The 10 Best Oil For Horses 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Oil is a very important supplement for horses, as it has more beneficial effects than most horse lovers do know. Oil can deliver more digestible calories to the horse than any other food supplement. It also has the unique effect of serving as an anti-inflammatory product, useful in reducing arthritis as well as other joint pains in horses. This is why I have taken my time to review the top 10 oil for horses on the market today.

Oil also is very beneficial for combating laminitis, colitis as well as varying skin conditions. It gives the skin a smooth and sheen appearance. Oils have also been discovered to be healthy diets in providing immunity for the horses.


Before you go ahead to buy and feed your horses with oils, hoping to get it welled up, you should know the constituents of oil and the right proportion to feed it.

The oil contains triglycerides which can be omega-3 or omega-6. These are called poly-unsaturated fatty acids. It is essential to point out that horses cannot get required amounts of either of omega-3 or omega-6 based on their diet, hence the need to feed them with these supplements.

Omega-6 is readily available to horses because it is contained in most of their diets, such as cereals, grains, corn, and soya. Omega- 3, on the other hand, is relatively low in these diets when compared with its counterpart. So, the need to feed horses with not just any oil but the ones that have quite a reasonable balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 should be considered.

Corn oil and Sunflower oil have a relatively high amount of omega-6 than omega-3 in them. On the other hand, soybeans oil and canola oil have relatively balanced omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Fish oil has been found out to have the highest percentage of omega-3 in its constituent.

As stated earlier, it is essential to know what exactly you want for your horse before you go ahead to pour it some oil. Omega-3 is powerfully implicated in fighting inflammation and boosting the horses’ immunity. Omega-6 is known to power up the horse more as it makes more energy available for the horse. Both have been found out to be capable of shining up the horse.

Please note that it is very unsafe to rush horses with oil all at once, this can cause indigestion, hence causing the production of soft stool. So, to help your horse adapt quickly to its new feed, begin with a quarter cup which is about 60ml and then you can gradually increase it per week.

Below are reviews of the top ten oil on the market:



This is the first on the list of products containing the constituents best fit for your horse in the perfect proportion.

It is loaded with a high concentration of calories and fats, and these ensure not just energy for your old horse but also enough weight gain for the horse.

More importantly, it contains omega-3, which, as stated earlier, helps to fight any form of inflammation as well as keeps the skin shining and fresh.

Asides from fighting inflammation, this supplement is also great for your weight losing horse, if your horse doesn’t seem to be doing well and putting on healthy weight.

Apart from these constituents, it also contains probiotics, which aids digestion, and biotin, which is useful in enhancing hoof growth. Although manna pro senior weight accelerator has been designed for older horses, if you desire all these characteristics for your horse, then you should consider this product.


This cocosoya oil is another big catch in this niche.

This is because it perfectly combines various supplements in the right proportion.

It’s a combination of cocosoya oil, flaxseed oil, rice bran oil and coconut oil in the perfect ratio.

It helps your horse gain enough calorie in no time while ensuring a glossy and smooth skin. It also protects the hoofs by making them waterproof.

The uckele cocosoya oil also increases the calories in the diet which are slowly metabolized, so it is another nutritional advantage for your horses.

Cocosoya oil also has a high concentration of omega-3, thus producing high anti-inflammatory properties and immunity for your horse.

It helps keep the blood sugar level in an optimum state while saving your horse in the perfect state of health. Uckele cocosoya oil is readily available, and you should consider it.


DAC oil is a perfect blend of vegetable and fish oil.

This oil supplement is suitable for any horse, whether young or old.

It combines fish oil, flaxseed oil, rice oil, wheat germ oil and canola oil in the right proportion.

It has got 98% fat content. Giving this oil to your horse gives it more calories than you can ever imagine. More to this is the unique shiny appearance of the horses’ skin. It also helps maintain the skin color.

Apart from these features, DAC oil is known to contain synthetic vitamin E supplement, which adds a great touch to the horses’ diet. The oil is readily available with guidelines that are easy to comprehend.


This is another oil found out to make the top list of the best oils to give to your horse.

It is known to contain 44% monounsaturated fatty acid, 38% polyunsaturated fatty acid, and 18% saturated fat.

With Rice oil being the main ingredient, it supplies with the horse with a sufficient proportion of calories, energy, fat as well as vitamins.

It also helps to maintain healthy skin and body for the horse by keeping the skin and hair of the horse glowing. It’s also readily available, also containing guidelines as to the right amount to feed the horse. It is considered a good fit.

The AniMed Rice Bran Oil comes in a gallon and it is a great supplement for horses.


Farnam is one of the few products that has a perfect blend of omega-3 and omega-6.

It was formulated by leading equine nutritionists.

The products stand out of the pack in that is blends extruded soybeans meal, ground flaxseed, stabilized rice bran together with a high-quality amino acid to make the coat, hair, and tail of your horse stand out.

It guarantees an inside out turnaround for your horse within 365 days of consistent usage.

Apart from the fact that it helps ensure a glowing coat and smooth hair, its prebiotics also helps ensure easy digestion for the horse.

It also contains Ceramides which maximize horses skin hydration and help to create a protective layer for the velvety-soft coat

It mainly comes in two sizes, the bucket size and the refillable handy size, so you can pick whichever one you prefer.

Farnam is another right choice, and it is perfect for any horse.


Top on the list of oil exclusively made with stabilized, cold-pressed, unfiltered oil is Horse Guard flaxen flow.

The flaxseed oil is protected with nitrogen to ensure its durability and usability over a long time.

Flaxseed oil is known to contain a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acid. This means that this product is most suitable for horses having issues with arthritis as well as other allergic conditions.

It is also unique in the sense that it helps maintain balanced blood flow and pressure, so the blood can quietly and smoothly flow through the vessels without unnecessary spikes.

Another advantage this product has with its high level of flaxseed oil is that it provides optimum immunity for your horse while retaining its glowing skin, making it consistently radiant.


This is a product produced by Kentucky Equine Research department, for helping to balance the omega-6 to the omega-3 proportion in the food supplement of horses.

E-03 is a supplement made from fish oil, which primarily contains omega-3 fatty acid.

E-03 perfectly addresses the issue of inflammation as well as helping to boost the immune system of horses. It has also been identified to be potent in maintaining an excellent cardiovascular status, improved glucose tolerance, and increased red blood cell flexibility.

E-03 also helps in the reproductive system of horses by improving fertility and viability of sperm cells. It also helps in the passive transfer of antibodies of Foals. Hence, this product is also highly recommended.


Designed by the National Animal Supplement Council, USA.

Wholistic pet organics supplement is another unique oil containing omega-3 plus omega-6 fatty acid in the perfect proportion.

It is made from pure, organic, cold-pressed flaxseed oil designed for all ages. This supplement is ideal for enhancing and maintaining very smooth skin and hair.

This combined fatty acid supplement also helps maintain normal cell functioning as well as the production of a healthy immune system for the horses.

It also helps ensure proper energy metabolism through the production of hormone-like components. This supplement is also rich in Lignan, which is also the right product for your horse.


Equine Omega-3 is one product that is capable of handling every nutrition matter in horses.

It’s designed for all kinds of horses of whatever breed and age. It contains about 94% crude fatty acid in 1oz with up to 7.3gms omega-3 fatty acid.

It also contains Vitamin E, Rosemary extract, and flavoring.

This supplement is suitable for settling all the matters that have been discussed above which includes anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, maintenance of optimum cardiovascular health, enhancing growth and reproduction and more importantly keeping the coat and skin glowing.

The supplement guarantees a 30-day turnaround when fed to horses. It is readily available with easy-to-read guidelines that will help with the administration.


This is the last horse oil on our list but not the least functioning as it even has more uses than every other one mentioned above.

Zatural Hemp oil is a supplement that is not exclusive to horses only; in fact, it is used more in humans than animals.

It contains omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid in the ratio of 6:1. It’s applied externally and internally for both humans and pets. It is useful for all the functions of omega-3 and omega-6 mentioned above.

Zatural hemp oil stands out for its incredible anti-aging properties, and pain relieving properties. This multipurpose hemp oil is easy to use and it enhances the overall health of horses.


It is expedient to note that the list of suitable oil for horses does not end here, but these are the ones we would recommend. These are our top 10 oil for horses.

After careful consideration, choose an oil that meets your needs best based on your budget.

Also, in a bid to feed your horse with the best of the best, it would be highly unwise to combine these products as each one has its unique features.

We believe reading through the guide above as well as the reviews will help you make good choices.

Good luck!