Best Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 2022: Reviews & Guide

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A horse’s primary source of vitamins and nutrients is its meal or feed. Equines depend on those meals to provide all the vitamins and minerals they need. But sometimes, it’s not enough. Sometimes, horses that only eat grass and pasture don’t get enough minerals and vitamins. And unfortunately, a horse needs amino acids, vitamins and other minerals for proper growth and development. As equestrians, it’s important to improve your horse’s diet by buying the best horse vitamin and mineral supplement on the market. In this post, we guide you through some of the highest rated vitamin and mineral supplements you’ll find anywhere.

Guide to Buying the Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Your Horse

Choosing a horse vitamin and mineral supplement is a lot like shopping for multivitamins and dietary supplements. You have to account for numerous ingredients, minerals, and vitamins before you make your final decision.  Although horses are different, our dietary needs are similar.

Vitamin and Mineral Content of the Product

The first thing you need to watch out for when choosing a vitamin and mineral supplement is the ingredient source of the product. Vitamin and mineral supplements are typically made from bioavailable or synthetic ingredients. You want to make sure you opt for something natural, instead of something grown or made in a lab. Ingredients that have high bioavailability digest and taste better than artificial ingredients.

Additional Nutrients in the Supplement

This might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but you should also pay attention to the other nutrients in the supplements you are buying. Even though you aren’t shopping for nutrients like amino acids, antioxidants and protein, additional supplemets will add value to your horse’s health. And that’s always a good thing.

Supplement Format

Thirdly, you should watch out for the mode or format your supplement comes in. Supplements that come in powder or liquid form are more prone to waste than syringe or pellets. You want to conserve as much of the supplements as you can.

Compare Prices

You should always pay attention to the price of the supplement as you shop. Most products offer the same ingredients and features and so, if you’re not getting extra value, there’s really no need to pay more. You should always review numerous products and try to opt for the cheapest nutrient-rich one product you can find.

The Taste Always Matters

Finally, you should always consider the taste of the supplement you are buying. You need to remember that no matter how many vitamins and minerals are present in the supplements you choose, if it is not delicious, your horse won’t eat it. The taste has to take priority above everything else.

The 15 of the Best Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Compressed Himalayan Salt Stick for Horses

The Himalayan Salt Stick for horses is an all-natural supplement. It is extracted from pure forms of mineral salts. The great thing about this mineral supplement is that it contains all the 84 natural minerals and trace elements that are recommended for livestock and farm animals.

Like most all-natural minerals salt supplements, it comes with a hole in the middle. This hole helps you mount the stick somewhere your horse’s can reach. And even though it is specially designed for horses, it is excellent for all sorts of animals. You can feed this mineral supplement to buffaloes, cows, sheep, goats, pets, and even wild animals.

Horsetech High Point Pellet Daily Vitamin-mineral Supplement

Horsetech vitamin and mineral supplement was designed to complement your horse’s grass and hay diet. It contains the essential minerals and vitamins that are often missing in a typical grass or hay diet. Horsetech also contains calcium, zinc, essential vitamins, and even trace minerals.

In addition to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it also improves digestion and increases nutrient utilization. Probiotics and prebiotics are plentiful in this supplement, which makes it good for your horse’s gut health. The supplement comes in small digestible pellets. It has a distinct fenugreek flavor, and it’s available in many different sizes.

Elevate Se for Horses

Elevate Se vitamin and mineral supplement for horses is one-part natural vitamin E and one-part organic selenium yeast. This proprietary blend of ingredients was made for horses who lack both selenium and vitamin E. It is perfect for breeding horses, performance horses, and ponies.

Elevate Se comes in several sizes and is available worldwide. This mineral and vitamin supplement is suitable for any horse’s diet and is recommended by numerous veterinarians.

Vita Flex Health and Wellness Pellets for Horses

This product by Vita Flex is not your typical vitamin and mineral horse supplement. It contains essential amino acids for muscle growth, in addition to the vitamins and minerals already present in it.

This well-rounded supplement is excellent for foals, full-grown horses, and even elderly equines. Also, this product comes in delicious and palatable pellets. It ships in a large a 5lb container and is accessible worldwide.

Med-vet Natural E 5000 Pellets

Med-Vet revolutionary natural pellet contains a incredible amount of Vitamin E in little concentrated pellets. Med-Vet labs opted for a more natural and bioavailable vitamin E source rather than a more indirect and synthetic source. This choice causes the minerals in this supplement to be easier absorbed in your horse’s Kerb Cycle.

The vitamin E sources for this amazing horse vitamin supplement include ingredients like alfalfa meal, and corn distillers. It also contains dried grains with solubles, soybeans, and natural and artificial flavors. The Med-vet horse vitamin supplement comes in a variety of sizes and is available worldwide. It is suitable for performance horses, breeding horses, and foals. The recommended quantity for an adult horse is about ½ to 1 oz. of supplement for a 1000lb horse.

Dac Colt Grower 5 Lb. Young Growing, Developing Maturing Nutrition Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

DAC colt maturing vitamin and mineral supplement is a unique weight gain supplement designed for young and underweight colts. This supplement contains twelve of the best vitamins and minerals every growing horse needs.

In this horse vitamin and mineral supplement, you will find calcium, zinc, copper, as well as multiple vitamins. In addition to being a great mineral source, DAC Colt Grower also boosts metabolic function and bone development. It also improves nerve function, immune functions, and hoof, skin, and coat quality.

Ultracruz Equine Vitamin B- 1 Horse Supplement

The UltraCruz supplement is a pellet-based supplement that is rich in vitamin B and other essential carbohydrates.  The Vitamin B-1 in this supplement boosts healthy metabolism in old mares and young foals. It also promotes focus and boosts performance in racehorses.

Its pellet shape ensures that there is no chance of waste; you can maximize every last pellet. Like many other products on this list, it also comes in numerous sizes and is available worldwide.

Vita Royal Untie Selenium and Vitamin E Supplement for Horses -6 Pounds

Vita Royal contains ingredients that are high in selenium and vitamin E. It is also loaded with ingredients like calcium, magnesium, chromium, iodine, and zinc. The supplement is also high in probiotics and is entirely soluble in water.

The ingredients used in the production of this horse vitamin and mineral supplement are 100% natural, and are easily absorbed by the horse’s body.

Oralx-b High Potency B-vitamin Complex and Chelated Mineral Booster

Oralx-B high booster is a horse performance supplement high in vitamin B complex and minerals. This product is a little bit different from the typical horse performance supplement. Instead of carbohydrates and other fatty food sources, it uses minerals and vitamins to increase your horse’s performance. For maximum results, apply Oralx-B between 24-36 hours before an event.

Some of the minerals and vitamins in this supplement include vitamins A, B, and E, iron, and copper. This supplement comes in a convenient oral syringe that prevents wastage. Veterinarians all over America trust this fantastic horse supplement and recommend it for all breeds of horses.

Dac Orange Superior 5 Lb. Horse Equine Vitamin Probiotic Amino Acids Supplement

The DAC orange superior is an effective mature horse vitamin and mineral supplement.  Like most supplements on the market, it contains mostly vitamin-B and bioavailable trace minerals.

It’s mineral and vitamin-rich ingredients boost metabolism, nerve function, immune function, as well as hoof and coat quality in aging mares. The nutrient sources of this supplement include calcium, phosphorus, potassium, lysine, vitamins A, B, E, biotin.

Thunder Mountain Equine 75 Minerals and Vitamin Supplement

The Thunder mountain supplement is an all-natural product that contains bioavailable ingredients. According to the manufacturers, it contains about 75 distinct minerals, and they were all extracted from natural sources.

This all-natural horse supplement contains barley, red wheat bran, and soybean meal. It also contains, vegetable oil, and molasses products. Thunder Mountain is great for all breeds of horses and is even recommended for horses with cracked hooves and weak soles. Additionally, it also boosts metabolism and promotes the overall good health of the horse.

Reinmond Equine Reinwater Natural Electrolyte Hydrating Mineral Mix for Horses

The Reinwater mix is an unusual mineral supplement. It utilizes mineral water from rare and exotic locales all over the world. When absorbed by the body, it boosts your horse’s electrolyte levels and helps it maintain an electrolyte balance.

The Reinmond contains over 60 essential minerals. It therefore has numerous natural health benefits, and it helps your horse eliminate unnatural behavior like eating dirt and cribbing.  Horses also love it because of its unique taste.

Manna pro Sho Glo Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

The Sho Glo complete supplement is a vitamin and mineral supplement that improves your horse’s feed. It has loads of antioxidants and it supports and strengthens the immune system.

The Sho Glo contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and several vitamins. It is incredibly delicious, and it comes in powder form that is difficult to waste. In addition to being very tasty, it is also great for horses of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

Equithrive Vitamin E Pellets

Equithrive Vitamin E Pellets improve your horse’s overall health. This supplement enhances the brain, muscle, and nerve tissues by increasing the vitamin intake of your favorite animal.

Aside from being rich in vitamin E, it is also rich in Omega 3 essential amino acids. This supplement also boosts performance, health, and recovery in all breeds of horses. It contains Alfalfa, calcium carbonate, calcium, and many tangible sources of vitamin E. It is suitable for mature horses, foals, performance horses, lactating mares, stallions, and other breeds of horses.

Elevate Se Performance Natural Vitamin E and Selenium Powder

The Elevate SE performance is the second mineral and vitamin supplement from Elevate SE on this list. It utilizes the combination of potent antioxidants and probiotics in eliminating free radicals and healing your horse. Elevate’s proprietary blend of organic selenium yeast and vitamin E improves reproduction, enhances muscle growth, and regulate nerve functions in your horse.

The Elevate SE powder contains only the best natural ingredients on the market. It comes in a sizeable two-pound container and is commercially available worldwide.

Final Remark and Our Choice of the Best Horse Mineral &Vitamin Supplement

In this post, we went over some of the best mineral supplements on the market. Some products were more impressive than others. But ultimately, they are all great supplements. If we had to choose a single product as the best horse vitamin and mineral supplement, it would the Thunder Mountain Minerals and vitamin supplement.  It comes fully loaded with 75 minerals and other great vitamins. This supplement offers the most vitamins and minerals for the least amount of money. If you remember from the guide considering the price of the supplement and your budget is very important. If you want to get the most value for your money, Thunder Mountain Minerals is the way to go.