The 15 Best Tall Boots for Equestrians 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Horse riding is a fun sport that is often more demanding than most people realize. Not only do you have to establish a bond with your horse and practice frequently, but you also have to have the right gear at all times. This means that everything from your shoes to your hat or helmet must be perfect. In this guide, we cover one of the most important equipment in the horse riding sport, and that is the equestrian shoes. It can sometimes be hard finding the best tall boots for equestrians, and that is why we have gathered some of the most impressive shoes on the market and highlighted their best features.

Guide to Buying the Perfect Tall Boot

Like we mentioned, even equestrian shoes are crucial in the extreme sport of horse riding. An Equestrian’s choice of shoes often decides how much comfort, reinforcement, and balance he or she has during horse rides. As a great equestrian, it’s your duty to thoroughly search for the most comfortable and dependable horse riding boot.

A Great Horse Riding Boot Should Have the Following Features

 it Should Have a Rubber Sole

In the old west, horse riders used to use wooden-soled boots while riding and had to depend on their heel for stability as they rode. Luckily, we don’t have to anymore. A rubber sole allows the riders to arch their feet and gain stability without having to depend entirely on their heels. When shopping for a riding shoe, it’s important to make sure the one you choose has a great rubber heel.

It Should Have Some Moisture-wicking or Waterproof Features

This feature might seem out of place on this list, but you have to remember that comfort at all times is essential. As a rider, if rain breaks out or you happen to be in an environment that is less than ideal, your performance can drop significantly. With a water-resistant shoe, you can remain dry and comfortable at all times.

 A great insole

The outer sole is not the only part of the sole that is important. In fact, some would argue that the insole affects performance a lot more than the outer sole. A great inner sole cushions the wearer’s feet and significantly improves the riding experience. You should always strive to get a great insole.

The 15 Best Tall Boots for Equestrians

In this section, we review some of the most impressive shoes on the market and adequately explore their best features.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s SHYNE Equestrian Boots

The Tommy Hilfiger women’s Shyne Equestrian boots are great horse riding boots that don’t only help you ride horses better, but also ensure you look good while riding too. They are full synthetic boots that go all the way up to your knee, and they have two distinct tones.

On the sides of the boots, you will find a zip closure that allows you to open or close up the boots. The Tommy Hilfiger women Shyne boots come in three distinct color types and provide comfort to female riders.

Nautica Girls Youth Knee High Fashion Riding boots

The Nautica Girl’s youth knee riding boots are vegan leather boots designed for young female equestrians. The Nautica’s girl’s knee riding boots is durable, weather-resistant, and strong enough to be worn all year round.

For extra comfort and flexibility, the Nautica is equipped with a cushioned insole and outsole that creates balance while in use. The Nautica is about knee-high, so it has a stylish zipper attached to its side. The Nautica girls riding boots are appropriate for youths and women of all ages. It also comes in numerous colors.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Franky Equestrian boots

The Tommy Hilfiger women’s boots are a super durable designer riding boots with lots of impressive features. They come with shock-absorbent rubber soles that help riders better adjust to rough outdoor riding. In addition to coming with a great sole, they also come with a beautiful signature Hilfiger buckle on the side.

The Hilfiger boots come in different exciting colors and are appropriate for children and adults alike. They also come with stylish interior zippers and subtle line embroidery.

Derby Men’s Lined Rubber boot

Derby Men lined rubber boots are stylish boots with great aesthetics and high-quality synthetics. Unlike most boots available on the market, these special boots are partially synthetic and partially rubber. The synthetic leather gives them an overall sparkle and beauty, while the rubber ensures that it doesn’t break or wear from excessive use. They come in numerous sizes, and they have a very muted design aesthetic. They are appropriate for all kinds of riders and are reliable for training and practice horse rides.

The Derby men lined rubber boots are waterproof, super comfortable, and also have great moisture-wicking properties.

Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe

The Roper men’s basic shoes are western-themed multi-layered riding boots. The Roper Men’s boots are pure synthetic leather, and they have a tough and shock absorbent rubber sole. Their flexible soles increase their flexibility greatly, and their impressive cowboy aesthetic design gives them a very authentic and western feel.

They have decorative stitching running up and down the entire shaft of the shoe, and they have a hidden zipper for easy accessibility. The Roper men’s basic square toe comes in four unique color codes.

The Roper men’s basic shoes are great for themed shows and training. They come in different sizes and can be worn by all sorts of riders.

TuffRider Men’s Lexington Waterproof Tall Country Boots

The TuffRider Lexington Horse Riding Boots are beautiful fawn leather boots with great waterproofing features. Despite having a great leather exterior, these special shoes are completely waterproof. Between their great leather lining and elastic gussets, no water ever really makes it through.

The TuffRider Men’s come with great outsoles that allow users to ride and work without having to worry about their shoe’s flexibility and sole strength. The innersole of the TuffRider is memory foam. That means that they were designed to ensure that their users are incredibly comfortable at all times. These shoes only come in one distinct color as of now.

LifeStride Women’s Xandy Equestrian Boot

LifeStride Women’s Xandy boots are impressive ultra-textured faux leather riding shoes. Unlike most shoes on this list, they are actually made from genuine leather. The Life Strides were built to provide their users with an improved riding shoe experience. They come with a flexible rubber synthetic sole for extra control and comfort. They come in different interesting features, and a very minimalist design aesthetic. These shoes come in different colors and sizes. Depending on your leg or shoe size, the size of your platform and boot opening could have very different measurements.

Ovation Derby Men’s Lined Rubber Riding Boots

The Ovation Derby rubber riding boots are a competition-style, horse derby shoe for equestrians. They feature the usual PVC design that comes with most rubber derby shoes on the market and have no outside seams. In addition to coming with a seamless body, They also come with an impressive moisture wicking shaft.

The Ovation derby men’s shoes were designed with popular English aesthetic styles and are perfect for all kinds of events. They are perfect for riding, training, and performance.

Old West Boots Men’s Joesph

The old West Men’s boots are pure leather cowboy boots that embody not only the design but also the functionality of traditional western riding shoes. The old west boots are really show boots that can also be used for riding. They have the beauty and aesthetics of top-grade riding show boots. Despite their impressive aesthetic design, they still come with tons of practical features.

The old west boots come with impressive leather straps, soft interior linings, and durable rubber soles. These old school boots come in different sizes and are recommended for all sorts of riders.

Ellie Shoes Adult Buccaneer Boots

Ellie Adult Buccaneers boots are beautiful vinyl slip-on boot for women. They are made from the best imported materials and leathers. These powerful vinyl boots were originally a costume piece for cosplay outfits and set. However,  they can be repurposed and used as makeshift riding boots too. Thanks to their flexible soles and superior construction, they can withstand the rigors of horse riding. They are the perfect accessory boot for men, women, and beginners who are interested in horse riding.

The Ellie Adult Buccaneer boots come in numerous sizes and have a stunning back lace that allows you to slip into the shoes easily.

London Fog Women’s Irie Riding Boot

The London Fog Women Riding boots are confident and stylish riding boot with two stunning color schemes. They come with a flexible yet solid synthetic sole that increases maneuverability. They also have a fashionable buckle, a 1.5 long block heel, and a charming nonfunctioning fashion zipper.

Aside from their charming aesthetic features, these boots also provide users a top-notch riding experience thanks to their impressive sole lining. They also offer wearers protection during accidents. They come in five different color schemes or options.

Smoky Mountain Boys’ Buffalo Western Boot Square Toe

The smoky mountain Boy’s buffalo boots are a western-themed performance/ practice boot.  They are part genuine leather and part synthetic and is perfect for all types of riders. They use pure genuine leather to reinforce the structure of the shoes and come with impressive water resistance. The square toe feature ensures that wearers stay comfortable and mobile while they go about their duties.

They also feature comfortable and impressive soles that are not only comfortable but also incredibly durable and flexible. The Smoky Mountain square toe boots come with a rugged, yet stylish pull up and stitch design.

Ariat Men’s Heritage IV English Paddock Boot

The Ariat Men’s Heritage boots are stylish and trendy English theme laced boot for riding. Unlike, most shoes on this list, they are made entirely out of genuine leather and feature a flexible, yet ultra-modern rubber sole.

They are made from the finest full-grain leather Europe has to offer and come with a handful of impressive features that help validate the amount of money they retail for. They have moisture-wicking properties, breathable lining, an antique brass zipper, and a super comfortable insole.

Sorel Women’s Slimpack Riding Tall Snow Boot

The Sorel Women’s leather riding tall boots are special equestrians fashion and riding boots. Like most great tall boots equestrians the market, these boots feature a unique design and is entirely made of genuine leather. They come with a great rubber sole, a flexible insole for extra comfort, and a double back strap for better control and comfort.

In addition to these great features,  they also come with impressive waterproof protection, a leather-wrapped heel, and sealed seem design. The boots excel in snow and riding in cold weather. They come in three different colors and are perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Boot

The Ariat Men Groundbreaking boots are impressive brown leather riding and fashion shoes perfect for equestrians and farmers alike. They come with tons of interesting features like pure mesh lining, two-row stitching, and two layers of leather.

What sets the Ariat men’s shoes aside from other great men’s shoes on the market is their amazing oil and moisture resistant properties. With the help of these two features, you can take up riding and farm work without having to worry about wet feet and discomfort. In addition to coming with great moisture resistance, they also come with a great internal sole and an impressive rubber outer sole.

Our Pick and Conclusion

In our guide, we covered a wide selection of impressive tall boots for male and female equestrians. With the kinds of features that each product we reviewed has, it can be almost impossible to choose a single product and wholeheartedly recommend it. Ultimately picking the best tall boots for equestrians boils down to picking a product that completely caters to the need of both male and female equestrians. For a male equestrian, we recommend the Derby Men’s Lined Rubber Boot. While this shoe is not the most stylish, it’s very durable and provides complete protection from the elements. For women, we recommend the Tommy Hilfiger Women’s SHYNE Equestrian Boots.