The 12 Best Hoof Supplements for Barefoot Horses 2023: Reviews & Guide

A good and healthy set of hooves is a reflection of the inside healthy of your horse. And although it can be based on various things including genetics, diet and the shoes, there is one thing that will surely give your horse stronger and healthier hooves— the right hoof supplements for barefoot horses.

For horses, having good hooves is crucial— especially since they got four feet, so they’ll be needing all the hoof care they need. In particular, a strong set of feet is especially crucial if you wish to keep your horse barefoot or maybe looking to transition him to this.

A horse that has been shod his entire life might end up getting a bit uncomfortable when they first take their shoes off. Thus it is particularly important that you build up hoof strength.


Important Factors To Consider

Buying the best hoof supplement for barefoot horses can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for.

So, what does a good hoof supplement contain?


One of the B vitamins for horse, Biotin is water-soluble and most mammals require it to maintain healthy cell growth and development. In addition, biotin also strengthens the bond between collagen fibers within connective tissues in the coat and hooves.

Horses cannot synthesize biotin on their own, so they will need to get it through their diet and uses bacteria in their gut to break down the fiber. A good hoof supplement should provide at least 20mg of biotin daily.


It supports the proper processing an absorption of proteins in order to help build stronger and healthier hooves, bones and teeth.

Zinc and Copper

A trace mineral, zinc helps in reinforcing keratin— a protein which protects the epithelial cells against damage. Keratin is the main structural material of the outer surfaces of hooves, skin and coat. In addition, zinc helps in the absorption of trace minerals like copper.

Hoof supplements generally have:

  • 25 – 100 mg of copper
  • 250 – 400 mg of Zinc.

Methionine, Threonine, and Lysine

Like biotin, these are essential amino acids that a horse can’t make on their own and thus need to be supplied through their diet. These are one of the building blocks of protein and is crucial in building healthy and strong hooves.

Hoof supplements generally offer:

  • 500 – 750mg of threonine
  • 1,000 – 2,000mg of lysine
  • 1,000 – 5,300mg of methionine

 Top 12 Best Hoof Supplement For Barefoot Horses

Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Hoof Supplement

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Highly palatable and easy to feed, this pelleted hoof supplement from Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret helps in the support of good overall growth of hoof for all classes of horses. It is an Amazon’s Choice and recommended by top farriers.

This original formula offers key nutrition in order to help prevent cracked hooves as well as strengthening hoof walls so your horses will be more comfortable barefooted. Developed to provide the best possible nutrition for hooves, it contains the most digestible and purest ingredients including biotin, key amino acids, minerals, Omega-6, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

See results faster with 1,704mg lysine, 15mg biotin and 2,724mg methionine in every 6 ounces serving. Proudly made in the US and NASC approved, this hoof supplement is available in 38 pounds (101 – 202 days supply), 22 pounds (60 – 117 days supply) and 11 pounds (30 – 58 days supply).

Horse Health Shur-Hoof Hoof Supplement

Because of rigorous training and schedules, horse hooves tend to lose their strength and causes fissures and cracks. In such cases, try the Shur-Hoof from Horse Health. This hoof supplement is specially formulated to nurse these wounds, mend the damaged tissues and restore the quality of cracked, fragile and dry hooves.

The supplement contains the amino acids methionine and lysine as well as biotin for growth and protection. It comes in palatable alfalfa pellets which can be blended with a horse’s feed for 45 days in order to get results. In addition, the extruded particles mean that you will have a consistent mix with all feed forms, making it suitable for the fussy eaters.

Lastly, the hoof supplement comes in a convenient seal-tight lid with an inner bag to ensure that the pellets are fresh.

LIFE DATA LABS Inc., Farrier’s Formula Original Strength Pelleted Supplement

Advertised as the number 1 recommended product by farriers in the US for 12 consecutive years, this is one of the bestseller hoof supplements available. This horse supplement from LIFE DATA LABS provides the necessary nutrients that allow horses to build healthy and strong connective tissue proteins for good hoof growth and structure.

These nutrients include minerals, vitamins, omega fatty acids, phospholipids and important amino acid that help in maintaining a healthy coat and hoof. In addition, it helps in “growing out” wall cracks and strengthening hoof sole and walls as well as assisting in laminitis recovery. It also reduces the likelihood of bruising and microbial invasions while promoting a glossy coat.

The pelleted supplement can be mix with regular feeds or can be given separately. It is doping free and can be fed to competition horses. Lastly, the supplement is available in 3 sizes— 44-pound pail, 11-pound pail or 11-pound bag.

LIFE DATA LABS Inc., Farrier’s Formula Double Strength Pelleted Supplement

As its name implies, the Farrier’s Formula Double Strength Supplement has twice the concentration of nutrients that the previous, original formula. It also contains omega fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, phospholipids, and important amino acids to help maintain healthy coats and hooves.

In addition, it helps in “growing out” wall cracks, promote fast and strong growth f hoof walls, heel, frog and sole as well as helping in laminitis recovery. Not only that, this supplement helps in strengthening the connective tissue of ligaments and joints. The supplement is available in 11-pound bag or pail giving you 60 -120 days of supply.

DPD HoofSnax Biotin Treats

Make sure to treat your horse for his hard work with a delicious cookie enriched with Biotin and Flax for healthy hoof growth and shiny coat. The HoofSnax is made with natural and finest ingredients, giving your horse only the healthiest and wholesome treat.

Unlike pelleted supplement, the HoofSnax is designed to provide a nutritional reward or treat for your horse for a job well done. It is made of palatable stabilized Rice Bran that any horse will surely love and includes Brewer’s Dried Yeast for good digestion. This yummy treat is available in 3-pound size 5 cookies provide 20mg of biotin.

AniMed Hoof Medic Hoof Supplement

The AniMed Hoof Medic is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that are designed to support the normal and healthy growth of hooves. This hoof supplement helps restores cracked, weak and poor hooves and bring back the strength of their walls.

It is a nutritious blend of all-natural ingredients including enzymes, proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids that works on a daily basis to help achieve better and healthier hooves. Proudly made in the US, the AniMed Hoof Medic comes in a 4-pound pail to give you up to 64 days of supply.

AniMed Biotin 100 Powder

An essential all-biotin supplement, this powder supplement from AniMed is a bioavailable and economic source for nutritional supplementation of biotin for your horse’s diet. As we all know, this water-soluble B-vitamin plays a crucial role in protein, carbohydrates and fat metabolism as well as aiding in the normal and healthy hoof growth and hardness

It comes in an easy-to-feed top dress powder that you can mix with your horse’s regular feed diet. Also, the included enclosed scoop should help you give the right amount of powder in every feeding. Made in the US, this biotin supplement is available in 5 pounds for up to 80-day supply or 2.5 pounds for at least 40-day supply.

Farnam H.B. 15 Hoof Supplement

The H.B. 15 Hoof Supplement from Farnam was specially formulated to help promote normal hoof growth as well as preventing weak walls and cracked hooves. The supplement provides essential nutrients which are necessary for tissue growth and maintenance.

It is enriched in biotin (20mg of biotin per oz.) that helps in metabolizing proteins, fats, and carbs. In addition, it has essential amino acids such as methionine and lysine that allows better synthesis of vegetable proteins in grains and hay. For use in all classes of horse, this hoof supplement comes in easy to feed and palatable alfalfa pellets that are suitable even for the picky eaters.

The supplement can be a top dress or mix in with your horse’s daily grain ration and comes with an enclosed scoop that holds 1 ounce for accurate dosage. Made in the US and NASC approved, this supplement is available in 3 pounds that could last you 48 days of supply or 7 pounds that gives your 112 days of hoof care supplement.

Horse Guard Equine Hoof Guard Supplement

The Equine Hoof Guard from Horse Guard contains the unbeatable combination of zinc, methionine, biotin, soy oil and MSM— the building blocks for flexible and strong hooves. Not only that, this supplement contains 32mg of biotin per dose which is double the amount of biotin in most hoof supplement. This double dosage helps in better strengthening of the hoof wall.

Not only that, the addition of MSM to its formula provides extra help to the structural protein of the hooves that contributes to flexible and stout hooves. Easy to feed, this supplement can be mixed on your horse’s daily diet and is available in sizes 10 and 5 pounds.

Formula 707 Hoof Health Pellets

Nourish and improve crumbling, cracking as well as delaminating hooves with the Hoof Health Pellets from Formula 707. This complete hoof supplement helps achieve healthy hoof walls and soles.

Each serving contains DL-methionine, L-lysine, and D-biotin as well as zinc methionine complex, phosphorus, calcium and copper and manganese to maximize its bioavailability. All essential hoof nutrients are then blended in a base of yeast culture, rice hulls and dried distilled grains that is palatable to horses.

Durvet Biotin Daily Hoof Supplement

One of the tastiest hoof supplement for horses, the Durvet Biotin Daily comes in an easy to feed apple-flavored pellets that every horse will surely love. The supplement is enriched in biotin for optimal hoof care as well as digestive functioning.

Not only have that, but flax seed meal was also added as a source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for nutritional support of hoof development and growth. Made in the US, it comes in a 2-5 pound pail that provides you 36 – 72 day supply.

DPD Focus HF Hoof Supplement

The Focus HF is a special formula that provides nutritional support for horses with poor hoof conditions. It promotes superior hoof growth, strength, and texture for optimum resilience and strength.

This supplement contains key nutrients such as lysine, lecithin, methionine, biotin, and nutritional yeast culture, chelated trace mineral, and natural iodine. Not only that, but it also features a blend of micronutrients consisting of at least 60 trace elements and minerals in an organic form with high bioavailability.

In addition, it also features seaweeds which contains other natural bio-active compounds that may be missing from your horse’s diet. Each serving offers 10mg of supplemental biotin to help develop healthy hooves, coat, and skin. The supplement is available in 3.5 pounds enough for 37 days or the 25 pounds that should last you for over 8 months.


Your horse’s hooves are his very foundation, thus it is only natural that you keep them as strong and as healthy as possible. Professional and regular hoof maintenance, exercise, environmental management, and proper nutrition should keep your horse and his hooves in good condition.

However, it does not always hurt to go the extra mile and provide your horse with the right hoof supplement. After all, the best hoof supplements are the easiest way to ensure that those hooves grow strong and healthy.