The 10 Best Horseshoe Set 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Whether you’re planning to have some fun in your backyard or you want to play professionally, you need the right set of horseshoes. You should consider the set you buy because you don’t want to get stuck with the wrong set. In this guide, we will discuss the factors you need to consider before buying your horseshoes, as well as ten of the best horseshoe set. At the end of this guide, you’ll know everything you need to know about shopping for horseshoes.

How to Choose a Horseshoe Set

Like every other purchase you’re going to make, buying horseshoe sets for your professional or casual games requires some consideration. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you probably have some horseshoe preferences like the weight and material composition of your horseshoes. This part of the guide outlines some of the general properties that you’ll find in many horseshoes, and how you can sort through each of them to find the perfect horseshoe for you. Some of the things you need to consider when buying horseshoes include:

The Horseshoe Material

There are basically two types of horseshoes: metal and rubber. Generally speaking, rubber horseshoes are inexpensive, and they are great for recreational activity. If you want kids to join in the fun, or you want to teach them how to play, you should go for rubber horseshoes because they are safer. However, you can get metal horseshoes for kids as well. You just need to be careful and ensure that you give them precise instructions when playing.

If you’re going for metal horseshoes, there are a couple of different options to choose from. It’s important to note that not all materials are the same quality, and so, you should weigh your options before deciding. There are basically three types of horseshoe metal:

Drop forged steel

Drop forged steel is the most popular and the longest lasting material on this list. Horseshoes made with this kind of steel are put through the traditional forging process during which the manufacturers hammer the metal into the horseshoe. Because they compose of such high-quality materials, drop-forged steel horseshoes are also very expensive.

Ductile Iron

Ductile Iron horseshoes are the most inexpensive metal horseshoes on the market. They are also quite frail, as compared to the other two. But, they are thicker and heavier than rubber horseshoes. If you’re looking for metallic but very inexpensive pair of horseshoes, Ductile Iron horseshoes are your best option.

Alloy cast steel

Alloy cast steel is a step up from Ductile Iron. It is lightweight and durable, and you’re going to find a lot of them on the market. Alloy cast horseshoes are like a balance between the cheap and frail ductile iron and the strong drop forged steel. Of course, this also means that they are usually more expensive than ductile iron horseshoes.


Kids and seniors mostly use rubber horseshoes. Their biggest advantage is that they are incredibly durable. You’re not going to break a rubber horseshoe, regardless of how you use it. They are also very affordable.

Nature of The Sport: Recreational or Professional

Manufacturers make horseshoes for recreational activity and professional completions very differently from each other. Horseshoes for professional playing are usually heavier than recreational ones. They also have to comply with specific rules established by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA). Recreational ones, on the other hand, can be made of rubber and steel. They don’t have to comply with any standards since they are only for leisure.


The weight of your horseshoe will affect the accuracy and precision of your throws. The particular weight you favor should depend on your experience so far. If the horseshoe is heavier than what you normally use, it’ll throw off your game. The same thing applies to play with lighter horseshoes. If you’re playing professionally, the NHPA standard weight for a horseshoe is approximately 2.5 pounds, so you should buy horseshoes that weigh that much.

The Best Horseshoe Set

Now that we’ve covered the qualities you need to look out for when shopping for horseshoes, let’s dive into the review proper. Here are ten top horseshoes for you to consider. This list is full of all the types of horseshoes we’ve just discussed, from rubber and ductile iron to drop forged steel. Regardless of what your needs might be, you’re bound to find the right horseshoes for you on this list.

Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes set

The name of these horseshoes pretty much tells you all you need to know. The Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes are perfect for professional playing.  Although alloy is their major component, they still have the weight and balance you can expect from any professional NHPA standard horseshoes. They are strong, sturdy, and resistant to deformation and mushrooming.

Each horseshoe weighs about 2.5 pounds in weight, which makes them perfect for you if you’re already used to professional-grade horseshoes. They come with a one-year guarantee, and you can expect four horseshoes and two backyard stakes in the product packaging.

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

Judging by their looks, these horseshoes are very proud to be made of rubber. They come in two different bright colors of red and blue. That makes them very easy to spot, not to mention, fun for children to play with. Besides the alluring and exciting colors, these horseshoes are also safe for kids — they are lightweight and made up of rounded edges.

The Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoes product package comes with four horseshoes, two outdoor pegs and two plastic dowels. The come with dowels so you can have some fun inside the house or in the garage if you need to. One additional feature is that you can have the kids try to assemble the pieces the first time around. That’s sure to get them excited about playing.

St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set

The St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set was specifically designed for professional players. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them just for good backyard fun. However, because they are premium priced, unless you’re playing in competitions, you may be better off with more affordable pairs. The St. Pierre horseshoes compose of forged steel for maximum weight and durability.

It’s important to note that the St. Pierre American Professional Series is one of the most recognized horseshoe competitions in the country. So, it only makes sense that you step up to your other contestants with a champion’s horseshoes. The product comes with four horseshoes, two outdoor pegs, and a carrying bag.

Franklin Sports Horseshoe Sets

These Franklin Sports Horseshoes compose of forged steel, which means they are incredibly durable. They are also professional-grade and suitable for NHPA based competitions and events. They sell at reasonable prices for forged steel horseshoes, and you can buy them without necessarily breaking the bank.

They come with two outdoor pegs that you can drive into the ground. The whole set up is quite easy, and you can begin playing right away. Each horseshoe weighs about 2.5 pounds, the perfect weight for a seasoned horseshoes player. The horseshoes also come with a visual aid: two are gray, and two are black. This is good for both spotting the horseshoes in mildly dark environments and for telling the two pairs apart.

St. Pierre Royal Classic Horseshoe Set

The St. Pierre Royal Classic Horseshoe set are the second products on this list by St. Pierre. St. Pierre is a bit of an old name when it comes to manufacturing horseshoes. As a result, you can expect expert craftsmanship from these forged steel horseshoes. Like other professional-grade shoes, they weight about 2.5 pounds and have the right balance between weight and durability.

They are not as expensive as the American Professional Set, but they’ll get the job done just fine. The product package comes with four horseshoes, two pegs and a copy of the rules of the horseshoe game. The St. Pierre Royal Classic is perfect for players who are looking for great horseshoes at a great price.

AmazonBasics Rubber Horseshoe set

Amazon’s own private label, AmazonBasics is responsible for manufacturing these horseshoes. Unsurprisingly, the products stick to the basics with their rubber structure and design. However, unlike the other rubber products on this list, they come in green and blue colors instead of the traditional blue and red. Another kid-friendly feature is that they are quite easy to clean.

With these rubber horseshoes, don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion, like you would with metal horseshoes. You can simply wipe them down with a cloth. You can expect four horseshoes, two outdoor pegs and two indoor dowels from the product packaging. Each horseshoe weighs about 1.12 pounds.

Sport Beats Rubber Horseshoe Set

One of the best things about the Sport Beats Rubber Horseshoe Set is the balance between quality and price. Like all rubber horseshoes, they are incredibly durable and safe for kids. These horseshoes are heavy enough to throw and have a good game, but not too heavy that they could hurt someone if they got in the way.

The product comes in a set that contains four horseshoes, outdoor pets and indoor dowels. The advantage of rubber horseshoes is that you can play with them indoors without worrying about breaking something or cracking the floor. They can also hit obstacles without breaking, which is always a plus when playing with children.

Thoroughbred Horseshoes challenger set

Thoroughbred Horseshoes challenger horseshoe set compose of alloy cast steel. That means you can expect a balance of durability and price when purchasing them. They have everything you could need for a horseshoe set. They are heavy enough to throw without losing your edge (2.5 pounds) and durable enough to use for a long time.

Some of the benefits include an NHPA-compliant build, a one-year warranty, and a full horseshoe throwing kit. Unlike the other products on this list, Thoroughbred Challenger comes with instructions and a diagram to encourage adherence to the rules of the game.

Trademark Games Professional Horseshoe Set

Trademark Games Professional Horseshoe set gives you an impression right from the start. The name implies that you can expect professional-grade performance and high durability horseshoes. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case because the horseshoes compose of ductile iron. If you remember, ductile iron is not the most durable material for horseshoes. They can break upon impact with study materials, including other horseshoes.

They are manufactured according to NHPA standard, and have the right weight, making it easy for you to adjust to using them. However, we don’t recommend these horseshoes because you’ll probably only get a few games out of them before they split in two and you have to buy another. The package comes with a carrying bag, a pair of outdoor pegs and four horseshoes.

Franklin Sports Rubber Horseshoes

These are the second horseshoes made by Franklin Sports on this list. Just like with the forged steel variety, these rubber horseshoes are great value for your money. They come in two bright colors of green and blue. Not only does that make them easy to spot the colors will also distinguish them from other horseshoes around.

Even though they are rubber horseshoes, they have incredible balance and can be great for practice throws for both professionals and amateurs. Like all rubber horseshoes, they come with two outdoor pegs and two indoor dowels.


By now, you must have a good idea of the kind of horseshoe you need. If you’re playing recreationally, you should go for rubber shoes like AmazonBasics and Sports Beats, since they are inexpensive and you can even use them indoors. A step up would be ductile iron horseshoes like Trademark Games professional Horseshoe set. They are also quite affordable and can be used to teach newbies how to play. If you want to play professionally, then you need horseshoes that comply with the NHPA standards. Those would be shoes like Mustang Professional Horseshoes and St. Pierre American Professional Horse Shoes.