Best Calming Paste for Horses 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Horses get spooked easily. It’s one of those weird things that equestrians love and hate about them. Horses can sometimes serve as a makeshift alarm system. Because of their loyalty and superior senses, they can keep up safe by sensing danger we cannot perceive. Sometimes, a horse’s nerves could be a bad thing. Horses are primarily performance animals. They all perform whether professionally or domestically. An overly sensitive horse could underperform and potentially cost owners profit. To prevent this outcome, equestrians and equine experts came up with calming pastes. As responsible horse owners, we must invest in only the best calming paste for horses with overly sensitive nerves.

Guide for Buying the Perfect Calming Paste for Horses

The problem with looking for the best calming paste is the sheer number of options available on the market. The horse supplement market is heavily saturated, and with that number comes an advantage. It gives buyers like you a chance to sift through the features of multiple products and choose the best one. When looking for the best paste for your horse, you should watch out for:

The Number of Servings per Syringe

If you don’t know yet, most paste supplements come in syringes so that you can apply them directly into the horse’s mouth. When you are choosing a paste, think about the value you can get from each syringe. There are single and multi-use syringes that go for relatively the same price. Whenever you can, opt for the product that offers multiple uses.

Look at the Ingredients in Each Product Before You Buy

You should always try to keep track of just what chemicals or herbs you shove in the body of your beloved horse. Before you make a purchase, you should always review the features of each product and ensure they don’t cause any side effects like drowsiness, gut problems, etc.

The Price of the Syringe

For most people, the final buy decision boils down to the amount of money available. If you are one of those buyers, you must always make sure that you have gone over the prices of multiple products and figured out which one is best for you.

15 of the Best Calming Paste for Horses

In this section, we are going to be looking at some of the most popular calming pastes on the market at the moment. We are going to be briefly exploring their features and advantages. We hope that this section will help you make your decision easier.

Animed via Calm

The AniMed Via Calm is an herbal performance supplement for horses who have problems with transportation and relaxation. This supplement is made of the best ingredients available and it is rich in Vitamins, magnesium and other valuable minerals.

The calming effects of the AniMed Via Calm help reduce anxiety in horses, help them handle competitions better and increase performance. The AniMed comes in a paste form and can be administered by simply squeezing the content of the syringe on the horse’s mouth. The Animed is suitable for all breeds and types of horses. You can find the Animed on online stores, and it sells in bulk if you need it.

Animal Element in the Zone All-natural Focus Paste

The animal element all-natural paste is a quick-acting GMO-free paste that keeps horses focused and calm during stressful situations. Instead of using regular artificial ingredients, this calming paste for horses is made entirely of herbs and fruits.

The most noticeable ingredients in this calming paste are the aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar, and a bunch of other exotic natural ingredients. The Animal Element is one of the safest products you can ever feed your horse. Its fresh, natural ingredients make it ideal for virtually all breeds of horses.

Pozzi Relax by Oxy-gen

Pozzi relax is a pre-performance calming supplement for horses who get nervous before a big event. Pozzi can also help horses who get nervous during travel, competition, or other stressful events. The Pozzi comes in a small syringe that allows equestrians to help their horses before any stressful event.

The Pozzi is not an herbal or natural product. Therefore, it only utilizes the best synthetic ingredients. This supplement contains a balanced mix of vitamins, magnesium, and tryptophan. It helps protect horses against free radicals and it is great for their gut health also.

Dac 1 Dose Calm B Equine Mature Horse Calming Paste

The DAC calming paste is a unique, highly effective senior equine paste that boosts performance and help calm horses. Although it is recommended for only senior equines, it can work well on all sorts of horses.

This calming paste not only soothes the horses, but it also strengthens their nervous system and improves their mood. One syringe of this highly effective calming paste is recommended for grown horses. Since this paste comes in a syringe, it works best if you give it to your horse, an hour before any performance.

Aspen Calmology Equine Calming Paste

Aspen Calmology calms horses down by increasing focus and relaxing your horses. Although this product is not exclusively for performance horses, it is great for them. Since it does not make horses’ minds foggy or slow, it doubles as a great performance paste.

This calming paste is incredibly versatile, and it also boosts gut health. Aspen calming paste is incredibly easy to administer, and it has a great taste. All horses should enjoy this paste. This paste produces its best results four hours before any major event.

Omega Alpha Chill Ultra

The Omega Alpha Chill Ultra is an herbal calming paste for nervous and anxious horses. It contains several high-quality herbs and medicinal plants that improve performance and gut health. Since this paste comes in a syringe, you can administer it by simply squeezing it into the horse’s mouth.

Once applied, the Omega Alpha Chill Ultra will increase focus, and moderate stress levels in horses at the same time. It also has some relaxing muscle effect and improves performance. This kind of calming paste is suitable for all breeds of horses.

Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief for Calming Paste

Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief is a calming supplement that contains 68 essential minerals. Unlike most calming paste out on the market, this product does not help the horse with herbs or drugs. It supplements the horse’s meal, and take care of more pressing issues like gut health and comfort.

Redmond Daily helps alleviate gastric problems like stomach ulcers. It also helps horses reduce stress and better handle strange situations. Since this paste directly affects their gut health, it also boosts their performance and improves their overall health. This product comes in various forms, but the most effective is the paste format.

Oralx Show Horse Herb-free Calming Paste for Horses

Orax Show Horse calming paste is a fast-acting calming paste that promises results in the first four hours of its use. This product was designed for show horses and performance horses, but it is also suitable for all kinds of horses.

Oralx consists of high-quality ingredients like magnesium, amino acids, corn oil, and several fast-acting substances. Although this product does do more than improving a horse’s mood, it can sometimes help boost gut health. The Oralx is a great calming paste for horses because it increases focus, performance, and endurance and even stress management.

Perfect Products Perfect Prep Eq Sane and Sound Max

This oddly named calming paste is a calming paste and a gastric relief product at the same time. Once used, this product will last for up to 6 to 12 hours after use. This product claims to resolve problems like transportation and performance anxiety. It also helps horses feel less stress and helps them adjust to new environments faster.

This product is safe for all kinds of horses and has no undesirable side effects. Although this product caters to most horse’s fears and needs, it makes them drowsy shortly after usage.

Oralx Fire Drive Oral Supplement for Horses

The Oralx fire drive is nothing like most horse calming supplements on the market. Instead of focusing on anxiety, this product improves attention, focus and distract horses from their environment. Although it does not combat anxiety, fear and stress directly, it helps reduce it whenever a horse takes it.

This product contains a mix of synthetic compounds like L-Tyrosine and herbal extracts. The fire drive comes exclusively in a fast-acting syringe format. It is handy and it begins to work two to four hours after use.

Ramard Total Calm and Focus Show Safe Syringe for Horses

Ramard total calm is a stress and performance calming paste that increases performance and decreases stress at the same time. The Ramard is able to improve control, focus, and performance without any adverse side effects. Unlike most calming pastes on the market, it won’t cause your horse to become drowsy or sick after use.

This product is especially great for performance animals who get jumpy when they visit somewhere new. Also, it is also perfect for all breeds of horses. This paste also helps your horse’s handle hospital checkups, transportation and meetings with strangers better.

Farmnam Otc Jug Paste for Horses

The OTC paste is no ordinary paste from Farnam. It is a potent performance and relief paste for competing horses. The paste contains everything you would typically find in a great calming paste and a lot more. Not only does it contains vitamins and minerals, but it also contains amino acids and even high-quality herbs.

Since this paste comes in a paste form, it is easy to absorb and goes to work almost immediately. You should see positive results in your horse’s mood and performance as soon as four hours after use.

Merial Ulcer Gard Oral Paste Syringe

The Merial Ulcer Gard helps troubled horses by providing relief from gut-related conditions. Horses with ulcers and poor gut health will benefit incredibly from this paste. Instead of improving the mood of the horse with mood adjusters, it helps horses feel better by assisting them in treating gut issues. Gastrointestinal ulcers and other issues are the primary cause of a horse’s discomfort, stress and sometimes anxiety. This product ensures that the horses remain happy with good gut health.

This product is made from a mix of natural ingredients and several preservatives. It is also cinnamon flavored and is safe for all kinds of horses.

Formula 707 Performance Equine Paste

The formula 707 Equine paste is a pure performance boosting paste with some calming features. It was initially designed to boost the performance of racehorses and make them comfortable under pressure. Each syringe of this unique product contains vitamins, minerals and herbs.

When consumed before a performance, it increases the horse’s stamina, speed, and energy levels. Since it comes in a tube, it is quickly absorbed and utilized by the horse. Furthermore, it boosts gut health and improves focus and decreases anxiety.

Animed Via-calm Hemp for Horses for Calming

The Animed Via-calm hemp is a special calming paste that improves a horse’s mood by using naturally occurring ingredients. This amazing product increases the mental alertness of the horse and helps it relieve stress. It also boosts cognitive function, mood control and reduces anxiety. It is perfect for horses who can’t deal with strangers, transportation for performance.

The Animed Via-Calm hemp is unlike most calming supplements on the market. It does not make horses drowsy or weaker despite being so potent. It is an effective calming paste with no real side effects.

Final Thoughts on Best Calming Paste for Nervous Horses

Although your horse’s nerves can sometimes be useful, it can be very annoying and limiting. In this guide, we looked over some of the best products currently available on the market. Among the sea of interesting calming pastes, one product singled itself. It is no doubt one of the best calming paste for horses. The Omega Alpha Chill Ultra paste has all the features an experienced equestrian would appreciate. It is great for gut health, it reduces anxiety and boosts performance all at once. However, the most outstanding quality of this product is the herbal ingredients used to make it. This calming paste is definitely worth investing in.