The 15 Best Horse Wormer for Fall 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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At some point in time, every equestrian knows that their horse will get infected with parasites or worms. It might be severe or mild but is horrible all the same.  Parasites can affect performance, reduce horse activity, make them lose weight, and even eventually cause death. In this post, we will be talking about products that allow you to better handle fall deworming sessions better. The products on our list are some of the best horse wormer for fall deworming sessions. And to better exploit their numerous benefits, we are going to be teaching you what to look out for and avoid.

Guide to Choosing Great Horse Wormers for the Fall

Worming your horse is an incredibly simple, yet delicate process. It is relatively easy to execute, and incredibly hard to correct once mistakes have been made. Having the best tools, or in this case, products at hand could help prevent the majority of the potential complications that typically arise. But with all things delicate, trial and error, and the help of a professional are the only way to truly prevent devastating losses.

Choosing the Right Chemicals for the Fall Worming

Worming your horses with a “One product fits all” mentality is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying wormers. You have to consider the parasites lifecycle, risk of the disease, age of the horse, the resistance of the worms before you buy products for your fall deworming. For the fall, veterinarians typically recommend products with active ingredients like praziquantel, ivermectin, and moxidectin. A combination on any of these actives are fine, but before you buy them, always consult your vet and see if he/she approves of them.

Foals Are a Different Ball Game Entirely

Foals might technically be horses, and in some cases will need the same doses as mature horses, but their developmental requirements starkly vary from the typical thousand-pound horse. It tend to get infected more frequently, and certain parasites prefer them to older horses. They are in more danger than you might know, and that is why you need to treat them and separate them from other horses. Foals typically need fenbendazole, oxibendazole, ivermectin, praziquantel and moxidectin several times a year. Before treating them with any of the active ingredients above, you should see your vet and come up with a solid plan to tackle unforeseen developments.

Top 15 Best Horse Wormer for Fall

In this section, we discuss a few of the most impressive horse wormers available on the market and outline some of their more dominant features.

Intervet Safeguard Wormer Pellets for Horses

The Intervet safeguard wormer is a pellet-based alfalfa product that allows equestrians to worm horses in with a single meal. Unlike most products on the market, this one comes with a great flavour, and it is powerful enough to cleanse even the largest horses with a single meal.

It comes in a single large flavour-packed pouch and is suitable for all kinds of horses. It contains an active ingredient- fenbendazole. The safeguard is incredibly potent when alone, but it truly shines when coupled with a one or two more potent wormers.

Bimeda Equimax Horse Wormer Ivermectin

The Equimax worming paste is a powerful instant horse wormer capable of providing nearly instant relief form worm infections. This paste is effective against roundworms and tapeworms. Each dose comes with about 6.42 grams of paste. This paste-based wormer offers nearly instantaneous relief for most horses and eliminates bots.

A single dose is potent enough to cure a large 1350 pound horse. So, you don’t have to worry about not having enough paste to cater to your large animal. It is safe for all breeds of horses, and it belongs in every equestrian’s care box.

Durvet Invermectin Paste Equine Wormer

The Durvet Ivermectin equine wormer is an apple-flavored equine paste wormer that provides instant relief from worms and bots. The formula used for this product is suitable for all common breeds of horses. Your broodmares, breeding stallions, and your other types of horses can use this product safely.

This Durvet equine wormer really shines when applied to performance horses with worms and bots. It often provides an instantaneous relief and boosts performance significantly if applied before any major performances. It is effective against large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, ascarids, hairworms, largemouth stomach worms, bots, lungworms, and intestinal threadworms.

Schering Intervet Wormer Horse paste

The Schering horse wormer is a powerful apple flavored horse wormer that provides relief from worm infections. It has an artificial flavouring that replicates the unique taste of apple and cinnamons. It’s perfectly suitable for all kinds of horses you may have or interested in procuring. It contains non-toxic ingredients and is manufactured in the United States of America.

The Schering provides near instantaneous relief and is effective against most major kinds of parasites, including bots. It comes in a plastic syringe with about 100mg per dose.

Pfizer Strongid Wormer Paste for Horses

The Pfizer wormer paste is a fast-acting deworming solution manufactured by one of the largest and trusted pharmaceutical conglomerates on the planet. Its active ingredient is Pyrantel Pamoate, and it is effective against all major worms and bots. It is safe and effective for foals as well as adults. It is one of the only trusted foal wormers promises near-instantaneous relief shortly after consumption.

This wormer is a lot more potent than most currently available on the market, and should only be used at the behest of a veterinarian.

Merck Animal SafeGuard 25 Gram Paste Equine Wormer

The Merck Animal SafeGuard paste is a heavy-duty horse wormer strong enough to handle horses that weigh about 1100 lbs. It comes with a sweet apple flavor that makes administering it easier on horses.  It contains about 10% fenbendazole, – that is 5% more than most companies include in their products.

The Merck Animal SafeGuard works wonders on all types of horses and is effective on most kinds of worms and parasites. In some circles, it is considered a pseudo performance paste because of just how fast it works. In theory, it can boost performance when applied before a big race.

PFIZER Equine Strongid C2X for Horses

The PFIZER Equine Strongid for horses is a massive stable-sized horse wormer chock full of the best parasites and worm fighting active ingredients on the market. It’s the perfect size of horse wormer for ranch or stable owners. It comes with some of the most effective ingredients on the market, and can cure even the largest horses with little to no effort at all.

It’s effective against all the common types of worms, and it sells for a surprisingly affordable price. It comes with a sweet and palatable apple flavor that encourages horses to use it without incident.

Farnam Horse Health Ivermectin

The Farnam Horse health Ivermectin is a potent horse wormer with special features and attributes. Unlike most horse warmers on the market, it can deal with over thirty different breeds of popular and usual worms that are sometimes found in a horse’s body.

In addition to coming with amazing coverage, the Farnam also comes with an above-average Ivermectin active ingredient. This means it is far more effective than most products at this price point, and it has a faster response time. It also means that the product is able to deal with larger horses (1250 pounds) despite its relatively small form factor.

Bimeda Bimectin Ivermectin Paste Horse Wormer single dose

The Bimectin Ivermectin horse paste is an ivermectin-based horse wormer that provides active coverage or several horse breeds. It is effective against over 30 different worms, parasites and even bots.

With an above-average concentration of ivermectin (1.87%) functioning as an active in this paste, it is easily able to deal with large horses and foals alike. It is also great for stallions, breeding horses and other breeds of both performance and non-performance horses.

Ivermax Apple Flavoured Horse Equine Wormer kit

As the name suggests, the Ivermax is a three in one horse wormer that contains three product, each with exciting active ingredients that produce interesting results. Between all these products, the horses are all but guaranteed complete recovery and improvement in productivity.

The products active ingredients are ivermectin, praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, and oxibendazole. This cocktail of wormers come with a palatable apple flavor to ease its passage. It not only attacks and destroys worms and parasites, but it also handles bots quite well.

Durvet Equine horse to foal Safe-Wormer

Only a handful of professional-grade horse wormers for foals exists. The Durvet equine horse to foal happens to be one of them. It uses a milder active ingredient (fenbendazole), and it is limited to about 1%.

It’s a B medicated feed pellet type feed capable of dealing with popular worms like strongyles, pinworms, and ascarids. It is sold in a convenient one-pound bag that is strong enough to treat animals with a combined weight of about 2000 pounds. Officially, this product is recommended for horses of all ages.

Intervet Safe-Guard Wormer Paste for Horses

The Intervet wormer paste is a fast-acting equine wormer with one active ingredient. It contains large amounts of fenbendazole, and it is well suited for spring and fall treatments. A single dose of this incredible wormer is able to treat about 550 pounds at a time. So depending on the size of your horse, you will either need a single dose or multiple doses during the treatment.

It comes in a syringe format, and it has no added flavor. A six month resting period is recommended after every cycle. Each syringe contains about 25 grams.

Durvet Duramectin Ivermectin Paste

The Durvet Duramectin is a simple yet effective ivermectin-based wormer for performance and non-performance horses. It contains about 1.87% of ivermectin as an active ingredient just like every other popular wormer product, and it comes in a quick syringe format. Like most products that rely heavily on this compound, it functions both as a boticide, and it treats parasites and destroys worms.

A single dose of the Duramectin is enough to handle over 1000 pounds of body weight easily, and it promises almost instantaneous relief. It comes with no distinct flavors, and it weighs about 21 grams per packet.

Farnam Wormer for Horses

Farnam is by far one of the leading authorities on equine safety, nutrition and health. Their product, the Farnam wormer, offers some the best features and results currently available on the market. The Evercare is an ivermectin-based product with about 1.87% per syringe.

Once administered, the Farnam can neutralize all bots, parasites, and worms with a single dose. Thanks to the trusty Sure-grip syringe design used by Farnam, equestrian won’t waste a single drop of precious paste when administering the wormer. It comes with a palatable apple flavor, and it provides complete restoration for horses less than 1500 pounds.

Zimecterin Gold Ivermectin Horse Wormer

The Zimecterin gold horse wormer is a gold standard wormer that contains all the right active ingredients. It contains about 1.55% of ivermectin and about 7.55% of praziquantel.  The combination of both of these active ingredients confirms that it is effective against various types of worms, parasites, and even bots within a single dose.

It comes in an oral syringe, which means it has to be wholly administered without interruptions. And it can treat up to 1250 pounds of bodyweight. This product is incredibly versatile. While it might be able to treat large horses, it is delicate enough for foals too. All breeds of horses can use Zimecterin.


In this post, we covered some of the best horse wormer for fall worming and talked about how efficient they tend to be. We, however, skipped out on certain tips and general advice that should make your seasonal deworming easier. The first thing you should know about worming your horse, in general, is to always make sure you always confirm after every session that you got them all. If parasites survive each worming session, it kind of defeats its purpose altogether. We recommend getting worming testers. We also recommend taking special attention to the drugs you purchase when treating foals. It’s irresponsible to use a single type of product to treat all types of horses.