The 15 Best Horse Riding Helmet 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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People go horse riding for different reasons, but, according to equestrians, one of the most popular is that it gives a sense of freedom. To really enjoy your experience, you need the best horse riding helmet. This, along with great gear, is all you need to up your game. Horse riding helmets are particularly great for beginners because it keeps them safe and provides a sense of security. Here, we’ll discuss how to pick the best helmet. Helmets are an essential and often pricey item, and so, you want to get it right on the first try. After giving recommendations on what to look out for, we’ll also share 15 of the best helmets available.

Guide to Selecting the Best Helmet for Horse Riding

If you want to get the best riding helmet, there are five things you need to look out for:

Safety Certification

The safety certification is the most important component of a riding helmet. SEI certification is one of the most recognized and popular safety certification programs, and it’s administered by a non-governmental agency. The agency tests the public safety of materials and certifies them for use. Never buy a helmet without SEI certification.


Most horse riding helmet have vents on the front and side. These vents allow the flow of air while riding so that your head doesn’t get hot and uncomfortable under the helmet. The amount of ventilation and the size of vent varies widely, and the one you buy should depend on your needs.


The styles of helmets are almost as variable as the helmets themselves. Some have a robust look, while others are streamlined and sleek. The style is related more to aesthetics than it is to function. So, whatever style you choose won’t affect your usability at all.

Ease of Maintenance

You also need a helmet that’s easy to maintain. Most helmets have a mesh lining within the helmet that can be easily removed, cleaned and reapplied. These are the best kinds of helmets to own.


If you’ve had trouble finding helmets that fit your head in the past, this is something you should pay attention to. Some horse riding helmet manufacturer have a wide range of helmets available; others have only a narrow range. The good thing is that many of them provide a chart for sizes of helmets so you can buy one that fits.

Top 15 Best Horse Riding Helmet

Without wasting any more time, let’s get to the best 15 helmets for horse riding.

Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet

Here you have a simple helmet that’s easy to use and even easier to maintain. It is made of 20% mesh so that your head doesn’t get hot and uncomfortable when riding. The helmet also comes in numerous sizes. Each helmet has a dial to adjust the size within a small range, so even if your size is a little large or small, you can still make it fit.

The Troxel Spirit Horseback riding Helmet also has a flip-fold removable and washable headliner, making it one of the easiest helmets to maintain. You’ll be glad to know that it is SEI certified and guaranteed to protect your head if your riding takes an unexpected turn.

Ovation Girls’ Schooler Deluxe Horse Riding Helmet

One of the most annoying problems riders encounter is their helmet getting in their face. Not only does it make it difficult to see where you’re going, but it’s also an incredible nuisance. Ovation designed this flaw out of their helmet by providing the YKK adjuster clip and buckle. The helmet is also lightweight and low-profile.

Other features include a high flow bent that keeps your head cool during riding and a dial that can adjust the dimensions of the helmet. Even though the dial only adjusts to a small degree, the helmet comes in various sizes that can fit almost anyone. You can avoid the helmet-smell when wearing this protective gear because it has a removable and washable liner.

Troxel Sport Horseback Riding Helmet

This helmet appeals a lot to children mostly because of how cool it looks. For starters, it has a visor that keeps the helmet out of the rider’s line of sight. It also has three large vents in front that let in lots of air and keeps the rider’s head comfortable. The Troxel Sport Horseback Riding Helmet is also available in small sizes, which makes it perfect for kids.

It is durable and lightweight with a removable liner. As you can expect from any riding helmet, it is SEI certified, and it’ll keep your child safe in case of a fall.

Troxel Rebel Horseback Riding Helmet

The Troxel Rebel Horseback Riding Helmet has everything you have come to expect from Troxel, like a visor, a secure buckle, and an adjustable dial. The helmet also has inlets in the anterior to let in air. The headliner is removable, but it has to be hand-washed to preserve its fabric integrity.

This helmet comes in numerous colors so you can choose one that matches your riding gear perfectly. It is also lightweight and very comfortable. It is perfect for riders who like to make a statement with their riding outfits.

IRH Equi-Pro Helmet

The Equi-Pro has tons of regular features plus some additional ones. It comes in six different colors, each one more appealing than the last. It also meets all the safety requirements in both the US and Europe. The IRH Equi-Pro Helmet is the ultimate combination of style and safety.

Taking about the sizing, IRH has provided a chart that lets you identify which helmet size works best for you. You can also use the dial on the back of the helmet to reduce the size slightly and achieve a snugger fit.

Ovation Women’s Protégé Matte Riding Helmet

Instead of just having vents for airflow, Ovation has incorporated the vents into the design of this sleek and stylish helmet. There’s a mesh lining between the holes and your head that helps to filter debris, bugs and dirt out. The mesh is also easy to remove and reapply, and even easier to clean.

The helmet is SEI certified and has an adjustable dial for a snug fit. Besides the dial, the harness is also adjustable, and it has a quick snap buckle.

Troxel Helmet Pop Art Horse Riding Helmet

This helmet makes a bold statement right off the bat. It has a beautiful painting of a horse on the side that’s hard to miss and even harder to ignore. If you manage to look past that, the unique blue, purple and green color scheme will definitely catch your eye.

Asides from the incredibly fashionable color scheme, this helmet has everything worth having in a riding helmet. It has a secure harness, a buckle, and a dial for adjusting the size. A word of warning: If your head gets hot and uncomfortable during riding, this helmet may not be for you. Its vents are smaller than those found in other helmets.

Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport helmet

The only con of this helmet is that it doesn’t have a dial that lets you adjust the size. You’ll have to buy the exact right size to enjoy it properly. However, this is very easy to do because Tipperary provides a very helpful chat complete with head circumference measurements. It’s a good idea to take a look at the chart before ordering.

The helmet is incredibly fashionable; it looks so good that you might be tempted to wear it as a fashion accessory. Tipperary calls its design an “aggressive style with a cut away profile in a carbon fiber print.” It has incredibly stylish ventilation due to the vents at the top of the helmet.

RESISTOL Mens Ridesafe Staw Cowboy Hat

The reason many people get into horse riding is the swagger of being called a cowboy. Unfortunately, cowboy hats aren’t solid, and they don’t protect your head against impact. That is until RESISTOL came along. This is the most stylish and old fashioned cowboy hat you’ll ever find.

The hat has everything from both worlds, including an incredible style and old western appeal, as well as adequate impact protection. It comes with a buckle strap and a dial to adjust the size slightly.

Troxel Legacy Schooling

This Unicorn themed riding helmet is for girls who can’t wait to tell everyone about their love for equines. The helmet comes in lovely and friendly colors like pink, blue, purple and a dark shade. It is SEI certified and cuteness guaranteed.

The Troxel Legacy Schooling unsurprisingly only comes in youth sizes. Unfortunately, this means that if your child has a larger than normal head, she may not be able to wear this helmet.

English Riding Supply Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

If you didn’t look closely enough, you might mistake this helmet for one made by Troxel because it’s so on-point! It fulfills all your possible rider needs like a strong and durable casing, and fastening buckles to keep the helmet to your head. It also has a dial that lets you adjust the size for a snug-fitting.

The helmet has small vents that allow in air during riding. The vents are separated from your head by a thin but tough mess made of durable material. This mesh is easy to remove and wash. The English Riding Supply Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is incredibly durable, and you can wear it for a very long time.

Dublin Jet Helmet

This helmet takes a different approach to ventilation altogether. In fact, if you don’t look closely enough, you might believe it has no ventilation until you put it on and feel the magic! Instead of large open vents, it has six strategically placed large vents covered with metallic honeycomb mesh. These provide a cool current while improving the strength and protection power of the helmet.

It also sports other features, like a dial for adjusting the size and a strong buckle for fastening. The helmet is available in three different sizes, plus multiple colors for individuals who like a bit of variety.

TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Safety Helmet

This is the perfect helmet for a beginner rider. It has a ABS outer shell with a black EPS liner. This helmet was designed for comfort, durability and style, and you can tell, starting from its overall shape to its interior lining. The vents have their own steel mesh, improving the protective capability of the helmet.

However, the inside is also lined with a mesh that adds to the comfort riders get. The peak of the helmet is detachable and the interior size can be adjusted using a dial. This helmet can be worn with ponytails without having to undo them.

Ovation Z-6 Elite Helmet

This product’s pricing and name scream quality. And it delivers on that image with a premium design and high quality materials to match. The visors and harness are made of high-quality leather. The vents on the helmet are symmetrical and are structurally designed for high flow of air. Furthermore, the whole helmet as a rubberized finish that’s easy to wash.

If you’re merely looking for function, this helmet may not be for you because of its premium features. However, if you do purchase it, it will be money well spent.

Ovation Unisex Extreme Riding Helmet

Unlike many of the other products on this list, this helmet is designed to fit both sexes perfectly. It is conservatively styled to suit each party’s fashion choices. It is also available in multiple sizes, accounting for every head size.

The helmet has a dial for adjusting the size of the interior, as well as an easy-to-remove and replace mesh for comfort. The meshes are especially thick over the vents on the outside of the helmet. Speaking of the outside, the helmet also has a harness and buckle and keep it safely attached to your head. It is SEI certified.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Helmet for Horse Riding

There are so many helmets on this list to choose from, and the fact that they are all great choices makes the choice that much harder. But it doesn’t have to be because you can choose a product based on your preferences. For example, if you’re buying the helmet for your daughter who loves ponies, the obvious choice is either the Troxel Helmet Pop Art Riding Helmet or the Troxel Legacy Schooling. On the other hand, if you need a helmet that’s old-school and fashioned for a real cowboy, then you need to go with the RESISTOL Mens Ridesafe Staw Cowboy Hat.