The 15 Best Calmer for Nervous Horses 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Horses get nervous and anxious just like us humans. They are afraid of the unknown and get stressed when they feel the pressure to perform. Their fears and anxiety can sometimes make it difficult to transport, and use them in competitions, and that is why equestrians and veterinarians came up with calmers for horses. They help them with anxiety, improve their gut health and even improve vitality. As a responsible horse owner, it is essential to look after your horse’s fears and anxiety by investing in some of the best calmer for nervous horses. In this post, we go over some of the features you should look out for when buying a horse calmer.

Guide to Buying the Best Calmer for Nervous Horses

Horses are sensitive and fearful creatures that need a lot of care and attention. They sometimes need help calming down and horse calmers help them do that. Horse calmers, however, are not created equal. Some types are better than others and you need to always compare products before you make any decision. These are some of the things you should watch out for when buying a horse calmer for your horse:

Try to Stick to a Purely Herbal Calmer

There are a lot of calmer for nervous horses available on the market. A good number of them happen to be herbal or natural. When shopping, always go for full herbal or a partial-herbal calmer. They contain healthier ingredients and provide better gut health support.

They Should Come in the Correct Form

There are about three popular forms that horse calmers come in. There is the powder form, the pellet form and the paste form. Of all the three popular types, the paste is the best. Followed by the pellet, and then the powder. When you can, you should always opt for the paste. It works faster and produces more consistent results.

Look out for Minerals and Other Exciting Features

Horse calmers typically contain vitamins, minerals and in some rare cases, amino acids. These features are not a staple in every product, but if you have the option, you should always pick the calmers with additional features over the ones without them.

Top 15  Best Calmer for Nervous Horses

Now that we’ve gone over the things you need to know, let’s jump straight into the best 15 calmers for nervous horses:

MagnaGard Pre-performance paste for Horses

The MagnaGard paste for nervous horses is a soothing all-natural paste for stressed horses. It is great for a horse’s nerves and it makes regular activities like trailering, showing, and performance less stressful.  It also helps provide electrolytes and is rich in natural ingredients like peppermint, essential oils and clay.

This horse calmer is also great for digestive issues, and it improves overall gut health. The MangaGard paste is a fast-acting calmer. This means it begins to work 10-20 minutes after application. Since it comes in a paste, you can administer it by simply squeezing the syringe into the mouth of the horse. Although this calmer is great for performance horses, it is suitable for most breeds and types of horses.

William Hunter Equestrian CLOP Liquid Calmer

William Hunter Equestrian calmer is perfect for horses who get excited over the slightest changes and movements. Nervous horses are very wary of their surroundings, and will often react when they experience something new or unfamiliar. William Hunter calmer help horses calm down by reducing their sensitivity to new things.

It also helps improve gut health in sick horses and improve performance. It’s suitable for all kinds of horses and is not an approved performance calmer. It is available worldwide, and it comes in several sizes.

Gold Label Equikalm

The Gold Label Equikalm is an all-natural calmer for nervous horses. Instead of calming stressed horses by sedating them, it mildly affects the central nervous system. The recipe used to make this great calmer is herbal and it provides a long-lasting solution to the horse’s issues.

This product comes in a large bowl and is available in numerous states in America. It is especially great for performance horses because it does not affect their output. All other breeds and types of horses can also use this horse calmer too. It helps horses better handle stressful events like trailering and showing.

Hilton Herbs Calm & collected

The Hilton herb calm and collected horse calmer completely transforms your horse by reducing its stress and balancing its nervous system. It helps horses of all breeds better handle stressful situations and changes.

The biggest advantage of this product is the taste. Hilton herbs formulated this product with a horse’s palate in mind. This calmer is very palatable and tastes delicious. Hilton calmer uses a fully natural herbal formula to calm horses down. Unlike most commercial calmers, it soothes the horses and does not sedate them. The recipe for this unique calmer is tried and tested and is approved by the FDA.

AniMed Via Calm

The Animed Via calm is one of the best horse calmers on the market because of the effect it has on a horse’s mood. Via calm is a fast-acting horse calmer that helps horses with anxiety and improves gut health. It contains a proprietary mix of calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals.

It is effective on racehorses, breeding mares, and other types of horses. This product calms horses by helping them maintain control in stressful situations like trailering and performance. It also boosts digestion and improves gut health with naturally occurring microorganisms.

Magisl Horse Supplement Horse Calmer

Magisl takes an extraordinary approach to improving your horse’s mood and calming it down. Rather than simply balancing the immune system, it focuses on the horse’s nervous gastric system and improves gut health.

Gold label, the manufacturers of this effective horse calmer use a special mix of magnesium and silicone to formulate this calmer. It provides a long-lasting soothing effect and is surprisingly palatable. It helps horses handle trailering, performance, and vet visits better. Furthermore, it helps curb cribbing and wind sucking.  Magisl horse calmer is suitable for all breeds of horses and should be incorporated in a horse’s diet every day.

William Hunter Equestrian Binicombe Equine Thinkcalm

The Binicombe Equine Thinkcalm is an all-natural equine calmer that aids performance and reduces anxiety.  It consists of a rare blend of essential minerals and herbs. Also, it is suitable for all types of horses. It is fast-acting and produces almost instant results.

Binicombe equine Thinkclam is very palatable and should be added to every equine’s diet. It improves gut health with natural microorganisms and it aids digestion. In addition to improving gut health, it also helps horses handle new people, environments and trailering better.

Tribute Senior Sport for Horses

The tribute senior sport for horses calms nervous horses and improves performance without affecting their energy levels and focus. It is very high in fiber, fat, and vitamins. In this special recipe, you should find vitamins A, E and other essential minerals.

It also improves muscle development and recovery with amino acids and other helpful proteins. Although this calmer is for mature horses exclusively, all breeds of horses can benefit from this product. It should be included in every mature horse’s diet or daily meals. In addition to calming horses, it also helps them maintain great gut health.

Mare Magic Raspberry Nervous Horse Calmer

Mare magic calmer is a natural horse calmer that contains raspberry leaves and other helpful vitamins. It uses a fully natural formula and is great for horses with painful cycles and mood swings. This calmer was designed for non-breeding mares exclusively. It is not suitable for breeding mares or any other kinds of horses. It helps moody horses maintain or reestablish hormonal balance and help them keep it all year round.

Mare magic has a unique and palatable taste. This product really shines when it becomes a staple in your mare’s diet. In addition to helping horses with cycle pains, it also tones the horse’s uterus, and help horses handle big moves better.

Synchill Calming Stress and Anxiety Supplement

Synchill calming horse supplement is also another stress and anxiety supplement that does not affect a horse’s performance. Unlike most calming supplement, it is safe for track use. It is a fast-acting calmer that works in the first two hours after use. Synchill boosts focus in sensitive situations and helps horses manage stressful situations like trailering and performance.

This horse calmer contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, HTP, and melatonin. It comes in an easy-to-use syringe that helps prevent waste.

Horse Health B-Kalm Horse Calmer and Focusing Paste

The B-Kalm Horse calmer is another fast-acting performance and calming paste for horses. It improves focus and performance by calming horses down before stressful events. Also, it is effective for horses with gastric imbalance and pain. It contains minerals, vitamins, and other helpful compounds.

Furthermore, it also helps reduce performance anxiety and helps horses handle transportation and strangers better. B-Kalm works best when it is used before a stressful situation. It is also great for performance horses and several breeds or types of horses.

Farnam Quietex II Pellets

Quietex pellet is a functional horse calmer that helps horses in all possible situations. It is made from a unique formula that contains tried and tested ingredients that boost focus and performance. Quietex helps nervous horses handle strangers, visitors, vets, dentists, and traveling a lot better.

Also, it comes in a fast-acting pellet form that prevents waste. Quietex produces better results when it is part of the horse’s daily meal or diet plan. In addition to aiding performance, it can also be used by all breeds of horses.

Global Herbs-Thoroughbred Calmer

Global Herbs Thoroughbred Calmer takes a gentler, less aggressive route to calming horses. This calmer is specially made for thoroughbred horses who get nervous or nervous quickly. This product is all-natural and contains no mental stimulant that fogs a horse’s mind. It uses a propriety formula that contains herbs, minerals and vitamins.

It helps horses handle vet visits, transports, and perform better without fogging their minds. Unfortunately, this product sometimes produces conflicting results. It is usually either very effective or it makes the horse’s nerves worse. However, when it does work, it produces lasting results.

Wendals Herbs Special Calmer

Wendal Herbs Special Calmer is an herbal equine calmer designed for Arab horse breeds specifically. It contains special herbs that have proven to be effective for Arab horses. Wendals helps troubled horses by improving gut health and performance. Also, it boosts focus and help them manage transport, vet visits and other stressful events better. Furthermore, this calmer is very palatable and it should be part of the daily diet of a troubled Arab horse.

Although Wendals is better suited to Arab horses, it can also be used by other horse breeds without side effects. It might not be as effective, but it is sure to produce results.

Equine International Equi+Calm Show Safe Performance pellets

The Equi+Calm calmers are a lot better than the average horse calmers that promise no reductions in performance. This product is sure to maintain and even improve performance. It achieves this by keeping the horse comfortable and stress-free before and during athletic performance. It is safe for performance and contains no banned substances.

Equi+calm has a unique maple praline flavor that engages the horse’s palates. Unlike most horse calmers, it does not cause an increase in acid production. It is suitable for all breeds of performance horses, and it helps with stressful situations trailering.

Conclusion and Final Remarks

Horse calmers are a must-have for every horse owner with a troubled mare. They help alleviate stress, and in some cases, improve performance. The horse calmer market is very competitive and there are over a thousand individual products to choose from. With so many options on the market, it can sometimes be challenging to pick the best calmer for nervous horses. Thankfully, in this post, we have narrowed the choices down a bit and chosen the best products on the market. Among the fifteen products we discussed, our favorite product is the Equi+Calm show safe performance pellets. It is an excellent product with all the best features and perks. It is definitely worth investing in.