The 15 Best Salt Blocks for Horses 2023: Reviews & Guide

A horse’s natural grass or hay diet is lacking in so many ways. It doesn’t contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins, and that is why equestrians sometimes need supplements and special feeds. Salt blocks are one of those essential supplements that most horses need. They contain lots of minerals, and they are long-lasting. The salt block market, however, is very competitive. There are numerous brands, shapes and types of salt blocks and it can sometimes be very trying figuring out the best salt blocks for horses on the market. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about choosing the best block salt.


Guide to Choosing the Best Salt Blocks for Horses

Salt blocks might not look like much, but they can be very confusing and complex. Here are some of the factors you should consider before choosing a salt block

Compressed or Mined

Salt blocks are essentially blocks of mineral-rich salts. They can either be naturally harvested from mineral-dense mountains and sea beds, or they can be compressed into blocks by manufacturers. While both types of salt blocks are great for your horse, the mined ones tend to last longer than the pressed ones. You should always try to consider this before you make your final decision.

Cut or Rough

Mined salt blocks come either rough, finely cut, or softly cut. Generally, you should always opt for a finely cut or softly cut salt block at least. These types of blocks are easier on your horse’s tongue. Rough cut salt blocks should only be considered if there are no other alternatives.

Himalayan Vs. Other Sources

Himalayan salt blocks are the most common types of salt rocks available on the market. You can tell them apart from most products because of their pinkish hue. They contain 84 essential minerals and are probably the best salt block money can buy. Himalayans are great but they are not the only option on the market. The market for a salt block is constantly growing, and there are other great salt block options out there too. Before you make any decision, you should also consider some of the less popular options too.

15 of the Best Salt Blocks for Horses

Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick for Horses

The compressed Himalayan salt block is made from natural mineral salt deposits from the Himalayas. It contains no additives, preservatives, sweeteners, or enhancements of any kind. It is absolutely pure and has all the 84 essential minerals recommended for livestock. This compressed salt block is safe for horses, cows, goats, deer, sheep, buffalos, and other livestock.

It is evenly cut all round, and it forms a simple cube with a string sticking out of it. The cube design will ensure that horses and other animals won’t cut their tongues on it while they are licking. The Himalayan salt lick is affordable and is commercially available worldwide.

Milliard Himalayan Salt Animal Salt Lick for Horses, Deer, and Livestock

The Milliard salt licks hail from fine mineral deposits deep in the mountains of the Himalayas. It contains numerous essential nutrients and minerals. The Milliard salt serves as a wonderful addition to any horse’s mineral-deficient diet.

It comes with a simple hole in the middle that lets you hang it somewhere accessible to your horses. The Milliard salt block is water resistant and is incredibly tough. This means that your horses can’t chew through it. Also, it means that water cannot erode some part of the salt block.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lick on a Rope for Horses

This Himalayan Salt lick for horses is a bit rough around the edges but still provides incredible value. Unlike most products on the market, it does not contain additives, preservatives, or enhancements. The only change made to the pink Himalayan salt is the rope that runs through it.

It is softly cut and is suitable for all kinds of animals. It is excellent for horses, cows, goats, llamas, sheep and other livestock. Its round shape makes it more palatable to the horses. In addition to this, it also contains all the 84 minerals recommended for animals.

Redmond- Rock on a Rope Unrefined Rock Salt for Horses

Redmond mineral salt lick comes from compressed mineral deposits mined from Utah. According to Redmond, the mineral deposit was around since before the dinosaurs. It might even be more abundant in minerals than most Himalayans salt block deposits.

The Redmond salt block for horses restores mineral balance in horses. Also, it acts as a wonderful supplement for their meals. The Redmond comes with a rope that lets you hang it on a peg or in the barn for easy access. It is highly water-resistant and lasts for about six weeks.

Hijina Animal Licking Himalayan Pink Salt Lick

The HijiNa salt block for horses is an FDA verified product with great regenerative properties. Like many other rock salts for livestock, it comes from the ancient Himalayan Mountains. It remains unprocessed and it completely natural. It contains all the 84 essential minerals. In this product, you will find minerals like iron, potassium, and several other minerals.

The HijiNa pink salt block is a fantastic way of balancing your horse’s mineral-deficient diet. It can correct imbalances like aches and muscular tightness. It can also improve blood circulation, muscular strength and definition. Fortunately, this product is weather-resistant and is safe for most livestock. Unfortunately, it is uncut, and that can sometimes make it harder on the horse’s tongue.

Exprimir Himalayan Salt Lick for Animals

The Exprimir Salt block is a mineral supplement for horses and livestock. It boosts mineral balance in animals, and it aids digestion. Furthermore, it comes with all 84 essential minerals approved for livestock. The rock Exprimir Salt block is also able to increase muscular strength and strengthen bones. It contains minerals like potassium, iron, and several other minerals.

In addition to its mineral content, it is also water-resistant and it comes with a rope for mounting. It increasing thirst in livestock and is softly trimmed for your horse’s safety. It is suitable for llamas, caribou, elk, goats, and sheep.

Salt Gem Himalayan Animal Salt Block

Salt gem salt block is a great way to improve your horse’s meals. Not only does it contain all the 84 primary minerals, but it also tastes incredible. It comes in two major sizes and a rope for easy mounting. Both the 6lb and the 4lb types of this rock salt come from the Himalayas.

The animal salt block can do amazing things like improving your horse’s muscular strength and performance. It is great for all breeds of horses and other smaller livestock. It is suitable for rabbits, deer, goat, cattle, and other livestock.

Umaid Himalayan Animal Lick Salt on Rope

This all-natural Himalayan salt is one of the most affordable high-quality rock salts for horses available. It contains all the 84 essential minerals and it comes with a rope for mounting just like other popular salt blocks for horses.

It all-natural and it contains no special additives. Since it is all-natural, it should typically last longer than most pressed salt licks. It can also improve your horse’s vitality and improve its appetite. Furthermore, it is an excellent electrolyte booster and it increases performance.

Talisker Bay Himalayan Rock Salt Block for Horses

Talisker bay Himalayan Salt blocks come from one of the purest sources of mineral salts. Talisker bay claim that their rock salts come from a mineral-rich 550 million years old mineral deposit.

Aside from being using one of the oldest natural mineral deposits, Talisker also includes a 36-inch rope with this mineral salt block. This gives you the freedom to hang it anywhere you please. The Talisker bay salt block is recommended for horses, deer and livestock. It also comes with all 84 minerals and is smoothen on all sides.

Pharma Himalayan Stone Rock Mineral Salt Block on a Rope

Pharma Himalayan Salt block offers horse owners the uncut mineral experience. It stands apart from most mineral salt blocks because of its rugged and uneven shape. Pharma Himalayan Salt block has not been trimmed down in any way and is larger than most commercial salt blocks for horses. It weighs about 6 pounds in total. It’s entirely natural and it comes with a durable rope.

It contains all 84 essential minerals, and it is incredibly water-resistant. Furthermore, it improves digestion and boosts electrolyte levels in horses and livestock.

Indusclassic Himalayan Animal Licking Pink Salt Lick for Horses

The IndusClassic Salt lick is an all-natural salt block mined from the Himalayans. As with most salt blocks from Pakistan, it contains all the 84 essential minerals and traces. It is safe for all sorts of animals and livestock.

The Induclassic Himalayan pink salt block is really hard, and it won’t be easy for most horses to bite through. It comes with a lengthy three and a half-inch rope for hanging. It is softly cut and is round all over. Since it’s natural, it should last up to six times longer than most pressed salt blocks.

Horsemen’s Pride Salt Block on Rope for Horses

The Horsemen’s pride salt block boasts of being the purest salt on the market. It comes from one of the most mineral-rich mountains of the Himalayas, and it contains all 84 essential minerals.

It contains no artificial additives, and it is softly cut for your horse’s comfort. It’s one of the more affordable pink salt blocks, and its just as good as more expensive options. Furthermore, it is suitable for all kinds of animals, and it boosts electrolyte levels inn horses

Himalayan Salt for Horses

This Himalayan salt for horses is a little bit different from most items on this guide. While it is technically made from mined Himalayan salt blocks, it does not come in block form. It comes granulated instead. It is perfect for horses that don’t like licking blocks. Since this product is already crushed, it can be mixed into their meals.

Although it seems very different, it still contains all 84 essential minerals. It helps maintain mineral balance and it won’t hurt your horse’s tongue like most salt blocks. It is entirely safe for all breeds of horses and other livestock.

Tough All-natural Himalayan Salt Block

Tough all-natural Himalayan salt block stands apart from most commercial natural salt blocks because of its size and value. It comes only in a 12-pound option, and it lasts six times longer than most pressed blocks. It comes with a durable rope, and it is entirely natural. The tough salt block comes stocked with all 84 essential minerals and is water-resistant.

It helps horses by boosting their electrolyte levels and performance all round. Also, it is tough to break into chunks, and it is smooth all around.

Salt Rox Himalayan Salt Block Lick with Minerals for Livestock

Salt Rox Salt Block is a mineral supplement for horses, cows, goats, llamas, and other livestock. It comes from one of the many mineral-dense mountains of the Himalayas. It is completely natural and contains all 84 essential minerals. In addition to the minerals it contains, it is also weather resistant. Salt Rox salt block also comes with a hard texture.

This makes it hard for animals to chew through it and break it into pieces. This mineral salt block lasts five to six times longer than most pressed blocks. It comes with a long rope for easy mounting. Lastly, Rox salt block has been softly cut to prevent tongue injury.

Conclusion and our final thoughts on the best horse salt blocks

There are a lot of salt rocks available on the market. They are all unique in their own way and mostly all contain minerals that are beneficial to your horse. If you have been paying attention to most of the products on this guide, you’ll notice that they have similar features. This means that choosing the best salt block for horses is not about what features each product has, it’s about the value it provides. And the salt block that gives horse owners the most value is the Milliard Himalayan Animal Salt Lick for Horses. Not only does it contain all the nutrients you would expect from a Himalayan salt block, but it also priced well and beautifully cut. It is a product you should definitely consider.