The 12 Best Magnesium Supplement For Horses 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Are you looking for the Best Magnesium Supplement for your horses? Foods formulated for horses might supply the nutrients needed. But the problem with formulated foods is that the horses might lose interest and hence eat than they need. Thus shortening their nutritional needs. Whole grains are tempting to a horse’s diet but will not contain enough minerals like magnesium, which are essential to a horse’s health. Doctors would always advise you to add supplements irrespective of what kind of feeding you place your horse on, that will boost the horse’s health. Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

The Benefits of Magnesium to a Horse’s Health

Do you know that magnesium plays a significant role in nerve and the function of the muscle? Horses which lack this nutrient will show signs of nervousness, wariness, muscle tremors, and excitability. Magnesium has an unbeatable reputation for having a soothing influence on the equines. A horse lacking magnesium will most likely have a poor tolerance to work, and its muscles will tighten up more than usual. Everyone knows horses are built to work—that is bad. Magnesium also plays a significant role in reducing equine obesity and can prevent the possibility of the horse catching laminitis during the period of robust spring grass growth.

However, there is a problem if too much magnesium is given to a horse, so it is advisable to stick to the recommended dosage. Let me take you through the risk of giving too much magnesium to your horse. It will be good for you to know that excessive magnesium will be excreted in the horse urine, but significant overdose has been related to heart condition problems and trouble in the renal system. Once more. I’d remind you not to give your horse too much magnesium foolishly hoping that more than recommended dosage wouldn’t be too bad.

A study was conducted by six veterinaries at the Department of Veterinary Biosciences, college of veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University. The goal of the study was to ascertain the effect of magnesium uptake. The veterinaries put the magnesium intake of a typical horse at thirteen milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. It was discovered that horses that are growing, lactating, or in work required more magnesium uptake each day. This is because a lot of magnesium is usually lost while sweating.

Nevertheless, opinions vary on whether magnesium is needed at all. This will, however, depend on whether soils that the horse is grazing are deficient in magnesium. However, any such deficiency will result in the grass-grown.

There are several mechanisms affecting magnesium uptake in a horse which are complex, and may not relate to little magnesium in a diet. It is highly known that magnesium deficiency can be caused by too much potassium intake. Presence of calcium, prosperous, and fats also plays a part. As horses have a limited ability to store potassium, problems caused by deficiency will likely reveal themselves.

I’d take you next through the best magnesium supplements that can be purchased from Amazon.

Top 12 Best Magnesium Supplement For Horses

Dac Formula Calm B

Dac formula Calm B is an all-natural, drug-free powder supplement that provides a soothing effect that enables your horse to settle down and perform to its maximum ability by bringing its mental and physical condition into balance. It is formulated to support calm, balanced behavior in mature horses. Each lb contains 8.5% lysine, 2% magnesium, 16,000 mg thiamine, 8, 000 mg tryptophan and 1,200 mg pyridoxine.

It can be used for all types of horses. The recommended dosage is feeding 1 oz daily. Scoop is included. Dac formula Calm B is safe for all club claves. Dac Formula B contains magnesium, B Vitamins, Tryptophan, which is essential for the horse’s health. It is approximated that the five lbs will serve a single horse 80 times.

Dac formula contains the nutrients needed to ensure the proper functioning of the muscles, and thus will make an excellent choice for your horse.

Med-Vet Magnesium

Med-vet Pharmaceuticals Magnesium 5000 is another best magnesium supplement that you will not regret buying for your horse. Horse muscles can become stiff and thus makes work seem difficult. (MVP) Magnesium is recommended to help support the muscles to function correctly and aid the metabolism of glucose. I mentioned earlier anxiety as a symptom of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is always included in any calming supplements because it relaxes the nerves and body.

Med-vet Magnesium is comprised of several essential elements like a crude protein with minimum 6,800 mg; Crude fat with minimum 3,400 mg; Crude fiber with maximum 5,680 mg. It has the following nutritional ingredients: Wheat middling, rice bran, magnesium oxide, magnesium proteinate, soybean oil, calcium protonate, natural and artificial flavors. The enclosed measurement of Med vet pharmaceuticals based on density is 2 oz. The feeding directions for adult horses is nine hundred to one-thousand one hundred lbs. This easy to feed pellets provides 2 ounces’ maintenance daily. It is approximated that it can serve for 160 times.

Uckele Magnesium Oxide

Uckele Magnesium Oxide is another option to select. It is a high percentage inorganic form of magnesium supplying mineral. Magnesium can improve the metabolism of sugar and insulin sensitivity.  It ensures the proper functioning of the heart, muscles, and nervous system. It also helps to keep blood vessels dilated typically. This Uckele Magnesium oxide formula is among the most concentrated source of magnesium so you can feed less for high nutritional value than other forms. This ten-pound bag boosts of providing up to one thousand three hundred and forty day supply. The recommended feeding rate is one scoop daily, or as directed otherwise by your veterinarian or nutritionist.

Ani-Med Via-Calm

Ani-Med Via-Calm is one magnesium combined supplement that you can’t overlook. It is a source of magnesium, l-tryptophan, thiamine, and calcium. This combination is useful for nervous, agitated, and high-strung horses. Via-Calm combines ingredients to promote soothing effect and help maintain a horse’s normal emotional balance. However, this is beneficial for horses going through a stressful situation such as training or competition. It can also be used to boost the horse’s nutritional intake.

Or where the horse lacks nutrients. Yea-Sacc® 1026 provides a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms which are beneficial for healthy digestion and stability of the gut.  Each oz contains 142 mg magnesium, 1,000 mg l-tryptophan, 500 mg thiamine, 227 mg calcium. Ani-Med is recommended for all classes and ages of horses. It can be given 1-2 Tbsp per 1,000 lbs body weight daily or 2-4 Tbsp 1/2-1 hour before an event which may create excitement or stress. The large end of enclosed scoop measures 1 Tbsp (approx 1/2 oz). 2 lbs =up to a 64-day supply.


Carb-X is another powerful magnesium supplement for your horse. It provides high levels of magnesium mixed with chromium (yeast), and Gymnema Sylvestre to help support healthy blood sugar levels.  Carb-x also contains biotin, which is necessary for hoof support.  The daily consumption of Magnesium (5,000-6,500 mg) and Chromium (2-4mgs) daily provide excellent nutritional support to aid in the reduction of blood glucose in IR, EMS, or ECD horses.

Carb-X contains 6,000 mg magnesium and 4 mg chromium (yeast). Carb-x is an ideal choice for tiring, nervous, or horses struggling to do work. It supports the metabolism of glucose, which is essential to provide energy to the horse. Carb-x is a good antioxidant and will make a nice choice. This pack of Carb-x will approximately serve for fifty-six times.

Gut Health

Gut Health Original Peak Performance Top pellets are as effective as the name speaks, it have been specially formulated to effect gastrointestinal change positively. This is made possible via proprietary time-released crystals, unlike another supplement which takes lots of time before it starts to work. Gut Health pellets have a  pH stabilizing crystals that start to work within 25 minutes and release sodium bicarbonate for up to 4 hours post-ingestion.

However, these crystals prevent stomach and hind-gut irritation by reduces the symptoms directly related to it. (It also brings quick relief from the stomach or hindgut irritation.) This process improves digestion, lifts the horse mood, improves nutrient uptake, and healthy weight gain. Gut Health Top Performance is used by many people to promote a fuller coat and also to support hoof growth. Gut health can alleviate ulcers in horses. Each container is 6 lbs. of pellets. Why not get Gut health supplement and improve the overall gut health of your horse?

Foundation Detox

This is the right product to build a sure foundation for your horse’s health. Foundation Detox as the name implies has fantastic benefits ranging from support of connective tissue to the promotion of the integrity of muscles which are vital to keeping a horse in good shape. It is a compound formation that aids in the removal of harmful toxins.

It also supports healthy joints, coat condition, and hoof growth with top-line. It’s composed of 100% organic ingredient. Why not build your horse’s health on a sure foundation with Foundation Detox. The recommended dosage is two scoops daily until you notice a change in your horse’s health. 1 scoop can be given to maintain the horse’s health for a lifetime. Nothing can go wrong.

Animal Element

Animal Element Magnesium Citrate is another magnesium supplement that will come in handy. I’ve mentioned how magnesium plays a vital role in a horse’s body.  Basic food may not provide all the required nutrients for your horse. After oxygen, water, and basic food, magnesium citrate may be the most critical element needed to maintain your horse’s health. Research has proven that magnesium citrate is by far the most essential mineral, as it regulates over 325 enzymes in the body.

However, Magnesium citrate supplements have been shown to improve performance as it increases delivery of oxygen to muscle tissue. It promotes the strength of the muscles, improves endurance and relaxation. Animal Element is all-natural and helps maintain a normal behavioral problem. Magnesium citrate also activates enzymes necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids, which lead to protein synthesis.


Magnagard pre-performance paste is another product you can get for your horse. It is perfect for giving your horse before any stressful activity like trailering or showing. The MagnaGard paste has its origins from a natural edible clay beginning. It has been used for decades by the montmorillonite family to promote better gut health for horses and other animals. Naturally, this edible clay contains many essential minerals like magnesium and calcium.

The paste also contains peppermint essential oil, which can naturally be used to relieve digestive issues. It also eliminates gastric discomfort.  Like I had mentioned earlier, Magnesium is a naturally a calmer and thus reduce stress in horses. It also releases essential electrolytes that are crucial to ensure the optimum level functioning of the horse’s muscles. Several elements like Calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate are all found in MagnaGard Pre-Performance Paste. The usage procedure is easy for anyone to grasp.


Quiescence is another good magnesium supplement that supports calm, and balanced attitude in horses. It is an ideal supplement for hot, tense, or nervous horses that show poor learning or concentration skills. This is also good for horses who have sore or muddled up muscles or nerve condition, and thus are slacking. It is free from drug. This is the best supplement to give to horses with cresty-necked to reduce the crest and might assist in reducing the tendency of its formation by supporting the normal metabolism of glucose.

It also increases peripheral circulation. Quiescence is known to have no side effects. Each 1 oz serving contains 7 gm magnesium oxide, 1 gm magnesium proteinate, and 1.25 mg chromium picolinate. So far, Quiescene hasn’t been proven to be safe in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding. Furthermore, quiecence should not be administrated to horses with restricted water intake or those suffering from impaired kidney function. Please note that Chromium should not be given to horses with PSSM/EPSM. What are you waiting for?

Horse first relax-me

Horse first relax-me is one product that will amaze you. It is guaranteed to make your horse calmer and thus, easier to ride. Horse first relax-me has a unique double action formula free from any banned substance. Relax-me blends magnesium, vitamin E, and B group vitamins to help calm the nerves and relax the muscles of your horse, thus making tasks easy for the horse.

Relax me was developed after years of trials and research and from feedback from riders. As time progressed, Relax-me has more success stories. The ultimate goal is to calm that anxious or tiring horse and give a fantastic user experience. Horse First also has a double action that works on both the gut and nervous system. Whatever purpose you want to use your horse for, be sure that Horse-first Relax-me got you covered.

Ultra Sel

Ultra-Sel is another uniquely blended formula that combines optimal selenium absorption and high bioavailability vitamin E with multi-complex Magnesium, a proprietary brand of magnesium to support muscle metabolism. This unique blend promotes quick absorption into the stomach as well as sustained absorption. Ultra-Sel encourages reduced risks and tightening of the muscles.  It is composed purely of platable 99% selenium, and organic magnesium. It supports optimal performance and will greatly improve the metabolism of the muscles. Ultra Sel will be amazing for horses experiencing difficulty to work or muscle soreness. Ultra Sel will enhance the productivity of your horses.


We have analyzed the importance of magnesium to your horse’s health. We took you through different magnesium supplementation products for your horse. While it may be tempting to administer more than the recommended dosage, it’s very wrong. It is also very wrong to combine two or more different magnesium supplementation products. To avoid spending an awful lot of money on more than one product, I’d advise you to select a product that will satisfy all the nutritional needs of your horse to live healthily. Also, if you are on a tight budget, please consider choosing a product that is budget-friendly but will be loaded with high-quality nutrients.