The 15 Best Horse Riding Pants 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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As a beginner to riding, you might not know this, but riding pants are considered a must-have for any dedicated rider. They come with great features that make the riding experience so much better, and they are so comfortable. They are great for professionals and beginners alike. If you are new to the sport or you are just looking or the best horse riding pants, then you should look at our review of some of the best riding pants on the available on the market. But before you do that, look through the guide section and learn all about the features you should look out for when looking for great riding pants or trousers.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Horse Riding Pants

Riding pants come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. In a way, they are a lot like regular trousers or tights. By that, we mean that they come with pockets, and are made with similar materials. The only difference between the two types of trousers, in most cases, is the construction materials. They are typically made from a mix of elastane, spandex, and cotton, polyester, or some other great soft-touch fabric.

Riding pants also come with better ventilation, four-way stretch, shape retention technology, knee pads, and a host of other interesting features. When looking for the perfect riding trouser, you must always watch out for these features.

Not all riding trousers look alike. Some don’t come with an ultra-stretchy skin-tight feel. They just look like regular trousers. These types of trousers, in most cases, are normally show trousers designed for competitors who perform at cultural or themed events. Trousers like these are also made with very comfortable materials and are always used by experts.

Great riding pants are available to all kinds of people regardless of their size, shape, or age. In this guide, we reviewed quite a number of products tailored to different kinds of people. Riding pants also come in different color options.

When choosing a riding pant, you should try to keep all of these factors in mind. Some trousers will offer slightly better protection and features than others, but overall they are all great products.

The 15 Best Horse Riding Pants

From the above factors, we have selected the best products for you, please choose the product you like:

Fits T4 Women’s Riding Tight Knee patch ventilated Active Equestrian Schooling Tights

The Fits women Riding Tights are breathable women horsewomen riding tights made of cotton and other impressive all-natural fabrics.  The Fits Equestrian tights is great for trainees and experts alike. Its beautiful fabric is 83 % Polyester, 17 %and Elastane.  It is super lightweight, durable, and flexible. It is the perfect pair of riding pants or tights for anybody looking for the perfect riding pants to start their horse riding journey.  This great horse tight also comes in different interesting colors and padded mesh texturing, suede knee patches, and pockets.

The Mane Range Horse riding pants for women

The Mane Range is a women undergarment breeches or horse riding pants female equestrians and horse lovers. The mane range uses incredibly durable fabric for increased protection, flexibility, and control. The pants are made from a precise blend of nylon and spandex.

The Mane range is skin tight, so it’s firmly attached to the wearer’s skin at all times. It uses 300 mg thread count and a silicon seat that increases stability and control. Unlike most skin-tight riding trousers on the market, it comes with a large and spacious pocket.  The Mane range horse riding pants for women is suitable for practice rides, shows, and training.

HR Farm Horse Riding Women’s Knee Patched Breeches

The HR Farm Horse Riding Women’s Knee patched Breeches is a durable, flexible, high-quality training and riding pants for women. It’s completely stretchable on all four sides and is made of soft slow wearing fabric. This impressive knee patched breaches also comes with an impressive silicon waist strap that ensures that the tight always remains where it is supposed to.

The HR Farm trouser is machine washable on both sides, and it comes with lyca lined pockets for extra protection. The HR farm trouser is an outstanding training and riding pant that is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

TuffRider Girl’s Starter Low-rise Pull-on Jod Breech

The TuffRider Jod Breech is a super comfortable cotton-based breech that is 80 percent cotton and 20 percent spandex. It is the perfect riding breech made with some of the best materials. It comes with tons of premium features like the Velcro ankle closures, the protective knee patches, and the design aesthetics.

It’s a high waist style riding breech, and it is machine washable too. Like most children trousers or riding trousers, it also comes a belt loop for extra control and fascinating color styles.

Hope and Henry Women’s Ponte Riding pants

The Hope and Henry Riding pants are a fashionable yet modern overhaul of the classic equestrian style riding pants. Unlike the classic designs, this new take on equestrian riding comes with fascinating new features like faux suede knee pads and welt pockets.

It’s also more comfortable and stretchy than most of the classic stuff. It is 64% percent organic cotton, 32 % polyester, and 4 % spandex. This unique blend of high-quality clothing fabric mixes to create one of the most comfortable commercial equestrian pants available on the market. This impressive riding pants come with elastic bands and is also machine washable too.

Derby House Elite Riding Breeches

The Derby House Elite breeches are a classic American style equestrian horse riding breech. It is incredibly flexible, comfortable, and stretchy. It is 45% polyester, 47% nylon, and 8% elastane. In addition to being very breathable and flexible, it also comes with suede knee patches and pockets.

It comes with belt loops for extra flexibility, and an elastic band for extra control.  It’s great for professionals and beginners alike. It comes with a textured base that ensures that you maintain balance while you ride.

TuffRider Women’s Ribb Knee Patch Breeches

TuffRider Women’s patch trousers are a stylish yet functional shape-retaining equestrian breeches for women.  Like most breeches from Tuffrider, this one is about 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This fascinating combination of materials makes the Tuffrider incredibly breathable and stretchy. It comes with tons of interesting features like the shape retention tech, ultra-grip support, belt loop, and a zip pocket.

Shape retention technology ensures that your breeches retain their shapes long after you’ve been using them. The TuffRider is machine washable and is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

ELATION Kids Riding Breeches for Boys and Girls

The ELATION kids breeches for boys and girls is a classic style equestrian breech that is not as vanilla or ordinary as it may look or sound. Unlike most unisex children products on the market, this one actually accommodates the needs of both sexes. It is made from premium spandex and cotton. In addition to that, it also comes with a special show ring pattern that agrees with both male and female competitors alike.

The ELATION kid breeches come with special knee leather padding for extra support, protection, and comfort during rides. The breeches all come with great elastic bands that keep the breeches snug and fitting.

TUFFRIDER Women Starter Low-rise Breeches

The Tuffrider women starter low-rise breeches are not like you average equestrian pants or trouser. Rather than have the majority of its makeup come from polyester, it uses cotton instead. It also uses spandex to increase overall flexibility.

It also comes with signature TUFFRIDER features like an Ultra-grip feature, a faux fly front, and firm fitting ankle closures. The starter low-rise breech also comes with comfortable socks that cushion the toe and heels while riding.

OKAY SPORTS kid’s performance Riding Tights

The Okay sport riding tights are impressive child riding breeches known for its flexibility and softness. It is made from a unique blend of top-grade fabrics like Nylon and Spandex. The Kids performance riding tight stretches four ways has moisture-wicking properties and is incredibly lightweight and soft.

The Okay Sport riding tights use are not limited to just recreational riding. They can also be used or shows, and even long training sessions. This great children riding tight also comes with the signature okay sport eco-friendly knee strap for extra comfort and protection.

Wrangler Women’s Western Mid Rise Stretch Boot Cut Jean

The Wrangler’s Women Western Boot cut jeans is a simple classic-style riding jean for women. It is made from a unique blend of cotton and spandex. It is not only soft, but it also has an embroidered high hip pocket on all sides. The women western boot cut jean is midrise, with a couture waist, and button closures.

It comes in two distinct colors, and it is perfect for training and riding. This amazing boot cut jean is also machine washable, and it comes in numerous sizes.

ELATION Euro seat Breeches

The ELATION Euro seat breech is a premium cut horse riding pants that features the best commercial riding features available. Not only does it come with the European style elevated cut that enhances the riding experience, but it also comes with a four-way stretch.

Like most premium breeches on the market, it is made from a unique blend of cotton and spandex. The ELATION Euro seat breeches are one of the ELATION’s best products. This means that it caters to the needs of professionals and beginners alike. They also come with features that both pros and newbies would appreciate. For example, this great product comes with ankle bands, belt loops, ALOS weather waist stretch, and different color options.

Wrangler Men’s Wrancher Dress Jean

The Wrangler Men’s Wrancher Dress jean is a modern take on the signature classic cowboy rancher outfit. It has a very stocky build, and it is large and very loose. Despite its uncomfortable appearance, it is extremely comfortable. It is 100% polyester, and it is machine safe.

It comes with high zipper closure, an elastic belt loop, and a zip fly button for greater control. No old-timey cowboy-themed riding pants won’t be complete without great aesthetic. The Wrangler men classic comes with a front scoop with spade hip pockets for an extra style boost.

OVATION Women Euro Melange Full Seat Cotton breeches

Ovation women euro full seat cotton breech is a mixed fabric quad flex equestrian training and riding pants. Unlike most products currently available on the market, this one does not fall apart after a few washes. It uses advanced shape retention tech and a patented high-quality fabric called comfortex.

The Ovation women cotton breech is odor resistant and microbial. It also provides protection from UVA rays while in use.

FitsT4 Kid’s riding Knee patched tights

The FitsT4 women’s tights are special training tights for women and young equestrians who are new to horse riding. It comes in a variety of colors, and four-way stretch. It is 83% polyester and 17% elastane. This amazing beginner low midrise waist tights also come with great inner pockets for storing keys and side panels for ventilation.

The Fit women knee patched tight features an impressive streamlined design that helps with shape maintenance, and numerous color options.

Final Remarks and Our Pick

In this guide, we have reviewed quite a few equestrian tights for all sorts of riders. Whether you are a beginner, expert, or intermediate horse rider, you will find the best horse riding pants for you in this guide. We also went over a few popular styles and discussed some of the most widely sought after features. We reviewed a large number of products from the most popular equestrian categories, and we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to choose a single product from the wide selection made available in this guide. Our best pick for this guide are; Wrangler Men’s Wrancher Dress Jean, FitsT4 women’s riding Knee patched tights, OKAY SPORTS kid’s performance Riding Tights.  Between these three riding pants, there is no way you can go wrong.