The 15 Best Horse Riding Gloves 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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As an equestrian, it’s important to take care of your horse. However, it’s also important to take care of yourself. You can do this by using the right protective gear when you ride. Riding boots and a helmet can go a long way to protect you. You’ll also need the best horse riding gloves for optimum performance. These can help you hold on to the reins without hurting your palm or losing your grip. The right gloves can also give you a sense of style, especially if they are carefully selected. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the best riding gloves you can buy for all your horse riding needs. We’ll also discuss the things you should consider before buying a pair of riding gloves.

Guide to Choosing the Best Riding Gloves for Horses

Here are some things you should look out for when buying gloves for riding:


If you only ride in the winter, you may not need to worry about breathability. But otherwise, it should be a great concern to you. Without breathability, your hands can get sweaty and uncomfortable during your riding, which is not pleasant.


Unless you plan to buy a pair of riding gloves every month, you should get gloves that are durable. Double reinforcements and double stitching are two things that show how durable riding gloves will be. Additionally, the kind of materials they are made of can increase or reduce the gloves’ longevity.


Granted, it is difficult to create stylish gloves because there isn’t a lot of material to work with. But, that doesn’t stop some manufacturers from trying. Color scheme and strap design are some of the elements of style in riding gloves, and you should certainly try to find gloves that you’ll be proud to call your own.

15 of the Best Horse Riding Gloves

Let’s dive right into recommending riding gloves for you. On this list, we have gloves specially designed for men, women and children. We also have universal gloves that would fit most people.

Finger Ten Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

Why not begin the list with something for the kids? Since riding gloves are for protecting your hands from burns and abrasion, it only makes sense to get a pair for your kids. These gloves by Finger Ten are made of 4-way stretchable fabric. Thus, they are as durable as they are comfortable, which is what you want in a pair of kid gloves.

Finger Ten Horse Riding Gloves are also all-season, which means they can keep your children’s hands warm in the winter without being too uncomfortable in the summer. They come in three different colors – grey, blue and black. Another great thing about these gloves is that there’s a 30-day return policy if you observe that it’s not quite what you need.

Mashfa Ladies Women Horse Riding Gloves

If we had to describe these gloves in three words, they would be lightweight, stylish and durable. Masha, the manufacturer, plays to women’s eye for detail, and they included reinforced stitching in the product’s design. These gloves are double layered to improve the hand’s grip on the reins during riding.

Also, they are sized to fit most women’s hands and sense of style. These gloves can be used for numerous activities besides horse riding, including biking, gardening, and even driving. Given the reinforced stitching and the high-grade materials that were used to make the gloves, it’s no surprise that the manufacturer has given a 1-year warranty on the product.

FitsT4 Horse Riding Gloves

Here are a unisex pair of gloves that are perfect for both men and women. The fabric is made of a stretchable nylon, infused with flex panels and a lycra revolutional material. You don’t have to understand the technical language; all it means is that these gloves are comfortable to wear and super breathable.

FitsT4 Horse Riding Gloves also have a hook and loop wrist closure mechanism that keeps the neck of the glove snugly around your wrist. For the quality and high performance that these gloves possess, they are surprisingly affordable. They are only as expensive as many of the other products on this list, even though they have superior features.

Ovation Child Heart and Horse Gloves

Here are gloves that kids are sure to love. These gloves have a color scheme that resembles something from a space suit, and that’s something that most kids will adore. They come in numerous colors, including pink, blue, white, black and brown. As you can expect from a pair of gloves made for kids, they are tough, durable and comfortable to wear.

Ovation Child Heart and Horse Gloves are made of a sun-tec stretch suede material and they have a hook and loop design. The hook and loop design is especially important since an extra layer of protection for your child is always a good thing.

Breezy Hampton Equestrian Black Leather Horse Riding Gloves

Here are another pair of gloves for the ladies. Before you think that this list is partial to women’s gloves, you should understand that good ladies’ gloves are difficult to find. It’s either they are unreasonably priced, bulky and unstylish, or made of cheap quality. Getting gloves like Breezy Hampton Equestrian riding gloves that check all the items on the list is difficult.

These gloves have everything you expect form premium riding gloves, like high-quality material, comfort and breathability, and a Velcro strap to secure them around your hand. The Velcro has advantages over the hook and loop design, even though they do essentially the same thing.

Heritage Performance Gloves

You wanted gloves for men and you got them! And what a pair of gloves they are. These gloves have synthetic grain leather, which means they give you a comfortable but rich feel while riding. They also come in different colors so you can match your outfit and ride in style.

Heritage performance gloves have a patented rein cut design and double stitched critical outward seams, adding to the premium riding experience. Instead of a Velcro or hook and loop strap, these gloves sport an elastic cuff with an adjustable strap.

Heritage Premier Show Glove

The Heritage premier show glove’s name is actually on-point. It looks like it’s more for show than it is for riding, but don’t let that deceive you. Heritage Premier Show Glove is actually made for equestrians who want to enjoy a comfortable and stylish riding experience. It has a super grip synthetic grain leather that improves your grip on the reins. As a bonus, it is also incredibly breathable.

These gloves also have a stretchable flex panel across the knuckles that provide a comfortable fit. Granted, they are more expensive than many other gloves on this list. But, they are worth every penny.

Lixada Professional Horse Riding Gloves

Even though Lixada is not an English word, it might as well be synonymous with light-weight and durable because these gloves are both of these things. They are light, handy, and incredibly breathable (you may even forget that you’re wearing a pair of gloves!)

Lixada Professional Horse Riding Gloves also have a very ergonomic design that delivers the best control over your fingers. Add these to the adjustable straps and the fact that it’s unisex, and you get gloves that are perfect for every equestrian.

Weatherbeeta Dublin Everyday Mighty Grip Riding Gloves

As you might have picked up from the name, these gloves are perfect for every season, whether winter, autumn or spring. They are durable and have a stretchable insert for better fit. These gloves are easy to maintain and you won’t have to worry about ruining them.

Weatherbeeta Dublin gloves are some of the most expensive gloves on this list, and for good reason. They have a touch tape closure which is just as effective as a fastening method. The gloves are made out of a synthetic leather material.

Synthetic Leather Equestrian Horse riding Gloves

The problem of size might crop up if you have small or large hands. Just like it’s difficult to find shoes of large sizes, it’s sometimes difficult to find riding gloves of small sizes. However, you’ll be glad to know that synthetic leather equestrian horse riding gloves are made just for you.

These gloves come in two sizes for children and youths. Everything else about the gloves are up to standard, from the synthetic and durable leather material to the style and breathability of the glove’s design.

Roeckl Roeck-Grip Unisex Gloves

Right off the bat, you should know that these are the most expensive gloves on this list. They cost about 3 times the kids’ gloves. But are they worth it? If you’re looking for gloves with a perfect fit and an excellent grip, then the answer is yes. Besides these qualities, they are also machine washable which makes them even easier to maintain.

On the other hand, they won’t offer you any additional advantage while riding – you’ll be just as comfortable with any of the other gloves on this list. So in this regard, the Roeckl Roeck gloves might not be worth it for you.

Heritage Pro-Flow Summer Show Glove

As the name of these gloves suggest, they were made for the summer time. They have a stretchable coolmax mesh top panel that allows free flow of air over your hand while riding. There are also nylon flex panels along the fingers that provides a comfortable fit.

The Heritage Pro-Flow Summer Show Glove also has a double stitched critical outward seams and a patented rein cut design. While it might not be useful to you, you should also know that these gloves are cellphone compatible.

Allness Leather Adults Men Gents Horse Equestrian Riding Gloves

These gloves are lightweight but durable solutions for every equestrian looking to ride without hurting their hands. They enable you to ride and handle the reins for a long time without any reservations whatsoever. They are made of a synthetic leather material that has the right combination of durability, comfort and breathability.

Allness also have a perfect fit and feel, blending with your hands like a second skin. This comfort is even more baffling if you consider that the gloves have double stitched seams and double layers. In all, these gloves are an all-round great choice for anyone who loves riding.

Carhartt Women’s Work-Flex Riding Gloves

Here are another pair of women’s riding gloves, and these combine style and fashion with comfort. They have a unique two-color design that makes the rider easy to spot from a mile way. They are made of a combination of polyester (93%) and Spandex (7%), making them easy to wear, elastic and durable.

Carhatt Women’s Work-Flex Breath have material reinforcements around thumb and index finger, since these will be the parts most in contact with the reins. The elastic in the material also makes it suitable for many hand sizes.

Noble Outfitters Ready to Ride Glove

It’s quite difficult to find stylish gloves these days because there’s almost nothing to style. You can only make gloves one way, and there isn’t much material to work with. However, Noble Outfitters don’t let that stop them because these gloves are as stylish as riding gloves can be. They have stretch mesh side panels that improves breathability.

The gloves also have double reinforcements in the thumb and index fingers. They come in numerous colors, and it’s as easy as picking the one you want.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Gloves for Horse Riding

By now, you must have a pretty good idea of the kind of gloves you’re looking for, as well as the ones you want to get. And luckily, there are different kinds of gloves on this list and they would be perfect for you. Even though the best horse riding gloves for everyone is subjective, they aren’t that hard to find. If you need gloves that you can use for other things besides horse riding, you may want to go for Mashfa Ladies horse riding gloves. If you’re a man and you need something stylish and sleek, the Noble Outfitters Ready to Ride gloves are just what you need. For children, you can get the Finer Ten Horse riding gloves or the Ovation Child heart and horse gloves.