding, and it is also super easy to clean, it is also easy to wear on and remove from your horse’s head.

Shires Fine Mesh Mask with Ears

The Shires Fine Mesh Mask with ears comes in five different sizes to suit any size of horse you have, and an ergonomic shaping with fleece padding that keeps the mask from covering the horse’s eyes.

Apart from coming in different sizes, this fly mask has an adjustable touch close safety straps that delivers a good fit. Overall it is flexible and strong and it also provide an excellent UV ray protection.

Durvet DuraMask Equine Fly Mask

Another great fly mask on this list is the Durvet DuraMask Equine Fly Mask. It is easy to wear on the horse and remove and it provides an excellent protection from flies and gnats

Asides that, this fly mask is a very durable one, it can last for years with heavy use. That makes it a good value fly mask at an affordable cost. You can’t go wrong with the Durvet DuraMask.

Manna Pro Pro-Force Mask Standard Fly Mask

The Manna Pro-Force Mask is quality at a great price, it is a carefully crafted fly mask with lots of eye room, it comes in different head sizes and fits perfectly when worn.

It is very easy to put on and remove too and lasts for a long period, no tears and the Velcro fasteners remain intact for a long time. It is especially great for blind horses and it is very protective. Your horse will definitely find this fly mask comfortable, because of the soft texture of the material used.

Weatherbeeta Stretch Bug Eye Saver with Ears

Bug Eye Saver sounds like a funny name to give a fly mask, right? However, the Weatherbeeta Stretch Bug Eye Saver with Ears is a versatile mask worn by horses during shows and trail rides. The Ears of this fly mask are big enough to allow for movement of the ears by horses.

When worn, horses can still see clearly and it is super lightweight and doesn’t feel hot on the horse. It is an extremely light fly mask that is super easy to clean and air dry.

Betazero Fly Mask with Ears and Long Nose Breathable

The last on this list, but definitely not the least when it comes to durability and ease of use. It is a well-crafted fly mask with a removable nose piece that fits comfortably on horses. It’s also super lightweight and allows air flow.

It is a strong mask and will be a great buy anytime, any day.


There you have it.

The top 15 fly masks on the market. This guide will help you select the best mask for your horse(s)

Along with considering a mask that fits your budget for a fly mask, you should also ensure that you choose a size that fits your horse and provides the type of protection you want for your horse.

If your horse’s ears are always attracting flies, it would be a great choice to go for a fly mask with protective part. The same goes for if your horse has any head part that attracts flies.

Good luck.