The 14 Best Fly Spray for Horses 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

Right, it takes a lot of generous effort to raise a horse. There are a bunch of equine tasks you need to perform, from daily to weekly and periodically. You need to groom your horse’s body, mane, tail and hooves. You need to bathe, feed and check its health regularly. Keeping your equine friend fit and healthy is your responsibility. One concerns we have with our horses is poor health. When they are out in the field, they get exposed to insect bites, which often lead to wounds and infections. They get swarmed by flies and other pesky flying insects, thus eventually irritates their body. If your horse has a sensitive skin it can be another issue that complicates its condition. As a precaution, we need to get the best fly spray for horses to protect them from skin issues and other related complications.
In this article, I would like to discuss some of the ways you can do to keep your horse healthy. And of course, I would like to share with you some of the best vet certified fly sprays available in the market.


Things to keep your horse healthy

Needless to say, it’s almost impossible to get rid of equine issues permanently. Despite some good work, some of these still recur. They can be your perennial battles when not prevented.
These are basics but key factors to raising a healthy loving horse. Human-animal relationship is a thing of beauty isn’t it?

Safe and healthy environment

Whether your horse is in a stable, arena or pasture, you have to avoid or eliminate possible source of health concerns. It is laborious to check those areas routinely but it’s the right thing to do. There might be some sharp objects scattered in the pasture, some toxic materials that can be accidentally ingested. In the barn, maybe its blanket is full ticks and are not being washed regularly. Some sections of the stall maybe old and needs to be repaired. A daily checkup of your horses’ place secures them from possible danger.

Daily physical activities

Horses are active animals and they prefer moving around. It’s in their nature to walk a couple of miles a day. Some walking and sprinting here and there allows them to be physical and mentally healthy. They are much livelier when not confined. Riding your horse is also a good practice to keep a strong bond. Just a caution though, don’t overwork your horse. As the one in charge, you can sense when the horse needs rest.


Horses live in herdsand so they better need to be surrounded by their own kind. If you have young ones it’s good to allow them be with adult horses. There are things they can learn from them that we can’t teach. Donkeys are closely related to horses. They can be together on a pasture. Other farm animals like goats, sheep and llamas can live harmoniously with horses but that takes a lot of effort. You can put these animals together in one field as long as there is enough space and food for everyone.

Quality food

This is basic caring of your animals. You feed them what they deserve. Besides, you don’t want to compromise their health with less palatable hay. There are some considerations though. Since there are two common types of hay, legume and grass, you must know what is best for their diet. A lactating horse for example needs legume hay which is considerably high in protein and calcium. Knowing when the hay is harvested is also of importance. An early maturity hay also provides more nutrients that a late maturity hay. While they canalso forage in the open, alimited pasture can provide only so much.

Grooming and health

Grooming isn’t just about looking good. To maintain a healthy coat and body, you need to regularly brush and clean it. There are other several good reasons why you should do grooming. Aside from making them look clean, this is a chance for you to seek up close, whether your horse has some skin conditions. It’s also a possibility for you to find out if he has a sensitive skin. In such case, you need to be extra-careful. Owner-animal relationship is the best you can present to your horse. More than food, shelter and anything else, your horse needs to feel he is a part of your family.

The 10 Best Fly Spray for Horses

To show more your love and dedication in raising your horses, here are some of the best fly spray you can apply with them. This is a good reference for you. Do have time to check them carefully.

⦁ Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray (12 oz spray bottle)

A ready-to use great spray that works well even on wet conditions like sweat or rain. Farnam’s Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly spray provides the necessary protection from annoying flies, and the biting of ticks, gnats and lice. These bugs and insects can also be exterminated. Additionally, it provides a long-lasting effect up to 14 days and can be used on horses of all ages. How’s that sound to you? This is the only fly spray with RepeLock conditioner that truly binds to the hair shaft. Possible skin problem like Lyme disease is prevented. The scent is fairly pleasant for you and your horse.

⦁ Endure Sweat- Resistant Fly Spray (128 oz Gallon)

This is no different with Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray 12 oz in terms of efficacy. The only difference is its size. A 120 oz gallon is just perfect for a herd. To get this, you must purchase Farnam’s Spray in a bottle. Once you are have consumed all, you can always have this 128 oz gallon for a refill. It’s a one-time big smart purchase.

Just to add, the product is also available in 360-degree aerosol spray and roll-on. These give you more options to fit your needs. You can check the other styles on the provided link.

⦁ Bronco Equine Fly Spray

Another great product from Farnam, Bronco Equine Fly Spray has all the good qualities you need for your troubled horse and other barn animals. This non-oily insecticide repellent leaves no place for different kinds of insects and bugs such as stable flies, horse flies, horn flies, house flies, mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, fleas and lice.

For best result, make sure to brush off dirt and dust from the coat. If necessary, bathe, rinse and dry your horse before application. When applying, avoid spraying the eyes, nose and mouth. You can start from the head down to the body and tail.

⦁ Natural Fly Spray For horse

Are you looking for a natural fly spray? This one is for you. Silver Lining Herbs presents a natural bug repellent. Fly Spray is made with proprietary herbal blend of aloe vera, witch hazel, pure essential oils: Orange, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, lemongrass, Geranium, Clove, peppermint, lanolin, polysorbate 80 and water. The coat skin protected from bugs making it smooth and healthy. Its added long-lasting natural scent keeps your horse feel relaxed.

The product is sure guaranteed quality as it has gone through successful tests. It has also meet stringent manufacturing standards thus making it a good choice among others. The item is produced in the USA.

⦁ Ultra-Shield Green Fly Repellent

Absorbine’s Ultra Shield Green Fly Repellent is a non-greasy eco-safe formula that provides ultimate protection from biting flies, mosquitoes, ticks and gnats. It is scientifically made with 7 essential oils, which give your horse a botanical scented experience. The product can be used on horses ponies and dogs on a daily basis.

Before applying, make sure the horse is clean from mud or dirt for optimum efficacy. Also brush the hair for the shaft to be completely covered. Shake the bottle to mix it well then start applying it. Do not make the hair look soaked. Make sure you don’t over apply it. 2 ounces or 45 sprays should be enough for an adult horse.

⦁ Tri-tech 14 Fly Repellent

Farnam introduces another fly repellent water-based formula designed to protect Horse’s skin from horn flies, deer flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks and lice. This solution’s effect can last up to 14 days. Its sunscreen addition provides extra skin protection from the sun.

The product contains the following ingredients: cypermethrin, pyrethrin, piperonyl butoxide, Technical and butoxy polypropylene glycol. It is sold in different quantities: 32 oz. ready-to-use spray, 50 oz. easy pour, and 1-gallon easy pour. The smallest version available is the continuous spray. To keep your horse’s skin healthy all year long, use Tri-tech 14 Fly Repellent.

⦁ Wipe and Spray for Horses

Another good spray product to consider. Pyranha’s Wipe and Spray is a ready-to-use pyrethrum-based formula effective to battle insect and bug bites bites from flies, mosquitoes, gnats, flies, fleas and ticks. It has active ingredients such as pyrethrin, piperonyl butoxide, butoxy polypropylene, and glycol. It comes with a citronella scent for pleasant smell and lanolin for coat conditioner.

An amount of 1 to 2 ounces works well per head. Simply apply it with either a towel or a spray mist. Always make sure the horse is clean from mud and dirt. If necessary, wash your horse first. When using a cloth, dampen it and rub it off to the areas commonly affected like the legs, neck and shoulders. For precaution and safety always follow the instructions provided.

⦁ Bronco Gold Equine Fly Spray

A grooming aid and coat conditioner, Bronco Gold Equine Fly Spray is a formula produced by Farnam. It is intended to repel and kill horse flies, stable flies, face flies, deer flies, house flies, horn flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas, chiggers and lice. It is citronella scented for pleasant smell.

The product is non-oily and can be used as a wipe or with a spray mist. Aside from horses, it can also be used on ponies and foals. For complete protection spray some in horse barns and stables. Bronco Gold Equine Fly Spray is available in 32 oz and 1 gallon.

⦁ Farnam Equi-Spot

Farnam’s Equi-Spot is an effective solution for bugs and insect problems that cause skin diseases. Ticks, mosquitoes, flies and gnats are all gotten rid of. This product is specifically made for pastured horses. Rain or sweat doesn’t wash off its amazing effect. The protection it gives lasts for as long 14 days. Equi-Spot is available in two supplies: 6 and 12-week supply. A total of six applications is the standard.

Please be follow the instructions carefully to avoid any unpleasant effect on both the horse and you. To know more of this product, please check the link provided.

⦁ 14-Day Fly Spray for Horses

Happy Horse Products is proud to present its product, 14-Day Fly Spray. This ready-to-use spray repellent provides a long-lasting protection from pesky house flies, horse flies, face flies, horn flies, deer flies, gnats and mosquitoes. It guarantees a 14-day effect with its added weather and sweat resistant protection. For a sweet-smelling scent, it combines citronella.

Other variants are offered by Happy Horse Products. These are all of high quality. The ensure the costumers the highest satisfaction. Do not hesitate. Try their products now and see the difference they make. Still not decided? You can further review their amazing products on the link provided.


Those flies keep bugging your horse. Let them know their place. It’s time to make a bold action. Don’t let your horse suffer anymore. He has been itching and aching for a very long time. Go get your equine friend a spray and get rid of those troublesome bugs and insects.
Make him smell good. Give that scent of security. A smooth silky coat and a healthy skin will surely give you a better awesome looking ride. With his transformed look, your horse will give you a million reasons to smile. It’s never too late. Act now. After all, he is your best buddy, isn’t he?