The 15 Best Respiratory Supplement For Horses 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Your duties as a horse owner or equestrian don’t end at changing horseshoes and buying fly repellents; they extend to more intricate and internal issues like disease control and prevention. Several kinds of diseases affect horses, and some of the most worrisome kinds affect the respiratory system. They usually manifest as inflammation, heaving, coughing, and lung bleeding and even influenza. That is why it’s essential to invest in one of the best respiratory supplement for horses, along with proper clinical treatment.

The best respiratory supplement for horses were designed to soothe your horse and help it breathe clearly and more evenly.  They have lots of antioxidants and other great minerals like calcium and potassium. The best respiratory supplement for horses will nourish your horse, protect its immune system and boost performance at the same time.

What to look for in Respiratory Supplements for Horses

Respiratory supplement for horses were made to assist prescribed medicine. When horses are afflicted with a disease or infection, supplements can serve as a sort of backup treatment to help the horse recover faster, breathe more clearly and perform better. Although they are not quite reliable enough to replace prescribed medicine for animals, they can be quite effective when combating respiratory diseases and irritation.

The Ingredients

They should, in theory, help your horse breathe better and should consist of a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and herbs. Typically, you should expect ingredients such as

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Argine
  • Vitamins C.
  • Rosemary
  • Triphala
  • Astragalus
  • Camu Camu
  • Cranberry
  • Bilberry fruit
  • Forsythia fruit
  • And several others.

Most respiratory supplement for horses are all-natural. They consist of natural antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen the immune system, as well as reduce inflammation, soothe allergic reactions and ward off illness. Although most respiratory supplements are all-natural, some supplements don’t limit their ingredients to just herbs and fruits alone. They aren’t as popular as the all-natural ones, but they can be just as effective.

They should come in Powders, Syrups or Concentrates

Any respiratory supplement for horses that is worth the money you spend buying it should come in concentrates, syrups, pellets, pastes or some form of water-soluble powder. Supplements in these forms are easier to keep track of, store and use whenever needed. Horses and equestrians prefer these types of supplements because they taste better and can be integrated easily into the horse’s diet.

Watch out for the smell

A horse will decide to consume or refuse a supplement based on the smell alone. Horses can be suspicious, and they won’t eat anything that they aren’t comfortable with. A lot of respiratory supplement don’t have a pleasant smell. They can stink up entire barns and stables and can be unpleasant for both horse and equestrian.

The smell shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. There are effective ways to get past your horse’s keen sense of smell, but it’s often better to just opt for something less smelly. The smell of the supplement does not connect directly to its efficacy or anything else. But if it’s possible to get something that will keep your animal healthy and that smells nice, then that should be what you should spend all your hard-earned money on. Any respiratory supplement for horses that your equine refuses to take will be a waste of resources.

The 15 Best Respiratory Supplement for Horses

Heave Ho Equine Supplement

Heave Ho Equine respiratory supplement is by far one of the best respiratory supplements out there. It has everything you and your horse could ever need. It is a natural and vitamin-rich supplement that was designed to help horses who are plagued by seasonal allergies, coughing, heaving, and nasal blocked airways. The product consists of a proprietary mixture of herbs, minerals and vitamins and it is guaranteed to give relief within 10 -14 days. It also regulates the immune system and reduces inflammation when it’s needed.

The supplement comes in two major flavors. Molasses and Sugar-Free Apple. Both are delightful, and we recommend them a try. The product comes in two containers.  It’s great for the horses, and it doesn’t smell or taste bad. It basically ticks all the boxes we established in the guide. If you’re looking for one of the best respiratory supplement for horses, Heave Ho is your go-to.

Farnam- Cough Free for Horses

Don’t let the lackluster name of this product fool you; the cough free is a very potent respiratory supplement for horses that gives almost instant reliefs from allergies, heaves, coughs, congestions. Technically it doesn’t provide relief from inflammation and most respiratory illnesses, but it does, however, strengthen the immune system and provides essential nutrients.

It has an upsetting smell, but it’s not something most people and horses can’t get used to. Like with most respiratory supplements, it’s made from a unique blend of natural ingredients, herbs and fruits. It comes as a powder, and it is to be applied twice a day for as long as it’s needed.

The Cough Free contains Ginger roots, Fenugreek, Kelp Powder, Ferrous Sulphate, Gentian Root, Charcoal, Dicalcium Phosphate, And Calcium Carbonate.

Silver Lining Herbs- Respiratory support- For Horses

This all-American, herbal respiratory supplement for horses is one of the best value-for-money respiratory products you could ever buy. This supplement provides relief from coughs and heaves and boosts the immune system. This amazing supplement keeps the airways clear, fights off toxins and combats pollen, and keeps the mucous membrane clear. It also helps bring down inflammation.

It is an all-natural product made from a proprietary formula that consists of Mullen, Echinacea, Irish moss, Pleurisy, Yarrow, Barberry, Garlic, Boneset, Licorice and Goldenseal.  The formula claims to use the same herbs that the treatment of equines for hundreds of years.

TOMLYN-Secreta Pro Max

The Secreta Pro Max is a respiratory supplement for horses that was designed to cure most of the respiratory issues your horse will have. It is made from a potent concoction of herbs and rare fruits and promises an increase in performance. The product is capable of regulating mucosal viscosity and boosting the immune system with each application.

It is made from a proprietary blend of Black horehound, thyme, Coltsfoot, mullein, grindella, and vitamin E. The supplement comes in pellets and you can easily add it to the feed of your horse without it noticing. There were no artificial preservatives and filters used during the production of this product.

Ramard 079052 Total Respiratory & Endurance Show Safe Syringe

The Ramard syringe stands out from the flock because of its extraordinary antibiotic properties. Unlike most of the all-natural options on the market, this product protects the horse from bacteria and viruses that might cause infection and diseases. It also helps reduce swelling and helps horses cope with seasonal allergies. It keeps the airways of the horse clean, clear and it regulates mucosal production.

It’s sure to improve the horse’s overall performance. This product has numerous ingredients, and the most active is clarisol. It lasts about 24 hours after use, and it should bring the horse you give instant relief.  It comes in a 5 Oz syringe, and you can technically call it a concentrate.


The Respimaxx respiratory supplement for horses is a water-soluble concentrate that was made for horses and other farm animals like poultry, pig, cattle and rabbit. It’s an antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitical, antifungal concentrate that was designed to combat respiratory infection and provide long-lasting relief. It can assuage the symptoms of illnesses like Mycoplasma, Salmonellosis, colibacteriosis, and necrotic enteritis. It also keeps the respiratory tract clean and clear.

The main ingredients in this concentrate are Garlic and Eucalyptus. The product doesn’t have a very pungent smell, and it agrees with horses quite well. It comes in a 1L bottle, and it is to be administered in various quantity depending on the animal you intend to use it for.

Uckele Lung EQ

The Uckele Lung EQ is an inexpensive solution to the problem of seasonal allergies, respiratory illnesses and infections. Even though manufacturers sell it as a seasonal product that can provide temporary relief, the product is more than capable of looking after the lungs and the immune system throughout the year.

The current recipe that is used by Uckele in the creation of this supplement greatly relies on Spirulina (It is an amazing immune system regulator, and it prevents the release of histamine). The product comes in a 5-pound bucket, and it more than enough to keep your horse healthy for about a month. The manufacturer recommends a scoop or two every day. It has a tolerable smell and does not irritate horse and equestrian.  It’s ingrideints include Beet pulp, Corn distillers with soluble, Lignin Sulfonate, Fenugreek seed powder, Vegetable Oil Blend, etc.

AniMed Histall-H to Support Respriratory health in Horses

This respiratory supplement for horses offers complete protection from seasonal allergies and irritation. It is an all-natural product that regulates histamine levels in horses, provides relief from seasonal allergies and strengthens the immune system. It also cleanses the horse’s body and prevents infection from bacteria and fungus respiratory tract infections.

The Histall consists of turmeric, bromelain, choline chloride, vitamin D and vitamin C. It doesn’t have any additives or chemicals. It comes in a little jar with and is powder, and has a palatable smell.

Oxy-Gen- Sherry Cavi’s Performance Gold Rush

The Gold Rush is an oil-based performance paste that was designed to boost Oxygen Utilization, Performance and Endurance. It was intended to be used as some form of pre-performance stimulant that should, in theory, boost performance. Although the product was designed to boost performance at every level, it particularly shines in respiratory support. It soothes the airways and provides momentary relief for horses with warmup coughs.

It is made from a proprietary mix of inulin, Vitamin E, Wheat, and Germ meal. Other active ingredients in this paste include Magnesium Hydroxide, Argine, Eucalyptus oil, and Vitamin D3. It is to be administered to the feed 1-2 hours before performance or work.

AniMed Anihist-H

This is another product from ANiMed with a slightly different function. This potent concoction of all-natural herbs was solely created to drastically improve the respiratory health of the horses by combating seasonal allergies, regulating histamine levels throughout the body, and promoting a healthy immune system. Anihist is also capable of clearing up the nasal airways and fighting off environmental pollutants and irritants. It is an all-inclusive product, and it is not built or designed with a specific breed in mind.

It comes in a 1.2-pound container, and it is made of ginger roots, choline chloride, vitamin D, vitamin C, and peony. The product is to be administered to the feed of the horse as dictated in the manual. The only drawback of this potent supplement is the smell that sometimes repels the horse as well as her owner.

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals Airways

This respiratory supplement for horses provides relief to animals suffering from seasonal allergies. It does this by beefing up the immune system and triggering the appropriate immune system reaction to seasonal pollutants and irritants. It is recommended for horses with EIPH and is made from a mixture of quality herbal ingredients like Spurlina, MSM, Hawthorne, Grape seed extract, and citrus bioflavonoids.

The product comes in an easy to use food pellet and a recommendation 2 Oz per day is considered appropriate for horses.  It also reduces inflammation along the respiratory tract and helps with soft tissue formation. The size of the product is about 5 pounds, and it has an odor that is not too difficult to get accustomed to.

Omega Alpha Airwaves Extra Strength Gallon

The alpha supplement is a game-changing supplement that addresses multiple issues and conditions that occur in the respiratory tract. The manufacturers designed it to be an effective bronchodilator. When administered correctly with the right amount of frequency, it should stimulate the airways and cause them to clear up eventually.

Alpha Airwaves supplement should also help with inflammation, relieve bronchospasms, coughs, heaving and clear mucus. In a word, it improves breathing and performance by extension.  Some of its ingredients include, Mullein, pleurisy root, Eucalyptus, Elecampane, Nettles, Fritillaria thunbergli. The product comes in 1L and 4L sizes and has a bearable smell.

Equinims Horse Supplement Garlic Powder 500g Tub

This horse supplement is a multipurpose powder that was not only designed to help the respiratory system of the horses but also for their digestive systems. It’s a potent supplement that soothes the respiratory tract and reduces inflammation. It is also highly nutritious and contains a lot of vitamin C. Although designed with the equine in mind, you cana also use it on poultry and some pets.

Equinims Horse supplement also doubles as an insect repellent. Although it is not strong enough to replace any professional-grade repellents, it can provide momentary relief from flies and other insects. Garlic as well as some other herbs are the main ingredients in this supplement. It comes in a 1.6-pound pail, and it has a somewhat pleasant smell.

McIntosh Pro Line Airways 101-4 lbs.

The Airways 101 is specifically for racehorses. It provides relief for racehorses suffering from IAD, and it heals the lungs, eliminates cough and heaving. It helps reduce inflammation in the tract and lungs. The airways 101 also prompts the immune system, making it counteract the effects of seasonal pollutants. It is simple but proves to be one of the better respiratory supplement for horses on the market.

This product’s ingrideints include a blend of Ginseng, Honeysuckle flower, Unibract Fritillary Bulb, Baikal Sullcap root, Sessile Stemona root, Commin Bletilla tuber, Notoginseng. It uses an all-natural formula, and it is compatible with all breeds of horses. The manufacture recommends one scoop of powder per day.

OralX Corporation Cough Paste for Horses

The OralX paste for horse syringe contains a temporary suppressant that provides temporary relief from numerous respiratory illnesses and conditions like heaving, coughing and irritation. The effect of the paste only lasts a few hours after application, and it would be best to apply the paste as frequently as needed. It can be added to feed or applied directly. Although it they don’t market it as a respiratory supplement for horses, it you can use it on racehorses and regular horses alike.

It is preferably used before a major a sporting event and during allergy season. It’s incredibly effective  and nearly odorless. It should not cause the horse any major discomfort after use. It is not the best horse respiratory supplement on the market, but it is remarkable considering the price it retails at.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best respiratory supplement for horses is no easy task. It can be incredibly difficult to choose between the different products in this guide, considering that they all meet the criteria we discussed. However, one product above all others stands out — The Heave Ho. This respiratory supplement for horses is really worth looking at because it comes in two flavors, and it provides comprehensive cover for all respiratory illnesses and conditions.

Although we have chosen our champion, the rest of the products on this list are, no doubt, worth investing in. They provide relief to the afflicted horse, and most of them have a tolerable odor. Whatever you choose to buy, we hope you remember the guidelines we have established.