The 15 Best Fly Sheet For Horses 2023 (Reviews & Guid)

Horses are majestic creatures, and they deserve the very best care. Because horses love to spend time outside the barns, they often get exposed to flies and other insects. Besides distracting them, these insects can also cause diseases and skin conditions like sweet itch. To prevent this, you need the best fly sheet for horses you can get. These will give your horses the protection they need while allowing them to roam and exercise in their environment.

This guide helps you identify what you need to consider when picking out fly sheets. It also shows you 15 of the best sheet on the market so you can make your choice.



When shopping for the best fly sheet for horses, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Just like you wouldn’t grab the first shirt you see in the store, you shouldn’t grab the first sheet you come across. You need to find one that suits your horse’s needs.

These are the things to look out for when shopping for sheets for your horse:


Protection is the most important thing to consider. The basic fly sheet can keep your horse’s skin covered, preventing flies from gathering around and disturbing the beautiful creatures. Some more modern sheets come with UV protection that can protect your horse from the sun’s harmful rays. Some sheets also offer rain and cold protection. You should put all these into consideration and ensure that you pick a sheet that meets all your needs.


If you’ve ever seen an ill-fitting fly sheet before, then you know it’s not acceptable. The fly sheet should fit your horse snugly because a loose one defeats the whole purpose. A fly sheet that’s too big will only hang loose and cause discomfort for your horse; not to mention easily get destroyed. On the other hand, a fly sheet that’s too tight can rub against your horse’s skin and cause many of the skin disturbances you’re trying to prevent by keeping flies away. Measuring your horse is a good way to make sure the sheet fits.


There is a spectrum of fabric to choose from when getting a fly sheet for your horse. On one side are sheets that are very light and feel almost non-existent when draped over your horse. On the other side of the spectrum are sheets that are rigid and seem like they create a bubble of protection. Considering the fabric is important for the following reason.

Lighter sheets are more comfortable, and they feel like they aren’t there. This is for horses that don’t like getting draped by sheets. The downside is that they are less durable, and will generally rip easily. The thicker, bulkier alternatives are obviously more durable, but they trade comfort for longevity.


We already talked about how some fly sheets have UV protection. The color of the fly sheet you buy can also give you an added bonus when it comes to protection from the sun. Lighter colors reflect sun rays away from your horse in addition to keeping flies away. These are perfect for hot weather. Darker colors, on the other hand, absorb heat and may be more suited to cold weather.

Now that you know what to look out for in a fly sheet, let’s look at 15 of the best fly sheet for horses currently on the market.

The 15 Best Fly Sheet For Horses

Summer Spring Airflow Mesh Sheet

This fly sheet has everything you could ever need, the most important of which is the pattern. Horses are a lot like zebras, and this sheet comes with a zebra print which makes your horse look less domesticated.

This sheet comes with three straps that hold it on the horse and these ensure a snugly tight fit, even if it’s not exactly the right size. What’s more, is that it comes at an affordable price. If you put together the cost of the materials it takes to actually assemble a fly sheet this big, coupled with the benefits your horse will get, it’s a real bargain.

Shires Performance Fly Sheet and Neck Set White/Navy

This fly sheet is created by a manufacturer of multiple horse accessories, from riding clothes to equestrian supplies. The shires performance fly sheet is one of the best fly sheet for horses because it combines a lot of desirable features into one. It is breathable, so your horse can wear it even in hot weather without discomfort. It is also so light that it’s barely noticeable.

The best part is that it fits snugly ono the body of most horses because of its adjustable straps. Unfortunately, this sheet doesn’t come in multiple colors. However, its UV protection features more than makes up for this limited range of choices.

Kensington Platinum SureFit Protective Fly Sheet For Horses

Kensington platinum was created by horse lovers who wanted to protect their horse from the rain. They did so by throwing their picnic blanket over the beast, and their fly sheet brand was born. The newer models of sheets have much more benefits than just protecting your horse from the rain, although that’s certainly part of it.

In the winter, it is thick enough to give your horse adequate protection from the cold, and it is not too thick that it cannot be worn in the summer. Another reason you should go for the Kensington Platinum surefit is that it comes in various sizes. The downside of this fly sheet is that it may be too heavy form some horses.

Weatherbeeta Saxon Combo Neck Mesh Fly Sheet, Aqua & Navy

The Saxon mesh combo is really a combo when it comes to the best fly sheet for horses. Not only is it functional and protective, but it is also attractive and available on a budget. It offers UV protection, just like many of the other premium sheets available. What’s more, is that it offers a full range of protection, covering your horse all the way from the neck to the body.

Surprisingly, not many fly sheets come with neck covers for horses, but this one does. The only problem you might have with the neck piece is that it is loose around the horse’s neck It comes in two different colors, giving you options to choose from, unlike many other brands.

TuffRider Sport Mesh Standard Neck Fly Sheet

The tuffrider sport mesh has a different kind of strap from the other fly sheet on this list. The strap has a cross surcingle design that encompasses the horse’s body, enabling it to fit snugly around the horse. This also makes it more resistant to damages that loose-fitting fly sheets might be prone to.

It is made of a mesh material that is very soft and comfortable for the horse. It’s also a blend of comfort and durability, which is surprising because lighter materials are usually more prone to damage. The heavier ones are almost never comfortable.

Professionals Choice Fly Sheet 76In

The company, professional’s choice, is responsible for manufacturing this premium fly sheet for horses. From the name, you can already tell what it’s capable of. It has a soft inner lining that’s designed to interact well with your horse’s skin and give maximum comfort. It also has a breathable mesh that makes it excellent for use in the summer.

Speaking of summer use, the material is stain-resistant, which means that you have one less thing to worry about during cleaning. Even though it’s quite pricey, this fly sheet is worth it. Not may fly sheets can keep flies off your horse while preventing hair rub, resisting stain, and interacting well with your horse’s skin. This one is definitely worth the price.

Tuffrider comfy mesh Fly Sheet

This is the second tuffrider product on this list, and that’s for a reason. Tuffrider is something of a household name when you’re discussing the best fly sheet for horses, as you’ll see with this Tuffrider comfy mesh fly sheet. With minimalist straps, this fly sheet has a simple and easy to apply structure. It is also available at an incredibly budget-friendly price.

This fly sheet is incredibly comfortable to wear for horses, and it offers breathability and UV protection. Being one of the leading brands in fly sheet production, tuffrider delivers excellently with this product; it is a simple collection of everything you need from a fly sheet.

Tough-1 Zebra Mesh Fly Sheet

If you remember, the number one pick of best fly sheet for horses was a zebra print fly sheet. This sheet also has that peculiar equine feature. It is made of high quality and durable material that’s both breathable and protective.

The high-quality means that you can forget about having any problems relating to tears or damage with this fly sheet. The tough-1 zebra mesh fly sheet is also simple. It has a plain design that might fool you into thinking it’s not capable of adequate fly protection. With no frills or added features, it’s one of the most minimal sheets on this list.

Amigo evolution fly sheet

The amigo evolution fly sheet really is an evolution in fly sheets. This premium sheet provides cover for most of your horse’s body, including the neck, body, and even upper legs. It is made of incredibly durable material that will last for a long time, regardless of how active your horse is.

What’s more is that even though it covers a majority of your horse’s body, it is not restrictive. The amigo evolution fly sheet is also very breathable, which is counterintuitive if you consider that it covers the whole body. It is a little more expensive than some of the others on this list, but for all it can do, it’s well worth it.

Hy Protect Full Neck Fly Rug

The Hy Protect Full Neck Fly Rug does everything you need form a fly rug. It keeps flies away, it helps keep your horse consistently cool, and it is very durable. If the right size is obtained, it fits well over the horse, and you can use the straps to secure it in place. The grey and coral colors make sure that it reflects heat away, keeping your horse cool.

This is one of the absolute best fly sheet for horses because it comes with an optional headcollar fitting for extra protection. It is also incredibly durable, and will not give you any concerns when it comes to its longevity.

Premier Equine Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug

The most obvious benefit of this fly sheet, besides the fact that it keeps flies away, is that it helps your horse stay dry, even in rainy weather. It is just as adequate in dry weather while being breathable and comfortable. The fly sheet comes with tough fastenings and a fillet strap that helps keep it on the body of your horse

It is affordably priced, despite its weather protective features—not many fly sheets can keep horses dry as it can. It also comes in a unique green color that makes your horse stand out.

BR Fly rug combo classic

The fly rug combo classic is another neck to body fly sheet is that is both functional and affordable. It fits snugly on the body of your house as it conforms with the body shape. The neckpiece has an optional neck collar. It’s optional because the fly sheet is designed to be fitting; the neckpiece will stay in place even if you don’t use the collar.

This fly sheet trades usability for aesthetics because it doesn’t have much in the way of visual appeal. But since it does the job just fine and comes at a reasonable price, it is highly recommended.

Bucas Buzz-off Zebra full neck rug

The Bucas buzz-off zebra fly sheet is a very straightforward product. It does its job of keeping flies away from your horse. In addition to that, it is very easy to put on and has a snug fit. The fabric is also soft and will not rub against the horse, even with the snug fit.

As the name implies, it also has a zebra print, which makes it the third sheet on this list of the best fly sheet for horses with that feature. Even though it’s not as expensive as the others, the zebra print makes it look like a top-quality premium grade sheet.

Professional’s choice comfort fly mask

Before we wrap up this review of the best fly sheet for horses, we have to talk about some fly accessories. Even though many fly sheets extend to the neck of the horse, there aren’t really any that cover the face—you need another accessory for that. Enter the professional choice fly mask.

It is premium quality and protects the face from flies. It also has high breathability, which is very important since it’s on the horse’s face. While shopping for this fly mask, you’re going to come across several colors, and that’s good because you can select the ones that match the color of fly sheet you have.

Kensington natural horse fly boots

We also have to discuss fly sheets for your horse’s legs. They are called fly boots, and these are manufactured by Kensington. You may remember that we reviewed another premium product on this list by Kensington. Kensington is known for manufacturing useful and durable horse accessories, and these boots are no different.

They give your horse’s feet additional protection from the pesky flies because when they can’t get to the back and neck, the feet are usually the next targets. The only problem you might have with these boots is that they only come in pairs, so you’ll have to buy two to get full protection for your horse.

Our thoughts

Protecting your horse from flies can save you a lot of trouble in the long run, and that’s why these fly sheets for horses are very important. Every item on this list will get you what you need in terms of basic protection from pesky flying insects. However, some have more benefits than others, and thus, are more preferable.

Some fly sheets extend to the neck of the horse while others only cover the body. Some others come with an optional neck sheet. There are also fly sheets that offer weather protection, like the Kensington platinum. Others, like the summer spring airflow mesh, are more suited for the summer. When choosing a fly sheet for your house, the most important thing is to pick one that suits the needs of the horse.