The 15 Best Electric Fence for Horses 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Horses and many other animals need to be herded or guided from time to time. They need a clear direction they can follow, and clear outlines that prevents them from exploring or grazing too far. Electric fences for horses were made for specifically that purpose. They help herd and safeguard horses and other large animals if you will. They help create definite boundaries and reduce the cost of establishing a large pen. It can be very confusing finding the best electric fence for horses with the large selection of products available for purchase. In this article, we help narrow the search a little bit by recommending and reviewing certain products.

Guide to Buying the Best Electric Fence for Your Horses

Buying an electric fence for horses is a lot like buying a horse supplement or products too. What you mostly need to look out for are the interesting features.  Some of the features you need to look out for are;

The Type of Wire

There are three primary types of electric wires. The first is the bare one-it comes with no cloth or padding. The second is the string type, and the third is the tape type. All three types of wires have their advantages and disadvantages. In simple words, the tape and string are better and less likely to fail.

How Many Metal or Steel Wires in the Wire Itself?

Typically, electric wires have an external layer made of polyethylene. On the inside of the cloth material around the wires, there should be a specific amount of interwoven wires. Generally speaking, the more wires you have, the faster and farther the full current will travel.

Top 15 Best Electric Fence for Horses

In this section, we will discuss some of the most successful and well regarded commercial horse wires and electric fences available for purchase on the internet.

The Electrobraid Horse Fence Conductor Reel

The Electrobraid Horse Fence Conductor Reel is a high voltage 1000ft checkered reel that keeps your horse safe and grounded. It comes with a distinct polypropylene core, and it has a unique polyester and fiber jacket.

This electroband horse fence reel is so safe, it meets the parameters set for airplanes harnesses, so it’s guaranteed to keep your safe. It relies on cooper for conduction. It also contains a mix of metal and steel bracing for extra durability. The Electrobraid is one of the most reliable horse reels on the market. It is sure to keep your horse safe.

Family Portable Electric Fence Polywire Conductor

The Family portable electric conductor is an impressive multipurpose horse fence conductor with outstanding features.  It is great for creating a temporary and permanent fence on your farm. And it is incredibly strong and break-resistant because of the six stainless steel wires running through the entire reel.

Despite being so strong, the family portable fence conductor is easy to install, maintain, and even repair. You can also use it a number of times after initially using it.  In addition to its great shelf-life, the polywire also happens to be incredibly rust-resistant. It is about 400 meters long, and it comes in lovely colors, yellow and black.

Field Guardian White Polytape Classic for Electric fence

The Field Guardian Electric Fence is a 14 steel-thick electric fence reel with an astounding break force of about 850lbs. It also has UV protection, which increases its longevity and endurance.

In addition to coming with great UV protection, it also 656 feet long. This means that it is long enough to use again after initially unpacking it. This product is well adjusted to fit most modern horse electric fences.

The Field Guardian is white. And its exterior is made from a unique polytape material that protects the metal strings inside.

The Field Guardian Polytape

The Field Guardian polytape is white electric or guarding tape or reel for horses. It comes in a uniform white color that allows horses and equestrians to spot it when its use easily.  The Field guardian is about ½ inch thick, and about 1300 feet long. This means that the Field guardian tape is long enough for most modern ranches and fields.

It has a hefty break strength of about 175 pounds, and it also comes with a 10-year warranty. The Field Guardian is the best investment any responsible equestrian can invest in. Its durability is commendable, and it has metal string tubing that provides conduction and extra reinforcement.

Zareba Polytape

The Zareba polytape is an incredible multi-layered steel polytape for electric fences. It is suitable for horses and other domestic animals. It is about ½ an inch thick and is about 200 meters long.

The Zareba polytape comes with the standard five steel wire strands superconductors. The Zareba polytape is incredibly malleable. This means that its easy to use, reuse, and manipulate to handle almost every type of animal pen or field. It can function as a temporary or permanent fence for animals. The Zareba is also incredibly durable. It can handle about 175 pounds of crushing force. This means that it can handle most animal herds.

The Zareba polytape is a versatile yet powerful animal fence reel that can handle most animals and challenges that the average farm can throw at it. It is great for farmers who breed other livestock in addition to horses.

Farmily Portable Electric Fence Polywire

The Farmily portable electric fence polywire is an ultra-durable electric fence for horses with nine stainless steel wires embedded within its body. The steel wires within the polywire help improve its conductivity and ensure speedy travel of electric currents. This special electric fence comes with three unique colors that contribute to its overall appeal.

It has an unbelievable 600-pound breaking limit, and it is suitable for temporary and more permanent fencing.  Although it contains durable metal wires, it’s surprisingly flexible and is easy to repair, bend, reuse, rewind, and remove. The Farmily electric polywire is also incredibly rust-resistant. It won’t rust easily, and it even comes with UV stabilized polymers that improve its durability.

Zareba Heavy-duty Shock Electric Fence tape

The Zareba Heavy-duty Fence tape is a high-voltage high tension super fence wire for horses. Unlike most products on the market, it comes with five highly conductive metal wires that deliver about 20 folds of pure shock power.

Its undoubtedly one of the most effective steel laced horse fences. It’s about ½ inch thick, and it is about 200 meters long. The Zareba Heavy-duty stands apart from conventional Zareba products. It comes with exclusive features like special PVC coating that significantly increases durability and lock-stitched edges. In addition to extra coating and reinforced edges, it also comes with a special UV protection film that prevents UV damage. This film helps improve the tape’s overall life and strength.

The Zareba Heavy-duty is definitely a product you should consider buying if you have a ranch of stubborn, full-sized horses.

Zareba Systems Poly Tape Pack

The Zareba Systems Poly Tape pack is a special test containing two 500 foot electric spools. This set comes in a single product option and is compatible with numerous types of animals. Joined together, this amazing set comes with about 14 individual strands of highly conductive metal wires.

The Zareba system set can support a maximum of about 890 lbs. of load or tension. The Zareba is easy to install, use, remove, reuse, and rewind. It can also be easily repaired and readjusted.

Baygard Electric Rope

The Baygard Electric Rope is a high-grade electric fence rope for herd and horse management. It is great for directional herding and restricted grazing among horses and other stubborn livestock.  Baygard electric high tension rope is made of polyethylene and has about six stainless steel wires embedded within it.

Despite its rigid tubing, it is astoundingly flexible and is suitable for short term and long-term fencing options. It is about 200 meters long and can withstand nearly 850 pounds of brute force. The Baygard is easy to move, remove, reuse, rewind, and even repair. It comes with a great one year warranty and is perfect for fully-grown animals.

Farmerry Portable Electric Polywire

The Farmerry portable electric polywire is a 200 meter long high-grade electric wire that helps direct, restrict and control horses. It comes with six stainless steel metal wires embedded deep within its core. This polywire is incredibly lightweight, and it comes with excellent UV stabilization protection.

The farmerry has a unique structure, and that makes it incredibly flexible. This means that you can splice, reduce, rewind, remove, and even repair it. This product is also rust-resistant and comes in two great length selections.

Gallagher Electric Fence Polywire for Horses

The Gallagher electric fence wire is a lot stronger, longer, and durable than your average polywire. Rather than being limited to a particular product, the Gallagher is compatible with various types of livestock and even crops.  The Gallagher electric fence provides about 400 meters of full electricity transfer, all thanks to its six intertwined steel wires.

The Gallagher electric fence polywire is practically weightless. This means that you can install the wires virtually anywhere. It won’t break, and you can rewind, remove, adjust, and repair it as often as you’d like. In addition to being extremely flexible, it comes with an extra layer of UV film protection that will prevent it from becoming less reliable over time.  It is the perfect polywire for both your animals and crops.

Fi-shock Foot insulated Cable

The Fi-shock insulated cable is high voltage polyethylene cable for grooming and taking care of horses. Inside this impressive cable lies three metal coils capable of taking a high electric charge. It is especially effective when used against rebellious or wild horses.

The cable of this electric cable is about ½ in size, and it is suitable for use above and below ground. This impressive multipurpose cable is powerful and strong enough to handle about 170,000 psi of force. This multipurpose insulated cable is dynamic and is suitable for all sorts of livestock and underground use.

Field Guardian Reinforced Polytape

The Field Guardian reinforced polytape is an exceptionally powerful and dependable electric wire. It is perfect for horse grooming, feeding, and numerous other functions. It contains about seven strong interwoven steel wires or coils. This means that it is incredibly strong while still being very flexible.

The Field guardian reinforced polytape comes with about 825 feet of reach. That means that it is large enough for any reserve or ranch you have in mind. Aside from being used as a grooming and feeding tool, it can also function as a fencing tool. It comes in the color white, and the perfect type wire to choose from your horse.

Field Guardian aluminum Gauge and Aluminum wire

The Field Guardian aluminum is a powerful all-metal wire with amazing conductivity features. Unlike most products on the market that comes with extra padding, this product does not. That means that it is easier, and the rate of current travel is significantly faster.

It’s about 1/3 in overall length, and it is incredibly flexible. It’s so light and malleable it can be confidently bent and tied without incident. This product is compatible with other popular types of chargers and cords made by the manufacturers. It is easy to use on most kinds of animals.

Farmily Fiberglass Rod post for Electric Fence

The Farmily Fiber glass rod posts for electric fences are poles that allow you to install, use, and adjust the shape and foreseeable dimensions of an entire electric fence. The rods function as junctions whereby signals can bounce off.

This particular set is made from fiberglass, and it weighs about 3.20 ounces. Just like the wire itself, the rods don’t rust too because they are made of Fiberglass, and they have UV protection. The fences are super easy to install and set them up, and they can also be easily adjusted.


The fence is technically made of the charger, the wire itself, the pegs or rods, and a reliable power supply. In this article, we are limiting our definition of the electric fence to the wires alone. On the internet alone, there are hundreds of products that claim to be the best electric fence for horses. They produce a mild yet deterring current and are built to last. After going through some of the most promising products that we can find, we concluded that the best electric fence for your horse has to be the Field Guardian reinforced Polytape. Not only is it reinforced and incredibly sturdy, but it is also over 200 meters long, and it comes with multiple wires for increased conductivity.