The 15 Best Senior Horse Feed for Weight Gain 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

Hay, pasture grass and grains. These are some things that all horses eat. However, if you want to feed your senior horse, you need to give special consideration to its health requirements. These considerations are even more important if you’re trying to get your horse to gain weight. Malnutrition is very different for senior horses – a diet that may be acceptable for younger horses could be unsuitable for senior ones. The best senior horse feed for weight gain would have to be one that put all the horse’s needs into account, including the digestive needs, immune system needs, and joint health.


Guide to Selecting the Best Feed for Senior Weight Gain

To feed a senior horse for weight gain, you need a product with very specific ingredients. These will enhance the absorption of nutrients in the digestive system while also providing a large dose of fat and calories.

Here are some of the ingredients to look out for when buying feed for weight gain for senior horses:

Low Starch and Sugar

As human beings, senior horses are prone to having certain disease conditions that younger ones are just not prone to. Some of them include laminitis, Cushing’s disease, equine metabolic syndrome, and pituitary dysfunction. Sweets and starch can improve the chances of your horse developing these conditions, and they can make the conditions worse in horses that already have them. So, you need a feed that’s low in starch and sugar.

High Fat and Calories

This is a no brainer for any living thing that’s trying to gain weight. You want the fat and calories consumed to exceed those that are being used up during the day. If you’re going to get a feed for your horse, ensure that it has very high fat and calorie content.

Probiotics and Fiber

Probiotics and fiber have similar functions when it comes to the digestive system. They both improve the health and gastric motility of horses. In senior horses, the rate of digestion and metabolism is slowed down. You need a feed that contains probiotics and fiber so that the ingredients can compensate for the horse’s slow digestion.

15 of the Best Senior Horse Feed for Weight Gain

Manna pro Senior Weight Accelerator for Horses

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There is a wide spectrum of feed available for horses, and fortunately, manna pro manufactures a lot of them. This particular product has high fat and calorie levels which are suitable for gaining and maintaining weight in horses. Senior horses, in particular, require more calories than younger ones, and this feed provides that in surplus.

Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator for Horses is also loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics. These promote a shiny skin and coat and proper digestion of food respectively. Manna Pro also has a taste that senior horses find irresistible.

Purina Mills Equine Senior Active

Purina Mills is designed to promote activity and high energy levels in senior horses. The feed provides a steady supply of a blend of ingredients, from flat seed rice bran to vegetable oil. These ingredients are loaded with high-fat content, and that in turn promotes weight gain in senior horses.

Besides a high-fat content, Purina Mills also contains Vitamin E, which provides additional support for the immune system of horses. It also has a controlled starch and sugar content, two things that are equally important for any horse feed aimed at seniors. In all, this feed was designed with only senior horses in mind, and it more than delivers on that level.

Manna pro Senior Equine Supplement

Here’s another senior-oriented supplement from manna pro. This particular product is focused on the bodily needs of the horse. It has enhanced joint support and improved digestive support. First of all, the feed is shaped as extruded pellets, which are much easier to eat and digest. The pellets also provide proper access to the joint and digestive health of the horses.

Manna Pro Senior Equine Supplement contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate, two ingredients necessary for resilient and flexible joint tissue. It also contains Ground flax, vitamin C and Omega- acids. The feed is complete in itself, and thus, should not be used with any additional grain or roughages.

Horse Guard Super Weight Gain Equine Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

This horse supplement is filled with so many different ingredients, and that’s what makes it suitable for senior horses. Even though it’s important to address dietary needs, it’s also important to give the horses all the necessary nutrition. With no dietary requirements lacking, the horse will gain weight without any problems.

Horse Guard contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and even probiotics. Besides these, it also contains soybeans. Soybeans can provide horses with a cool supply of energy without increasing their body metabolism. In all, Horse Guard is a fantastic weight gain supplement for older horses.

Ultracruz Equine Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Supplement

UltraCruz comes in a bag that can last up to 50 days of continuous feeding. It is made for the senior horse and its owner in mind. The product also comes in powder form that’s easy to administer. You simply mix it with the water or feed and give it to your horse.

The unique thing about this product is that it is not specifically aimed at weight gain. But then again, if you want your senior horse to be healthy, you need to cater to all its needs, including vitamins and minerals. As its name implies, UltraCruz is a fantastic source of vitamin C, and it’s all your horse will ever need.

Purina Animal Nutrition Strategy Healthy Edge

Here’s another product by Purina. This particular feed is available in nuggets, which is considered very delicious by all horses, young and old. It contains purinareg, Purina’s proprietary ingredient for maintaining proper gastric ph. This makes it a favorite among senior horses with ulcer. It also contains a unique blend of ingredients specifically designed for gastric balance, digestion and motility.

These are important things to consider when you think about the health and performance of senior horses. Its other benefits include a rich supply of amino acids and controlled starch and sugars.

Nutrena Proforce Senior Horse Feed

This senior horse weight gain feed from Nutrena is the whole package. It is crafted using a proprietary formula, and it contains high fat, high vitamin and mineral ingredients. Basically, the things that your horse needs to gain weight rapidly. It is a high fat, beet pulp-based feed and it caters for all the needs your horse could ever have.

It comes in a 50-pound bag, and even though it’s great for all senior horses, it’s perfect for athlete horses. This makes it the first feed on this list that’s geared toward senior performance horses.

Bluebonnet Feeds Triple Crown Senior

Triple crown is one of the lesser-known manufacturers of horse feed. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t know their stuff. This product could easily be one of the best on this list. It is affordably priced, relative to the other senor horse feed, while also being very effective.

As you can expect from any feed worth its salt, it loaded with high-fat ingredients that are specifically aimed at helping your horse gain weight. It also has probiotics for improved digestion and a great taste that all horses love. Even though this feed is specifically for senior horses, younger ones can eat it too.

Purina Animal Nutrition Impact Professional Senior

Manufactured by Purina, this feed is just as effective as their other products. Purina is one of the top horse feed manufacturers, and they make products geared towards different needs of the horse. For example, they have amino acid supplements, joint support, and even digestion-oriented feed.

This particular feed is designed to help your horse gain weight, and it has a rich ingredient line up to match that need. It has protein, vitamin and mineral fortification for the overall health of your horse. It also has a high-fat, high-calorie content.

Tribute Senior Sport for Horses

This horse feed is manufactured by Tribute, and even though it’s for senior horses, it might as well be for all horses in general. It has a high-fat content, as well as lots of fiber. Fiber, just like probiotics can aid in digestion and improve overall gut health. It also has high levels of Vitamin E, which are important for muscle protection and overall health.

Tribute Senior Sport for Horses has an optimal balance of amino acids for muscle recovery and health. Its organic minerals ingredients can help replenish the horse’s body tissues after the day’s exercise and activities. The dosage you administer depends on the size and activity level of your horse.

Purina Free Balance Horse Supplement

Purina Free Balance is all about providing balance and support to the horse’s bodily systems. First of all, it contains fortified vitamins and minerals that support healthy joint tissue, strong bones, a resilient immune system and reproductive health.

It also contains antioxidants that help to mop up free radicals. Other ingredients include Vitamin E and Probiotics. Vitamin E promotes muscle growth and improves skin, coat and hooves health. Purina Free Balance has a great flavor that horses love.

Manna pro Senior Snax Treats for Horses

This product’s name tells you everything you need to know about it. First of all, it’s by Manna Pro, one of the best and most competent horse feed manufacturers around. Secondly, it is designed for senior horses, which means you can expect a high-fat, low starch ingredient line up.

Thirdly, it’s called snax, which means it is absolutely tasty. You’re not going to have any problems feeding this to your senior horse. In fact, you should be more concerned about keeping your younger horses away from it!

Kalmbach Feeds Tribute Growth Pellets for Horse

Kalmbach, like Triple crown, is a lesser-known manufacturer of horse feed. But, that hasn’t stopped them from making a great product with an even greater formula. Tribute Growth is designed for rapid weight gain in horses, senior and junior alike. It contains optimal levels of antioxidants, and that helps to reduce the damage from ageing and exercise in horses.

The antioxidants also boost immune system health. Tribute Growth also has EquiFerm XL, a unique composition that has both pre and probiotics. This helps the horse increase its overall diet digestibility, and improve the overall gut health.

Majesty’s Flex Wafers

Majesty’s Flex Wafers are some of the most popular horse feed around. You can tell by the number of positive reviews they have. One of the reasons why this feed is so popular is that it’s in wafer form, and horses love the taste. They simply can’t get enough of it. It is also incredibly rich in amino acids that support the overall health of the animal.

Majesty’s Flex Wafers supports the overall activity of senor horses. It is made of a unique blend of ingredients that consists of molasses, oats, apple sauce, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Manna pro Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax

Here’s another “Snax” product from Manna Pro. It is just as delicious as the first, and it’s just as good for your senior horses. It has a low starch formula, which is highly recommended for senior horses. It’s also made of all-natural ingredients, which is always a plus especially when you’re considering senior horses.

The product comes in two different flavors, apple and carrot anise. It contains things like amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and even probiotics. Manna Pro NutriGood is a great choice for when you’re looking to maintain the weight of your horse.

Our final thoughts on the best feed for weight gain in senior horses

Finding the best senior horse feed for weight gain is quite easy if you know what to look out for. All the products that we’ve discussed on this guide will get you amazing results when it comes to increasing the weight of your senior horse. You have the option of choosing easy to feed wafers like Majesty’s Flex Wafers or powdered feed like UltraCruz Equine Vitamin C feed. The UltraCruz is also a great source of Vitamin C, which is very important for senior horses. If you need a feed that focuses more on the dietary requirements of the horse, then Horse Guard Super Weight and Purina Free Balance are great choices.