The 15 Best Probiotics for Horses 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

Horses are a lot like humans when it comes to nutrition and health. Without the proper vitamins, medicine and supplement, they can fail to perform adequately and decline slowly over time. In this post, we are talking about an essential supplement for a horse’s continual performance and health- probiotics. Probiotics are great for a horse’s digestion, gut health and overall performance. Probiotics are not new in equestrian care, and as such, there are hundreds and even thousands of products and manufacturers to choose from. In this post, we are going to be walking you through 15 of the best probiotic for horses, and are going to be showing you what to look out for.


Guide to Buying the Best Probiotic for Horses

Choosing the right supplement can be somewhat difficult with so many options available on the market. In this section, we tell you exactly what to look out for when searching for the perfect product for your horse.

Always Compare Prices

Most modern probiotic manufacturing company use similar ingredients in the production of their most popular products. This means that most company will offer similar features, ingredients or advantages at alternating prices. As an equestrian, you must always take advantage of this disparity and compare products prices before you make a single purchase.

Always Look for the Good Stuff

The equestrian probiotic market is very populated and competitive. It’s not strange to find products that have features that most people are not familiar with. However, before you concern yourself with ingredients, you know next to nothing about, always look for basic basics like gut bacteria, classes of probiotics, and essential vitamins.  Most modern probiotic supplement is roughly based off these products. Some might include other fancy stuff, but some trace of the basic is sure to remain.

Delivery Format

Like most supplements commercially available for animals, probiotics come in certain formats. They are typically either granules, pastes, pellets, or powders. Depending on what agrees with your horses and the contents of the supplement, your choice is bound to differ.  All formats are great for animals, and some are just more economical than others. From a waste-free standpoint, the best is the paste, followed, by pellets, then, granules and powder. Most probiotic for horses company only produce products in one distinct medium or format. However, it’s not uncommon for there to be multiple formats of the same product. If you are opportune to, try going for the most economical version of a specific product.

Look for the Extra

Most often than not, probiotics supplement come with something a little bit extra. Depending on the company you go with, it can vary. But you should typically get one of the following items or ingredients. Vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals, and prebiotics. In some rare cases, some companies offer all of these special ingredients for almost no extra charge at all, and in some cases, they don’t. When presented with the opportunity, always try to secure more extra features.

Top 15 Best Probiotic for Horses

This section contains a brief review of some of the most impressive probiotic supplement available on the market

Probios Horse Soft Chews

The Probios is a great tasting, a fast-acting probiotic that provides long-lasting relief for most horse breeds. It aids digestion considerably, and it improves the horse’s mood when it’s faced with stressful events.

It also helps with reconditioning after potentially stressful gut-related medical procedures. It’s great for a horse after treatments like deworming, and antibiotic therapy.  It is made from a combination of unique ingredients like barley flour, dried yeast, corn starch, etc.

Probios Feed Granules

The Probios Feed granules is a granulated probiotic supplement loaded with tons of naturally occurring microorganisms. Unlike the first Probios product, this one is more focused on effectiveness rather than quantity. As a result, it only contains the bare essentials. The Probios feed is rich in lactic acid and other essential microorganisms.

Since this product comes in the granules format, it goes well with essentially any kind of mainstream horse feed. If you don’t use any popular kind, it can also be mixed in with water.

Animal health Solutions- Equerry’s Large Animal Probiotic

The Animal health solution is a top-grade probiotic that contains the best digestive bacteria and enzymes for horses. When used, it can stimulate a horse’s appetite, increase its energy levels, and even improve its stamina. It also increases a horse’s resistance against pathogens, and it aids overall digestion.

The signature active live yeast it contains will help maintain a healthy pH balance and increase overall nutrient absorption. The animal health solution probiotic is also known for its legendary stress relieving features. It can calm horses down during stressful events like travel, foaling, and even feed changes.

GLC Proactive ProBiostatin 1.5 pounds Equine powder

The GLC proBiostatin is a unique probiotic blend that entails certain probiotics and gastric facilitators. While the probiotics do things like aid digestion and improve a horse’s mood. The facilitator improves energy flow, muscle density and power, and a horse’s overall health.

The unique blend of these two signature ingredients also causes unique effects like pH balance and protection from mental strain.  The supplement comes in great natural-tasting liquorice, and it comes in a powder format. It also contains about 500 million probiotic.

Ramard Total pre and Probiotic Equine

The Ramard pre and probiotic is a great supplement containing both pre and probiotic ingredients. This unique supplement is capable of correcting bacteria imbalances and pH imbalances.

It is especially great for horses who have trouble with digestion and maintaining a healthy appetite. In addition to helping horses eat better, it also helps them relieve stress. The Ramard pre and probiotics are great for both horses and other farm animals too.

Equerry’s Plus 160 Feedings for 1000l lb. Horse

The Equerry probiotic supplement is a bacteria supplement capable of providing great digestive support to horses. It contains proteins, minerals and organic selenium, amongst other great natural ingredients.

It calms down horses with upset stomachs and provides long-lasting relief to horses with complex gastrointestinal issues. In addition to that, it also toughens the immune system and helps prevent colic infection amongst horses.

Ramard Total Pre and Probiotic Equine Paste

The Ramard pre and post prebiotic equine paste is a high-quality performance syringe paste for horses with stomach upset and imbalances. The Ramard can combat and correct most imbalances created by excess or too little enzyme, or bacteria concentration in the body. It can also correct pH imbalances, and is great for the horse’s immune system also.

The Ramard primary function is to speed up proper digestion and improve the hair coat of target horses. It is also perfect for a stressful situation, and it has a calming effect on horses.

Horse Guard Mega Dose Equine Vitamin and probiotic supplement

The Horse Guard Mega dose probiotic supplement is a mineral, vitamin and probiotic-based supplement with prebiotics. It contains trace minerals and vitamins typically missing from hay meals and a horse’s typical diet.

In addition to improving overall gut health and providing much-needed minerals, it is also great for a horse’s hooves and mane. The hose guard mega dose probiotic only uses the best bioavailable ingredients. It also takes the guesswork out of the vitamin, mineral and supplement selection process. Since everything is in the same container, you don’t have to worry about quantities

 Bluegrass Equine Equiotic Probiotic Supplement Daily Packets

The Bluegrass Equiotic probiotic uses an impressive formula that treat imbalances in the body. The bluegrass formula is capable of insuring performance and balance in times of stress, disease, and improper meals.  It is effective against salmonella, E.coli, rotta virus, and a handful of other pathogens and viruses.

It also maintains the flora while maintaining the balance throughout the digestive tract. It’s proudly made in the United States, and it comes in packets.

LMF feeds Digest Prebiotic and Probiotic

LMF is a specially engineered supplement that boasts of both prebiotic and probiotic attributes. It enhances performance, helps establish balance, and reduce overall stress in equines.

It can also be used to combat issues like pathogens, gut imbalances, and even mood imbalances. It’s chocked full of interesting pre and probiotic ingredient. In addition to coming with great features, it also promises a fantastic experience for all animals lucky enough to use it. It is fast-acting, and it produces great results when added to a horse’s daily rations.

Biotic 8 plus

The biotic eight-plus is a probiotic-based supplement equipped with outstanding features and ingredients. It comes with special bacteria that helps maintain proper digestive tract function, and improve flora health.

It contains tons of interesting ingredients like bacteria and plant extract. Some of these special ingredients include; spirulina, kelp, etc. It harnesses the power of 8 probiotic plants and is perfect for animals with nerves, stomach upsets, or performance issues. It has a unique delivery system and is proudly made in the United States of America.

Full Bucket Equine Probiotic Pellets

The FullBucket Equine Probiotic Pellet is a supplement with several unique and exclusive features. It comes with over 50 billion probiotics and prebiotics all together. This, together with L glutamine support, can be used to eliminate imbalance and other gut issues.

It reinforces microflora and actively provides solutions to most gastrointestinal issues like colic, colitis, ulcer, diarrhoea, gas, and even weight loss.  FullBucket unique formula does a lot more than cure stomach issues. It can also have great mental, performance and mood benefit for horses too.

BIOEZ Digestive Optimizer

The BIOEZ digestive Optimizer is a supplement made from a cocktail of high-quality digestive enzymes, live probiotics, and prebiotics. This unique cocktail of enzymes and bacteria helps hasten the digestion process by breaking down foods faster. The probiotics found in this optimizer also helps bolster the digestive tract and fights off illnesses and infections alike.

The probiotics in the optimizers deliver much-needed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The combination of all three types of nutrient all together improves the horse’s health and helps it manage stress better. It also helps the horse in other unique ways like increasing its overall stamina, speed, focus, skin, coat, etc.

DAC Orange Superior 5lb Horse Equine Vitamin Mineral Probiotic

The DAC orange supplement is a vitamin, mineral and probiotic blend for horses. It is chock full of vitamins like vitamin B-plus and reinforced with trace minerals. It is even rich in amino acids and organic selenium.

With the probiotics found in this supplement, you can passively treat horses with stomach and gut imbalance and illnesses. The ingredients in this supplement boost immune function, hoof, skin, and coat health. The Orange superior supplement can be added to most horse meals and feeds available on the market.

American Pet Diner Probiotic Paste

The American Pet Diner probiotic paste is a great tasting after meal supplement for animals with poor gut health. This paste supplement is a reliable source of six helpful gut bacteria. It also contains numerous vitamins and prebiotic inulin.

This supplement is a reliable source of multiple vitamins and is suitable for various types of animals. It is great for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, horses, and other types of livestock. It is typically administered after a meal, but it can also be given to any animal before a stressful activity.


In this article, we went over a handful of promising probiotic supplement with tons of amazing features. With many great options already available through this guide and the internet, it can be somewhat difficult figuring out which is the best probiotic for horses. To help with this dilemma, we have decided to further narrow the products by choosing a probiotic which offers the best value and ingredients. Our choice of probiotic is the DAC Orange Superior 5lb Horse Equine Vitamin Mineral Probiotic. We chose it because it not only filled with vitamins, and probiotics, it also has tons of minerals too.